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What's new in this version:

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022 22.4
- Premiere Pro 22.4 is focused on performance. Faster exports for 10-bit 4:2:2 HEVC is now available across all platforms, thanks to new hardware encoding support for macOS and AMD GPUs on Windows. Smart rendering performance is improved and playback of QuickTime screen recordings is smoother. Feature enhancements in this release include support for transparencies in GIFs and options to distribute spacing between objects for titles and graphics.

Export GIFs with transparency:
- Premiere Pro now supports transparency when exporting GIFs, adding greater flexibility for short social media content

Distribute objects in titles and graphics:
- New graphics tools allow you to adjust the spacing between text and shapes so you can evenly distribute different elements when designing titles and graphics

10x faster exports for 10-bit 4:2:0 HEVC on AMD:
- New hardware-accelerated encoding for AMD GPUs on Windows delivers up to 10x faster exports for 10-bit 4:2:0 HEVC, including HDR video

Improved QuickTime Screen Recording Playback:
- Playback and scrubbing of QuickTime screen recordings are smoother in this release of Premiere Pro

Smart rendering improvements:
- Speed up exports by taking advantage of matching codecs and sequence previews. Smart rendering improvements in this release provide greater reliability and faster exports for supported formats

HDR proxies:
- Work faster with HDR footage by creating HDR proxies of your media. Generate smaller medium- and high-resolution copies of your files in the correct color space, automatically. HDR proxies match the originals visually and offer improved performance while editing.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022 22.3.1
- Premiere Pro 22.3.1 includes a fix for an issue related to audio that impacted playback or rendering. This issue affects some users of Premiere Pro 22.3 and Media Encoder 22.3.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022 22.3
New Review workspace with integration:
- Now built into Premiere Pro and After Effects, for Creative Cloud gives you real-time review and approval, and cloud media sharing

Camera to Cloud:
- Included with for Creative Cloud, the new workflow lets you send camera files directly to Premiere Pro so that editing work can begin while production is happening.

Redesigned import:
- The new Import mode offers a visual and intuitive way of starting video projects and collecting media. Instead of Project settings, you begin with your media. Select individual assets and click Create to bring them onto the timeline.

Redesigned export:
- The new design streamlines exports by focusing on the destinations of your content, including social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Premiere Pro provides recommended output settings for each. Customize your own destinations and presets for even more efficiency.

New Header bar:
- Navigate more easily in Premiere Pro with Import, Edit, and Export tabs to access the main stages of your creation process. The header bar also provides quick access to Workspaces, Quick Export, and full-screen playback.

Export Preset Manager:
- Use the new Preset Manager to access existing export presets, save your own custom presets, or import or export presets for sharing. Open the Preset Manager via Quick Export or in the new Export mode.

Auto Color, powered by Adobe Sensei:
- Jumpstart your color correction with the power of Adobe Sensei. Auto Color applies intelligent adjustments to help you fast track your color correction and is a helpful guide to help new users become familiar with the color tools.

Speech to Text for Cantonese:
- Speech to Text now includes language support for Cantonese. Speech to Text language packs are now available for captioning videos in 14 languages.

Show or hide markers by color:
- Work efficiently by showing and hiding different groups of markers on your sequence. For example, if you chose different colors for different workflows, you can use checkboxes in the Markers panel to show or hide the category.

Trim mode playback looping option:
- When working in Trim mode, you can now start looping playback at the playhead, rather than the closest edit point

Remix progress indicator:
- Remix intelligently retimes songs so that your music matches your videos. When you apply Remix to an audio clip, a new progress indicator shows that Remix is analyzing the clip.

Support for Sony VENICE 2 camera:
- Premiere Pro now provides support for Sony VENICE 2 camera file formats

Change text size in Text panel:
- You can now increase or decrease the size of the text in the Text panel in Premiere Pro according to your reading comfort level

Customized clip names in EDL exports:
- While exporting an EDL file, you can now choose whether to show the source clip name (as shown in the Project panel) or the timeline clip name

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 22.2
Premiere Pro version 22.2 introduces Remix for retiming music to match video content, faster Speech to Text without the internet, performance improvements, and more:
Speech to Text now 3x faster:
- Speech to Text on-device lets you work without an internet connection, generating transcriptions up to 3x faster

