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Supermarket Simulator

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Supermarket Simulator is a realistic PC video game developed by Nokta Games in 2024 as an Early Access title that allows players of all ages to immerse themselves in the daily struggles of store owners who must manage their own virtual supermarket.

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The game offers players access to a comprehensive virtual management experience, with features such as first-person exploration and customization of all in-store elements, detailed store management, in-depth financial reports, versatile customer interaction, staff management, and inventory control (including hand placing every in-store product!).

After mastering the management techniques needed to run a small store, players are empowered to build their retail empire, accumulate profits, and move to larger premises where they can become a big tycoons of the retail world.

As of early 2024, this video game is only accessible via the Early Access platform, with many exciting content add-ons and in-game functionalities being announced for later release. The game does not offer a free demo, but it can be for now purchased at a reduced price.

Main Features
  • Chill First-person Simulation of Retail Life – Take personal control over every aspect of retail store operations.
  • Complete Store Management – Take full control over the layout of the store by strategically placing shelves, aisles, and products to maximize efficiency and build positive customer satisfaction.
  • Financial Management – Keep an eye on stock levels, pricing, and budgets to ensure a positive cash flow and a bright future for your business.
  • Customer Interaction – Cater to customers’ needs and preferences, ensuring positive word of mouth about your store.
  • Staff Management – Manage all store employees, including hiring and training staff.
  • Inventory Control – Manually restock shelves and manage storage capacity to ensure that customers are always satisfied with product offerings.
Installation and Setup

To install this game, players must purchase it from the PC digital store Steam, where they can manage all aspects of its deployment. Like all games managed by Steam client, users can easily download, verify the integrity of downloaded files, and access a large number of additional features such as community forums, screenshot manager, in-game overlay, and much more.

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How to Play

Upon the first start of this game, players must learn how to operate a business in a small mom-and-pop style store before they can collect enough funds to move into a larger supermarket location. Players are encouraged to manually explore every corner of their retail space, set up shelves and products in well-organized positions, and make hundreds of important decisions that will attract customers and increase sales.

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With this basic knowledge learned, users can move to the more demanding daily tasks such as managing finances and staff.

Even in this early version of the game, Supermarket Simulator for PC provides enough content and gameplay opportunities to make users fully immersed in the daily operations of a store manager.

User Interface

The user interface in this game is designed to help players manage their supermarket operations efficiently. The players move through the fully 3D version of their store with basic first-person controls (the use of a keyboard and mouse is recommended), with the option to manage every in-store item from the general layout to every individual on-shelf item.

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All in all, this comprehensive retail simulator enables all users to immerse themselves in this engaging virtual world and expand their business to the stage when they manage the largest supermarkets with ease.


What is Supermarket Simulator?
It is an engaging retail store simulation title that can transport PC gamers of all ages into their virtual store where they can manage every daily task needed to make their business profitable.

Is it safe?
100% yes. However, users should be aware that this title is still in active development and will receive numerous updates until it exits its Early Access state.

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The Early Access version of this game is priced at $12.99. As of early 2024, it does not feature any premium content add-ons.

System Requirements

Supermarket Simulator is a lightweight 3D game that can run on a wide selection of PC configurations, including aging laptops. The minimum recommended hardware recommendations are as follows:
  • OS: Windows 10/11 (64-bit)
  • CPU: i5 3550 or RYZEN 5 2500X
  • RAM: 4GB of memory (8GB is recommended)
  • GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1050 or AMD R9 270X
  • Storage: 5 GB of free space
  • Comprehensive virtual retail store experience.
  • Detailed simulation of daily tasks.
  • Requires strategic decision-making.
  • Comprehensive development plans.
  • Lightweight hardware requirements.
  • Affordable price.
  • Simple visuals.
  • Lack of online support.

Supermarket Simulator is an immersive video game that allows players of all ages to step into the role of a supermarket manager, personally performing various tasks such as stocking shelves, operating the cash register, and managing financial aspects like product pricing. The versatile gameplay experience of this title makes it one of the most promising new entrants into the simulation genre.

Even in its current Early Access status, this game offers a unique and enjoyable experience for those interested in retail management simulations.

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