A spin-off of the Namco's Tekken fighting game series

Tekken Tag Tournament

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    Bandai Namco Entertainment / Tekken Tag Tournament

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Tekken Tag Tournament is a competitive fighting game developed and published by Namco on arcade machines in 1999 and on a wide variety of other console platforms the following year. Immediately upon its release, Tekken Tag Tournament became a critical and commercial success. To enjoy this seminal title in the history of fighting game genre on a home PC or laptop, the use of an emulator is required. Thankfully the entire procedure of installing and running the game is extremely simplified since the emulator is already provided in the installation file. It is worth stating that emulator is focused on the original Arcade game, and not on any of the later released console ports, thus giving PC players a chance to experience the true and original experience found in 1999 arcade halls.

Based on the acclaimed Tekken 3, developers at Namco managed to upgrade gameplay offerings in this title by focusing solely on the tag-team option that was first time introduced in Tekken 3. Players can select two fighters for each fight, and dynamically exchange the active fighter depending on the situation or desired tactic. The fighter that is not in active use can heal some of its health, and during the tag-in procedure, the active moves are strengthened with additional damage potential.

The roster of active fighters includes 35 characters that have previously appeared in games Tekken 2 and Tekken 3, with only two new characters that can be controlled n the battle. In this sense, the Tekken Tag Tournament represents a certain kind of compilation of the previous two mainline titles.

After a successful run in Arcades and consoles, Tekken Tag Tournament became remembered as one of the most successful and influential fighting game titles that popularized the concept of multi-fighter tag team gameplay. In the following years, many other franchises tried to emulate this approach to varying degrees of success. Namco itself released an official sequel in 2010 and a remastered HD version of the original game in late 2011 for PlayStation 3. However, even after all these years, the original title still remains remembered and played by the fighting game community of gamers from all around the world.

PC gamers can now enjoy the original arcade version of the Tekken Tag Tournament via the streamlined package that combines the MAME emulator and the original arcade ROM. Due to the versatile nature of this emulator, this title can today be played on a wide variety of PC hardware (including laptops!) and all modern versions of Microsoft Windows OS.

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