Remix, powered by Adobe Sensei:
- Use Remix to intelligently retime songs so that your music matches your videos. Remix analyzes a song and creates a new arrangement in seconds
- Faster 420 HEVC exports on Windows
- Exports for 10-bit 420 HDR footage are now up to 10x faster on Windows systems with Intel or NVIDIA GPUs, thanks to new hardware encoding

More GPU-accelerated effects:
- Newly GPU-accelerated effects include Linear Wipe and Block Dissolve

Support for MacBook Pro notch:
- Premiere Pro automatically adjusts fullscreen display for to account for the notch in 2021 MacBook Pro models

Format support:
- This release includes support for footage from the new Canon EOS R5 C camera

- Unable to edit timecode using numeric keypad in Program Monitor
- Restore Captions does not set all Caption tracks to same label color
- Some MXF files takes longer to import than in previous versions

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 22.1.2
- Premiere Pro 22.1.2 fixes a critical bug that impacts third-party After Effects plugins that work in Premiere Pro, such as those from Boris FX, Red Giant, Digital Anarchy, and other vendors. The bug impacts plugin functions which request a frame from Premiere Pro, such as a thumbnail image.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 22.1.1

- Premiere Pro 22.1.1 helps you take control of titles and graphics with Search and Replace and spell-checking, a new Universal Text engine, improved shape tools, and new efficiencies for professional editing workflows. Keep your creativity moving with new hardware acceleration for ProRes and HEVC on Apple M1 systems along with other performance enhancements.

- The Graphics and Titles workflows in Premiere Pro have multiple enhancements including an all-new universal text engine, convenient spell checking and find and replace in titles and Motion graphics, simpler text navigation, and more.

Spell check and Find and Replace:
- Manage titles and graphics efficiently via the new Graphics tab in the Text panel. Use global Search and Replace to update text and titles – or just search to navigate between graphics in a sequence. Use spell check for anything with text, whether it was created in Premiere Pro or After Effects.

Universal text engine:
- Premiere Pro now has a universal text engine that makes working with multiple languages in Premiere Pro and After Effects easier and faster

Improved shape tools with polygons and rounded corners:
- The shape tools in Premiere Pro have been expanded and improved, including a new polygon tool, improved controls for ellipses and rectangles, and the ability to define and apply rounded corners.

Pen tool improvements:
- Draw lines with greater precision with improvements to the Pen tool in Premiere Pro. Draw straight lines including perfect 0°, 45°, 90° angles, rotate existing lines, and add control points with Bezier handles for curves, whether at custom angles or constrained to 0°, 45°, and 90°.

Upgrade Legacy Titles on opening projects:
- If you open projects containing Legacy Titles, a dialog opens prompting you to update your legacy titles to modern graphics. Follow the prompts to update.

Simpler text navigation:
- Editing text is easier with improvements to text selection and carat behavior

- This release introduces improvements for professional editors, including a convenient new button for ganged playback and changes to streamline multi-cam workflows

Gang button for Source and Program Monitors:
- You can now add a new Gang button can be added to the transport controls for side-by-side playback in the Program and Source monitors. Ganged playback makes it easier to compare sequences. This is not a new capability, but the new button makes it easier to access and provides a visual indicator when ganged playback is enabled.

Choose multi-cam thumbnails:
- You can now define which camera view to use as your multi-cam thumbnail in the timeline. Instead of the top track in the timeline, the new default thumbnail is the A camera and you can use keyboard shortcuts to cycle through camera views to preview them and choose new thumbnails if needed.

Use keyboard shortcuts to move poster frame:
- You can now use your keyboard to batch edit footage with the move poster frame 10 frames forward or back keyboard shortcuts - for example, to show a slate or skip ahead to the action in a scene.

Faster importing and updating of captions:
- Caption files now load faster and can be updated more easily. After importing a captions file, Premiere Pro scans the file in the background. Once the captions are available, you can use the new Update Captions from Source command to populate the timeline.

ProRes hardware acceleration on Apple M1 Pro/Max:
- Hardware-accelerated ProRes is now up to 5x faster on new Apple silicon Macs. Playback and exports for 4K and 8K ProRes are much improved on new MacBook Pros with Apple M1 Pro and Apple M1 Max chips.

