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Toggl Track Desktop (32-bit)

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Download Toggl Track Desktop 7.5.445 (32-bit)

  -  5.2 MB  -  Freeware

What's new in this version:

Toggl Track Desktop 7.5.445 (32-bit)
- Fix the crash when trying to auto-update the app without proper permissions
- Disable back the per-monitor DPI as it caused Edit View to not being displayed sometimes
- Fix Autotracker list barely visible on low res or high scaling displays

Toggl Track Desktop 7.5.442 (32-bit)
- Timeline UI - Fix autoscrolling to the first time entry
- Timeline UI - Fix click&drag time entry creation for 'end time' time ending setting
- Idle detection - set idle state while PC is locked
- Mini Timer - add 'Show Toggl Track' menu option to show main window

Toggl Track Desktop 7.5.418 (32-bit)
- Timeline UI - context menu for time entries: continue, start from end of this entry, delete, overlap resolving
- Timeline UI - gap time entry between last time entry and current time line (if no running time entry)
- Timeline UI - bug fixing
- Fix crash that appeared while running tutorial
- Start timer on first Enter key hit if autocomplete popup is opened but nothing is selected

Toggl Track Desktop 7.5.403 (32-bit)
- Timeline UI - fix time entries may be dispalyed as overlapped when they are actually not
- Display time entry syncing error in UI
- Fix application may not start bug on Windows 7

Toggl Track Desktop 7.5.394 (32-bit)
- Timeline UI - show currently running time entry
- Timeline UI - click and drag to create a time entry
- Add a setting for showing autotracker notification while a timer is running
- Timeline UI - different small UI fixes
- Use more secure hash algorithm for signing binaries
- Timeline UI - update start/end and duration while resizing
- Timeline UI view (available only for part of all users now)
- Autotracker - showing suggestion also when there is a running entry
- Autotracker - possible to start tracking automatically without showing the suggestion
- Added awareness of 'First day of the week' setting
- Fix icon colors
- Fix SSO login for Microsoft Store users

Toggl Track Desktop 7.5.363 (32-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Toggl Track Desktop 7.5.295 (32-bit)
- Change application icon
- Add possibility to ignore certificate verification

Toggl Track Desktop 7.5.46 (32-bit)
- Fixed sub-entries display
- Fixed the issue with Reports link not logging the user in
- Fixed Constraint Violation errors
- Fixed a failure to sync after PC comes back from Sleep
- Fixed some potential memory leaks

Toggl Track Desktop 7.4.1092 (32-bit)
- Introduced in-app messaging functionality
- Fixed failure to run Store app on startup
- Added F5 as Sync hotkey
- Added nicer tray icon tooltip
- Stability improvements

Toggl Track Desktop 7.4.1023 (32-bit)
- Hotfix: revert bug with duplicating entries introduced in the previous hotfix

Toggl Track Desktop 7.4.1022 (32-bit)
- Show precise time on tooltip of duration, start, stop time textbox
- Stop running entry on computer sleep/shutdown doesn't work on shutdown
- Attempt to resolve the SQL Constraint issues
- Fixed the sync issues when it makes a lot of request to the Toggl Track Server

Toggl Track Desktop 7.4.1015 (32-bit)
- Added Signup with Google
- Fixed issue with app window being stuck in the tray after PC restart
- Fixed system proxy detection to make it work with proxies of apps like Fiddler, Freedom, etc.
- Fixed various crashes when opening browser links or logging in with Google
- Fixed issue when similar time entries on different workspaces were grouped together
- Fixed occasional crash when displaying notification
- Made 'Show/Hide Toggl' bring the window to the front if it has no focus
- Tiny UI improvements to Login/Signup page
- Fixed crashes when having huge amount of tags

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