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Xplorer2 Ultimate

Xplorer2 Ultimate (64-bit)

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    Xplorer2 Ultimate (64-bit)

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Sometimes latest versions of the software can cause issues when installed on older devices or devices running an older version of the operating system.

Software makers usually fix these issues but it can take them some time. What you can do in the meantime is to download and install an older version of Xplorer2 Ultimate (64-bit).

For those interested in downloading the most recent release of Xplorer2 Ultimate or reading our review, simply click here.

All old versions distributed on our website are completely virus-free and available for download at no cost.

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What's new in this version:

- xplorer² is finally multimonitor aware. When you move its window between monitors even with wildly varying DPI resolution, the transition should be smooth and all fonts and display elements will be automatically adjusted for best readability. The installer multimonitor manifest is on by default (recommended). If in the past you had problems in multimonitor setups, please undo any compatibility tweaks and let xplorer² handle the DPI automatically.
- editor² is also permonitorv2 aware with automatic font changes when moving monitors
- xplorer² addressbar shows correctly even in extremely high DPI resolutions. No more edit controls getting cropped in height. Right click on a toolbar and use AUTOARRANGE menu to pack all toolbars efficiently in the available space
- P] If you prefer a separate folder tree for each pane, use TOOLS > OPTIONS and in Window property page tick SHOW 2 TREES option. A splitter window manages the tree and folder view in each pane. All other tree options extend for double trees, e.g. you can have them automatically aligh with the folder browsed. If you find that you run out of space in dual tree mode, try stacking the dual panes up/down (see VIEW menu).
- Dual tree mode cannot be combined with quick access list, trees show only your system folders

P] TOOLS > FOLDER STATISTICS command window has an EMPTY FOLDERS menu command, which discovers all empty folders in the hierarchy shown (if any exist). Empty folders are those that have no files in them (but they could have empty subfolders):
- DIR1
- In the above example, as all subfolders are empty, the top one DIR1 will be selected as the master empty folder.
- All empty folders will be loaded in a scrap window, and in there you can delete them in one go (select all, then FILE > DELETE menu)
- scrap containers better refreshing after mass deletions (e.g duplicates cleanup)
- some bugfixes recyclebin etc
- Advanced registry tweak szNoDirTypes contains a list of file extensions (usually archives e.g. ZIP,7Z) that xplorer² should not browse as folders — instead they open in their registered program. This is an easy way to disable zipfolder browsing
- some v5 keys (issued as free upgrades from v4) will stop working for v5.2. People with such keys can continue using the older version 5.1 or pay for the upgrade using a discount, see here for upgrade information:
- better highlight of search hits (find text in files) in draft text previewer. Instead of underlining keywords, the previewer inverts the background for good visibility. Press F3 key to find the next hit in the previewer
- most installer options are also available as command line arguments, for people that prefer automatic silent installations. All the options are listed below ("additional tasks"). For example, if you want to create a desktop shortcut, pass the argument /DESKTOP=1 (=0 would untick the checkbox).
- 2 Checkbox Text=Create Desktop shortcut /DESKTOP=
- 3 Checkbox Text=Create Quick Launch shortcut /QUICK=
- 4 Checkbox Text=Run xplorer² when Windows start /WINDOWS=
- 6 Checkbox Text=Editor² Quick Launch shortcut /EDITOR=
- 7 Droplist translations -> strings /TRANSL=
- English|German|French|Spanish|Italian|Japanese|Greek|Dutch|Swedish|Serbian|Czech|Polish|Bulgarian|Chinese Trad|Chinese Simpl|Brazilian|Russian
- 10 Checkbox Text=Open all folders with xplorer² (replace windows explorer) /REPLACE=
- 11 Checkbox Text=Use a separate single-pane window for integration (not recommended) /SINGLE=
- 12 Checkbox Text=Modern skin /SKIN=
- 13 Checkbox Text=Add to folders context menu /CONTEXT=
- 14 Checkbox Text=Replace explorer for all users on this PC /ALLUSERS=
- 15 Checkbox Text=Multi-monitor manifest /MONITOR=
- if you want to supply the installation folder in /S silent mode, use /D= argument, along with any other arguments from the above list
- installer.exe /S /D=C:Program FilesFoo /DESKTOP=1
- new tips: 33b