Hardware acceleration for hi-res HEVC on all Apple M1 systems:
- Premiere Pro exports for high-resolution HEVC are faster with macOS 12 on M1 Macs. Hardware encoding is now enabled for DCI 4K and 8K HEVC exports, resulting in significantly faster performance.

Improved playback for Windows systems with integrated Intel GPUs:
- Display technology optimizations provide improved playback on Windows systems with Intel Integrated GPUs

Faster Color Match:
- Powered by Adobe Sensei, color match is up to 30% faster - speeding up the color correction workflow in Premiere Pro

More GPU-accelerated effects:
- Newly GPU-accelerated effects include Gradient Wipe and Roughen Edge

Remix, powered by Adobe Sensei:
- Use Remix to intelligently re-arrange songs so that your music matches your videos. Instead of manual razor cuts and crossfades, let Remix do the work for you, generating a new mix in seconds.

Auto Tone:
- Auto Tone uses new technology to apply intelligent color corrections in the Lumetri Color panel. Auto Tone adjustments are reflected in the Lumetri sliders so that you can fine-tune the results.

Speech to Text on-device:
- Now in Beta, Speech to Text on-device lets you use Speech to Text without an internet connection, providing faster transcriptions

Improvements for new Import mode:
- New import mode, currently in Premiere Pro (Beta) now includes UI refinements, sorting options, marquee selection, a playhead for scrubbing thumbnails, the ability to copy files on import, and more

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 22.0
Unified version numbers:
- With this release, Adobe video and audio applications are aligned on version 22.0, making it easier for you to keep track of updates and ensure compatibility across the applications

Speech to Text improvements:
- Improved transcription accuracy for pop culture terminology and better formatting of dates and numbers

Simplify Sequence:
- Create a clean copy of the current sequence for sharing with other editors, archiving, or exporting as EDL, XML, or AAF

Color management for H.264 and HEVC:
- New color management for H.264 and HEVC formats, including 10-bit and HDR media, means that the correct color space is used in Premiere Pro when importing or exporting these formats

Improved playback for 10-bit HEVC:
- New hardware-accelerated decoding for 10-bit HEVC 422 provides improved playback and editing on Apple M1 and Intel Windows systems

Improved playback for 10-bit H.264 on Apple M1:
- New hardware-accelerated decoding for 10-bit H.264 422 provides a smoother editing experience with this format on Apple M1 computers

Color management for Sony XAVC-L-HDR:
- New color management for Sony XAVC-L-HDR footage gives broadcasters and production teams another option for working with HDR content

New colorized Vectorscope:
- Use the new Colorized Vectorscope to guide your grading. Double-click the Vectorscope to zoom in for more detail

Improved Histogram:
- Improved Histogram offers a brighter and crisper display for both Standard Dynamic Range and HDR content

Lumetri curve refinements:
- A larger window and easier selection make curve adjustments more enjoyable and more efficient

Restore trim selection:
- This convenience feature lets you restore edit points you have selected in the timeline that you may have accidentally unselected

Improved Media Relinking for Team Projects:
- Use the same media relinking workflow in Team Projects as you do in stand-alone Premiere Pro. Team Projects generates the mapping, keeping track of your local media and the shared Team Projects file.

Improved Bars and Tone:
- You can now create test patterns for both HDR (High Dynamic Range) and traditional SDR (Standard Dynamic Range). The audio parameters are now combined into one consolidated dialog.

New GPU acceleration for effects:
- Alpha Glow, Mirror, Reduce Interlace Flicker, and Strobe are now GPU-accelerated, offering significantly better playback performance and render faster for exports

- When selecting “Export each channel as separate file”, audio clip import fails.
- Animated .gif output Quality slider (in video settings) does nothing.
- Files from Polaroid Cube camera slowly drift out of sync.
- Media captured using Xbox Game Bar displays with green preview artifacts.
- Improved Smart Rendering Export performance.
- Improved playback of certain MP4 files with multiple audio streams.
- Ripple Trim shortcut will slip one frame.
- Improved stability when switching workspaces.
- Moving markers in the timeline with M1 Mac results in flickering in the Program Monitor.
- Application hangs with control surface device and using ++Drag operation in the timeline.
- Copy and paste of track volume will add a second instance in the volume effect.
- The macOS (Big Sur) Moving slider tool results in preview glitches with a black frame in Source Monitor.
- Resetting the button in the Loudness Meter effect can cause Premiere Pro to crash while using JKL.
- Registration failure of multiple GPU filters.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 15.4.1
- The August release of Premiere Pro (version 15.4.1) includes a fix for an issue where using edit tools on clips can produce flickering in the Program Monitor

