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Total Battle

Total Battle

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Total Battle by Scorewarrior is a new massive online multiplayer (MMO) strategy game for Windows PC. Intense PVP, no download required - join now for free! The best desktop strategy game on PC in 2024!

Free strategy game

Forget about hours of waiting your troops to reach the destination point. New innovative portal system is at your service, My lord! Place your portal at any point and slam your enemies!

Looking for challenge, Your Majesty? The best way is to face the mightiest warriors in dozens of tournaments which are held every day.

The friend in need is a friend indeed or the one in the clan is even better. Team up under one banner. The road to the Throne is too dangerous to walk alone on, so team up under one banner.

Feeling strong enough to challenge other lords in a fight? Show your command and diplomatic skills to get to the Senate and persuade others to reach the Throne!

How it all started

Your House — betrayed, your Castle — destroyed, your loved ones are gone... You wake up in the forest among a few of your most loyal soldiers, all who are left of a once mighty army. Something went wrong and the poison in your wine didn’t kill you.

Slay the monsters

The Gods who created this world became much older and wiser as the time went by. The sense of beauty was growing inside. The first creatures Ifrit and Overlord seemed harsh and ugly. They decided to create other life forms which would be more sophisticated and complicated they. Ifrit and Overlord were worried about this. Bestiary never seen before in strategy games with no downloads.

Move troops in Total Battle online strategy war game

Online strategy games are famous for multiple long-time marches. Hours of waiting instead of instant action may irritate the most patient lords. This was the problem which our best mages from the Academy tried to solve at all costs. They were working day and night to work out the solution to make your army move across different battlefields.

Forget about hours of waiting while your troops march towards enemy. Innovative portal feature is at your service. Be sudden and attack unexpectedly, ruin enemy castles and vanish. The distance in no longer the issue.

Technologies in Total Battle strategy war game

Academy conducts various researches in numerous technology branches. War requires not only the perfect strategy to plan, but a technology to research. Numerous ways to develop your city are at your service. You can follow one way or research them all to leave no chance to an enemy.

The treasury

Every lord is dreaming to have the key from the Kingdom Treasury some day. It is being filled with golden ingots every minute and only the King, the King and the Hand of the King can decide how to spend them. Would be a personal gift like the squad of Royal Paladins or the sack of gold? Maybe you’re generous enough to give a bonus to the whole Kingdom? Then how about starting a global war by poisoning the whole army of the enemy using Plague?

Construct the Empire

Citybuilding is the vital part in every. It defines your prosperity and defense. City construction is perfectly balanced system, where every aspect is important. Who needs starving army behind ruined walls? Nobody! Play this war game for free and try this out. Enjoy!

Total Battle System Requirements - Can I Run It?
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Graphics Card: Intel HD 4000
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T5600
  • File Size: 1 GB
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10/11 (Windows Update Recommended)

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