A text-based, AI generated fantasy simulation with infinite possibilities!

AI Dungeon

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AI Dungeon is a text-based adventure-story game where players can experience words, characters, settings, and situations that develop on the fly with the help of the generation of AI.

With an incredible variety of scenarios and characters and the ability to adapt to any situation, AI Dungeon represents a full circle in the development of video games. Almost half a century ago, the first video games started as a text-only design where players could only interact with the game with a fixed list of text prompts. Today, this innovative gaming cloud platform can freely interact with players who use unrestricted natural language and can generate new adventures by simply reacting to the player's input.

Main features

Due to its extensive deep learning and AI training on an incredible variety of written content gathered from publicly available internet sources, AI Dungeon can today provide a wide variety of worlds the players can explore, go on adventures, fight against unique opponents, solve quests, and much more.

Due to its focus on text-based content, AI Dungeon features a streamlined and easy-to-use interface that promotes the easy reading of on-screen prompts, with rare occurrences of AI-generated images that can provide a valuable addition to the feel of the generated worlds. Players have access to the text prompt where they can provide to the active game several kinds of prompts – “Say”, “Story” and “Do”. Above the prompt field, there is a small row of icons that activate generic commands (Undo, Redo, Retry, Edit, Restore, Memo, and more).

At the start of every game, AI Dungeon will ask the player about the general style and setting of the game the player wishes to generate. This includes Fantasy, Mystery, Detective stories, Thrillers, Horror, Cyberpunk, Zombies, Apocalypse, and even an option to generate a brand-new type of world based on user description.

All previously made text-based adventures released to the public were made by designers, who have manually created branching points in the story, wrote the description of the worlds, picked a flow to the story, defined all the NPC characters, and their responses, and picked the types of actions that players can perform. In this AI-generated world, everything can be fluid and responsive. The game can automatically react to anything that players do and ask and can even generate full conversations between players and the characters they meet on their adventures.

All of this makes AI Dungeon a truly unique gaming title that showcases the power of modern computer-generated Deep Learning algorithms and a clear base on which many ambitious future gaming titles will be developed. If this is just a start, new ambitious games of the future will be able to implement this kind of automated text generation into detailed 3D worlds.

Member Benefits - Legend $29.99/mo

  • Play with no limits! Enjoy unlimited premium AI at the fastest speeds, full access to Voyage, and unlimited image generationD.
  • Unlimited Premium AI Models
  • Premium AI Speed Boost
  • 1,650 Monthly Credits
  • Access to Voyage
  • Unlimited Image Generation


  • Endless story possibilities
  • Player freedom
  • AI learning and improving
  • Collaborative storytelling
  • Regular updates


  • Inconsistent AI responses
  • Limited replay value
  • Subscription model
  • Mature content issues
  • Slow loading times


AI Dungeon can be played for FREE, but access to the fastest AI algorithms and exclusive game modes is only available in three premium subscription tiers (Adventurer, Hero, and Legend). In addition to the Windows PC game client and official iOS/Android mobile apps, this game can also be played in full in the web browser.

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