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 15.4
- Clip outline (shadow trail) should be visible whenever the clip is moved in the timeline
- Improved stability when applying some audio filter effects than playing back
- Length of source clip is affected by changes in a sub-clip
- Conflicting marker data is added every time a sequence is moved to a different project
- Exported Caption text blocks locations and duration are different than original the Caption file
- Some captions files failing to import from XML files working in previous versions
- Improved performance when closing large projects
- SRT doesn't display any subtitles beyond zero duration line entry

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 15.2
Fixed issues in Premiere Pro version 15.2:
- Crash may occur when cancelling import immediately
- Reverse match frame does not work across projects in a production
- Replacement media incorrectly gets copied over into project that has a sequence in a production
- Reduced instances of redraw issues when switching views in the Program Monitor
- Moving the CTI edits a sequence if it contains audio clip keyframes
- Audio file will not play in some projects if playback began outside of clip boundaries
- Color shift when importing MXF files from Canon EOS C300 Mk II
- Reduced frame substitution errors with J2K MXF

Text Gradients:
- Previously only available with the Legacy Titler toolset, text gradients are now part of the modern titling tools in the Essential Graphics panel. Use gradients to add sheen to letters or colorful effects for text and titles.
- Apply linear or radial gradients with colors or opacity to individual characters. For some really wild effects, you can try combinations of gradients.
- Create your designs right in the Program Monitor. As with all text in the Essential Graphics panel, you can save designs for reuse as Styles, or with animations as Motion Graphics templates.

Label colors for Captions:
- Caption items in the Captions track now have the same label color options as other items on the timeline. Select Label Color Group to assign labels and colors for captions - and use the same keyboard shortcuts.

Improved Caption trimming:
- Edit video files containing embedded captions more intuitively. Caption items are linked to their associated video and audio clips, making it easier to fine-tune edits and keep everything in sync on the Timeline.
- Simple edits with Caption items on the Caption track behave the same as traditional linked video and audio pairs. Selecting, moving, trimming, and blade edits will be applied to video audio and caption items simultaneously.
- Linking can be turned off with the Linked Selection tool in the Timeline. Individual or multiple caption items can also be linked manually to a video clip in the timeline, which provides the same benefit as editing video files with embedded captions.

New Loudness Meter:
- Use industry standard ITU-based loudness monitoring for broadcast, and streaming media content in Premiere Pro.
- The new Loudness Meter, which will replace the previous Loudness Radar, transparently measures program loudness for full mixes, single tracks, or buses and submixes.
- Presets support common regional loudness requirements, like EBU for Europe or ATSC for the Americas, while new presets ensure compatibility with online destinations, including Netflix, YouTube, and podcasting platforms like Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Canon XF HEVC performance improvements:
- Performance optimizations in Premiere Pro mean smoother playback and scrubbing on the timeline, as well as faster seeking

Support for DirectX display technology on Windows:
- DirectX12 now replaces OpenGL as the default display rendering technology for Premiere Pro and After Effects on Windows, providing a more modern codebase with improved stability and performance. DirectX also supports native High Dynamic Range (HDR) playback for Premiere Pro with HDR10-capable monitors and a DirectX-compatible GPU.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 15.1
- Fixed issues in Premiere Pro version 15.1
- Incorrect error dialog appears after successful upload to Behance: “Unable to create cover image for Behance project”
- SRT captions imported with "{an8} to denote top position display a "}"character in the caption text
- Incorrect adjustment when using arrow keys in transition duration window
- Audio gain setting not applied to selection if Enter key is pressed
- Restoring an undocked project panel in freeform view results in missing clips
- Time remapped clips display wrong media timecode when metadata effect is applied to adjustment layer
- Crash can occur if quitting application while Essential Sound Panel effect is processing on Mac
- Mute setting on audio tracks applied during playback is deleted when pausing
- Frame Freezes or shows green when scrubbing or playing certain screen recorded media
- Incorrect frames are displayed when scrubbing clips that were interpreted with a different frame rate
- Arrow Keys are not working properly using direct manipulation

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 15.0
Rollover to the 2021 Release:
- This release marks the launch of the 2021 versions of Premiere Pro and the Adobe video applications

