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    TypingClub - Learn Touch Typing Free LATEST

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    Marian Marinescu

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    Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64

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TypingClub is a comprehensive typing tutor app that can help teachers to set up their own lesson plans, tests, and homework assignments, and deploy them all to students whose progress will be closely tracked and optimized for best improvement. Built from the ground up to provide the best possible platform for improving typing skills, this application has managed to find worldwide popularity not only because of its notable success rate but also because of the versatility of the entire package and ability to quickly impart basic typing skills to almost anyone.

Note: This item can only run on ChromeOS.

Typing Club app is focused on providing students a quick and reliable way to learn how to use a standard QWERTY keyboard, with a wide array of advanced tools and services for achieving higher proficiencies in mere weeks.

The most unique service found in TypingClub is its ability to create and manage a fully-featured schedule of classes, with built-in lessons of varying difficulty levels. The teachers or class managers can create their own plans or quickly adopt one of the built-in offerings that are focused on a particular teaching technique or visual interface.

Each of the lessons can be modified with a wide array of options, making them more easy or difficult, broad range, or focused on a specific typing tutorial. The ability to build a class from preset lesions but still customize them to the smallest detail makes this application very attractive to teachers who want to personalize their curriculum. Certain lessons are openly focused toward very young students (even elementary and middle school pupils), with visualizations and game structure that is not very suited to older kids.

The lessons presented to the students are all visually stunning, with a wide array of videos, animations, and intuitive interface solutions (many of which can be added, removed, or modified by the teachers) that make each lesson a joy to learn. Some lessons even come in the form of simple games, which can make typing exercises more fun, exciting, and challenging.

While teachers can always see the complete overview of their student's progress, the students themselves also get access to their own personalized dashboard where they can track their milestones, see the number of stars, and find new motivation and interest in the past or future lessons.

TypingClub for Windows PC is an all-in-one solution that allows teachers to set up a customized curriculum for students of all ages, starting with elementary kids all the way up to high school and older. The app is flexible, reliable, receives regular updates, and provides students with a learning environment where they can even forget that they are actually learning.

  • Comprehensive typing tutor app
  • Customizable lesson plans
  • Visual, engaging interface
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Extensive teacher/student tracking
  • Limited to ChromeOS or Chrome Browser
  • Some lessons may be too basic for older students
  • Requires internet access
  • Not available for all operating systems
  • Limited to QWERTY keyboard focus
With the support of over 50 thousand schools worldwide and usage by over 300 thousand teachers and 23 million students, TypingClub represents one of the most effective ways to learn how to master a keyboard. Since it is almost completely web-based, the app can run on any modern PC with Windows 8, Windows 10 or Windows 11.

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