All new Captions:
- Premiere Pro's all new Captions workflow transforms the process of stylizing and delivering captioned videos

Media Replacement:
- You can now swap out specified media, such as logos and even videos, within Motion Graphics templates

Equitable Language:
- This release includes some terminology changes to better reflect core reflect Adobe values of diversity and inclusion

Faster Warp Stabilizer:
- Reduce camera shake in your footage more easily. Optimizations make Warp Stabilizer up to 4x faster

Team Projects improvements:
- Access to the Search Bar and SmartBin content is now significantly faster than before

Copy and paste audio effects in Audio Track Mixer:
- You can now copy and paste complete audio effects racks between tracks

Legacy audio effects removed:
- Obsolete audio effects, all replaced by more modern effects, have been removed from the 2021 release of Premiere Pro

Fixed issues in Premiere Pro version 15.0:
- Speed Changes no longer result in inaccurate XMLs
- Corrected timecode information for audio clips when exporting an XML
- Improved stability when applying Metadata effect on top of another effect
- Windows explorer window appears when quitting the application
- Premiere Pro no longer stops responding when deleting the media cache
- Premiere Pro does not hang while scanning Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack
- Removed any buzzing noise that occurs with some track effects
- Fixed an issue where waveforms were not generated after selecting Generate Audio Waveform
- Team Projects: media locator updates now working for all collaborators

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020
- Undocked panels causes keyboard shortcuts to stop working
- Improved stability during auto-save when application is not in focus
- Audio dropout for some H.264 files with multiple mono streams
- Reduced delay of playback initialization of some mp4 and mov files.
- Improved pek generation performance of H.264 compressed mov clips
- Linear Audio Keyframes cannot be created, only bezier ones

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020

- Inaccurate BPM values appear in the Essential Sound Panel for Stock Audio
- H.264 export of High Quality 2160 4K preset does not work properly with 60 fps sources
- In and Out duration in Source Monitor reflects changes when modifying timecode
- Improved stability when disconnecting internet while playing audio in Essential Sound Panel
- Keyframes are written to sub-mix tracks during play or pause
- Improved compatibility with specific files from other applications
- Some DNxHR 8K files fail to import properly
- Auto Reframe fails to analyze updated sequences
- Keyboard shortcuts and drag and drop functionality may not work if the panels are undocked, or if the workspace is split across multiple monitors

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020

- Some Southeast Asian text characters do not appear correctly
- Improved accuracy of some timecode conversions
- Clips beyond 99 fps result in inaccurate EDL

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020
- Playback does not stop when waveforms expanded with smooth scrolling and multicam view enabled
- Improved location of licensing information for Stock Audio
- Improved consistency of contextual menu behavior using search bins
- Deleting an empty Audio track prevents VoiceOver from being recorded
- Hardware encoding not available on Mac when encode height is greater than 2196 pixels
- DNxHR MXF files files exported as non-standard frame size that contain display aspect ratio of 16:9 may play incorrectly in external players
- Some files that play correctly in QuickTime Player import as audio only
- Improved ProRes Multicam Playback Performance
- Twitter 1080p preset now produces higher quality outputs with match source for frame rate and higher bitrate.
- Cannot log in to Vimeo

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020
- Change log not available for this version

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020
- Change log not available for this version

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020
- Improved stability when switching editing workspaces when logged into Sync Settings
- Improved stability when exporting using NVIDIA GPU without NVENC
- Improved stability when selecting output name in export settings
- Audio keyframes are removed when clicking the keyframe button
- Improved performance when analyzing clip using Morph Cut
- SurCode for Dolby E Decoder not working
- Animation for PSD files can be lost when imported on Windows
- AVCHD progressive clips are incorrectly imported as interlaced
- Decode error can occur when playing back QT XDCAM HD 422

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 14.2
ProRes RAW support:
- Premiere Pro now offers a comprehensive, cross-platform solution for Apple ProRes workflows

Graphics improvements:
- Premiere Pro now offers better support for Bezier curves using the Pen tool and a great new option for filtering effects
- Auto Reframe improvements
- Auto Reframe now analyzes video sequences twice as fast accelerating workflows, such as the creation of Quibi content

Hardware-accelerated H.264 and HEVC encoding:
- Premiere Pro now provides support for NVIDIA and AMD GPUs on Windows, and hardware encoding for H.264 and H.265 (HEVC) across all platforms

Keyboard shortcuts to add specific marker colors:
- You can now define a default marker color by mapping your preferred key to your preferred marker color

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 14.1

Production panel:
- Productions provides a flexible, scalable framework for organizing multi-project workflows. With Productions, complex workflows can be divided into manageable projects, for overall efficiency and collaboration using shared local storage.

Project locking:
- When working within a Production in Premiere Pro, you can lock a project when editing to prevent unwanted conflicts
- Cross project referencing

Cross-project referencing:
- A clip in one project can be reused throughout every other project in the production. This reduces the need for duplicate master clips

Shared project settings:
- Project settings include important settings such as scratch disk, GPU renderer, and capture settings. A benefit of having project settings synchronized is shared preview render files.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 14.0.4
- Play button does not revert back to "stopped" state after reaching the end of a preview
- Editable text blocks do not appear in Caption panel for 708 Captions and may cause non-responsiveness
- Slip/Slide edit tool cursor icon incorrectly appears as disabled
- Timeline clip may not update from Label color changes
- Keyboard shortcut for "select next panel" is not working as expected
- Playback preferences are not retained for audio devices
- Paste clipboard shape support for Boris FX
- Undo of Label change does not automatically update. You need to force update
- Clicking on a Motion Graphics template while the cursor stays in the search box may cause application to crash
- Hover scrub in Stock view does not work until you mouse off and back on
- Export of ProRes 4444 may result in corrupt file
- Improved support of DJI Phantom 3 files

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 14.0.3

- Tracks tab focus issue in New Sequence dialog box longer results in invalid state
- Timecode of captions now functions correctly when the caption file is modified from the Timeline panel
- Fixed an issue with dragging an effect up and down on the Master Clip
- Fixed an issue with disappearing cursor when closing panel or switching workspaces
- Occasional issue with exporting sequences originally created in Premiere Pro 2019 has been fixed
- Fixed an issue with the ctrl + @ shortcut toggling full screen

- Dynamic Link between Premiere Pro and Audition now opens files and sequences on macOS Catalina
- Performance improvements to Vocal Enhancer effect
- Fixes for automation and effect envelope behaviors
- Fixed multicam clip multichannel mappings

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020
- Tracks tab focus issue in New Sequence dialog box longer results in invalid state
- Timecode of captions now functions correctly when the caption file is modified from the Timeline panel
- (Windows) Fixed an issue with dragging an effect up and down on the Master Clip
- Fixed an issue with disappearing cursor when closing panel or switching workspaces
- Occasional issue with exporting sequences originally created in Premiere Pro 2019 has been fixed
- Fixed an issue with the ctrl + @ shortcut toggling full screen

- Performance improvements to Vocal Enhancer effect
- Fixes for automation and effect envelope behaviors
- Fixed multicam clip multichannel mappings

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020

- Change log not available for this version

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020
- Change log not available for this version

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020
- Change log not available for this version

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 13.1.5
- Change log not available for this version

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 13.1.4
- Change log not available for this version

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 13.1.3
- Change log not available for this version

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 13.1.2

- Change log not available for this version

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 13.1.1

- Crash opening a project or working with a project on macOS
- Premiere Pro crashes on launch
- Premiere Pro crashes while rendering
- Premiere Pro crashes on launch on macOS because of issues with preferences in the Permissions folder
- Premiere Pro crashes on launch or while switching workspaces
- Opening Premiere Pro with missing font graphic in project on Windows causes Premiere Pro to crash

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 13.1.0

Project panel for free forms:
- Visually inspect, organize, and create a storyboard for your media files. Assemble the raw materials and then drag them directly onto the timeline to edit them

Rigles and guides:
- New rulers, guides and networks simplify the sizing and alignment of charts and titles. Fix graphics on guides or between them. Color-coded guides ensure consistent positioning for lower thirds, logos, and more

Automatically reduce the volume of ambient sound:
- Offered by Adobe Sensei, Automatic Volume Down Volume Reduction uses Artificial Intelligence technology to detect overlapping dialogue or voice and automatically adjust background sound. Adjustments are of the keyframe type and are easy to adjust fine

Better monitoring of masks:
- Accelerate color gradation and workflow for effects with improved performance for HD, 4K resolution and higher resolution

Enhanced titles tools:
- All your title and graphic tools are found in the key graphics panel, along with new options such as multiple brush strokes, brush stroke style, and background fills. Replace font families in one-click animation template

Graphic improvements:
- Drag and drop multiple animation templates into the key graphics panel. Form groups and apply masks from the key graphics panel

View menu:
- A Dedicated View menu consolidates the commands in the program monitor, such as magnification and playback performance, and new guides

Audio efficiency:
- User-requested enhancements include the ability to reorder audio effects and copy and paste effects into clips and projects

Improvements in performance:
- Enhancements include a new 10-bit hardware decoding for a more uniform HEVC rendering on Windows, faster hardware decoding for H.264 and HEVC on MacOS, and RED Metal Acceleration

Replacing the frame for decoding errors:
- Instead of replacing frames with frames with red frames, they are now replaced with a copy of the adjacent frame

Help fast for non-English keyboards:
- Quick commands are automatically mapped to non-English keyboards, including German, Japanese, French, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, and Norwegian

Scaling options for images:
- Choose between absolute or proportional scaling to maintain the correct position when rewinding or resizing sequences

Extended format support:
- Import the native Sony Venice V3 files and 32-bit AIFF audio media, along with the newly introduced support for ProRes Windows (13.0.2) and ProRes HDR (13.0.2)
- Trimiteți feedback
- Istoric
- Salvate
- Comunitate

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 13.0.3
- Change log not available for this version

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 13.0.2
- Apple ProRes support: With the latest Adobe updates, export presets for Apple ProRes, including ProRes 4444 and ProRes 422 formats are available within Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Media Encoder on both macOS and Windows 10.
- HEIF files, recorded on iOS devices can be imported into Premiere Pro and Media Encoder on macOS and Windows. This feature requires macOS 10.13, or higher, and Windows 10 (version 1809 or higher).
- Faster decoding for Canon Cinema RAW Light footage provides improved playback on multicore Windows 10 machines.
- Support for ProRes HDR footage allows for accurate import of Rec2020 and PQ/HLG color information from HDR media in ProRes containers.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 13.0
Selective color grading:
- Take the guess work out of curve adjustments with innovative new Lumetri Color tools for selective color correction.

Display color management:
- To display accurate colors on any system, enable Display Color Management. It automatically converts colors to the color space of your display (including Rec. 709, Rec. 2020, and P3).
- In the past, it was necessary to manually set your OS display profile to be sure that you were seeing accurate colors, and sometimes it was not possible. Display color management takes the guesswork and displays correct colors no matter what ICC profile your display is set to in the operating system.

Create and edit multiple Lumetri color effects:
- In the Lumetri Color panel, you can now have multiple effects or layers stacked. After you create a new Lumetri color effect, you can rename it, add more layers, or subtract layers.
- You can now easily select which instance of Lumetri you want to work on in the Lumetri panel. You can also add, subtract, and delete specific Lumetri instances using the same dropdown.

Edit Premiere Rush files in Premiere Pro:
- Premiere Rush CC is an all-new mobile and desktop app that lets you create and publish professional-quality video, including color, audio, and motion graphics from almost anywhere. You can capture and edit footage using Premiere Rush on iOS, macOS, or Windows.
- When you want to take editing to the next level, you can open native Premiere Rush projects in Premiere Pro and continue to edit them in Premiere Pro.

Intelligent audio cleanup:
- Instantly improve your audio by removing background noise or reverb. The new Reduce Noise and Reduce Reverb sliders in the Essential Sound panel let you dial down, or remove, background noise and reverb. These options are also available as effects (DeNoise and DeReverb) in the Effects panel. You can apply them to your audio track and then control the intensity of the effect using the Effect Controls panel.

Edit and transform vector graphics:
- Vector motion controls reduce pixelation and eliminate render bounds. To transform layers of the graphics, and adjust and set keyframes directly, use the vector motion controls in the Effects Control panel.
- When you edit graphics using the vector motion controls, they are retained as vector graphics preventing pixelation.

Essential Graphics and Motion Graphics Template enhancements:

Ability to fine-tune Motion Graphics templates in Premiere Pro:

Turn numbers into stories using data-driven Motion Graphics templates:
- n Premiere Pro, you can now add your own spreadsheet to a data driven After Effects Motion Graphic template (MOGRT) and drive the animation or make changes to the data in the MOGRT.
- In earlier releases, you had to make a lot of tedious changes manually. For example, if you wanted to change the numbers in a chart for all months, January-December, you had to change 12 values manually. Now, if you have the data in a spreadsheet, you can simply map the spreadsheet to the MOGRT and all values are updated automatically.

Edit source text properties in Motion Graphics templates:
- You can now edit source text properties in Motion Graphics templates (if they are enabled for editing by the author in After Effects)

Some of the properties you can edit are:
- Font selection
- Font size adjustment
- Faux styles

Improved search experience of Motion Graphics templates in Adobe Stock:
- You can now search and sort cinematic footage and professionally designed Motion Graphics templates more efficiently with the pagination improvements in the Essential Graphics panel.

VR enhancements:
- You can create 180VR video with optimized ingest, editorial, and effects, for otoscopic and stereoscopic content that puts your audience right in the middle of the action. You can also output finished videos in the Google VR180 format for YouTube, Facebook, or other platforms.

Add spatial markers to immersive media:
- You can now place spatial markers on your media while wearing your HMD (Head Mounted Display). In earlier versions of Premiere Pro, it required you to remove your headset to add markers.

New Theater mode in Adobe Immersive Environment:
- Theater Mode gives you a new portable reference monitor within the Adobe Immersive Environment. This mode acts as a virtual screening room for collaborating with your director or producer, whether for 2D or immersive content, or a combination of both.
- When you try to view footage with Adobe Immersive Environment (AIE) active, you now enter a virtual room with a monitor ahead of you that represents something like a home theater experience. Adobe Immersive Environment automatically switches to this "theater mode" when the Source or Program Monitor encounters traditional 2D, non-immersive footage.

Collaboration enhancements:

Group invites for Team Projects:
- You can now invite collaborators to your team project using groups that are synced from your organization's directory (for enterprise users). You can also invite others to collaborate on your team project by inviting a group instead of typing individual email addresses.

Creative Cloud Libraries enhancements:

You can now:
- Click drag-and-drop multiple asset types such as AI, PSD, and other file formats into the CC Libraries panel
- Share your Libraries and Library assets among team members
- Export your Libraries and store them with the rest of your assets upon completing a project, knowing that the Library can be restored if needed
- Performance enhancements and file format support:

New file format support:
- Premiere Pro now supports the following new file formats:
- Decode support for ARRI Alexa LF media
- Decode support for Sony Venice X-OCN V2 media including anamorphic sources
- High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF) capture format used by iPhone 8 and iPhone X (macOS 10134 and later)
- Updated to the latest RED SDK (RED SDK 708), which includes performance and stability improvements

Support for Australian Closed captioning standard:
- Premiere Pro now supports the Australian OP4T2 closed captioning standard

Performance improvements:
- Hardware-based decoding for H264 and native HEVC provides better performance for those formats and faster rendering
- Improved image processing provides more responsive playback, rendering, and Lumetri Color performance

New Home Screen:

When you launch Premiere Pro, it now displays a Home Screen, which includes options to:
- Open a wide range of tutorials to help you quickly learn the basic workflows, and more advanced tips and tricks.
- Create a project or open an existing project.

Auto-save improvements:
- A new option Auto Save also saves the current project(s) has been added to the Auto Save preferences panel. When you enable this option, Auto Save creates an archived copy of one or more current projects, but also saves the current working project. This setting is off by default.
- Auto saved versions have a suffix with the date and time it was saved (yy-mm-dd-hh-mm-ss) appended to the project name (for example, ProjectName-2018-08-31_09-53-41.prproj).
- When an auto save occurs, Premiere Pro creates a new backup project file and adds it to the auto-save folder as an emergency project backup. This file is always the latest saved version of that project.

Other changes:
- Premiere Pro now shows a confirmation dialog if you delete preferences using the Alt or Opt keys at launch
- You can now use shorthand substitutes when you enter timecode values (for example, a period instead of two zeros) You no longer have to type the zeros manually For more information, see Use shorthand substitutes while entering timecode
- You can now delete clip markers on clips in the sequence without having to load them back into the Source monitor first to delete For more information, see Delete markers
- You can now press the Esc key to deselect anything that is selected in the Timeline
- Label colors now remain visible when video clips are selected

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