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Amazon Games App

Amazon Games App

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Amazon Games App is the official companion app for gamers who have active Amazon Prime memberships and want to gain access to a wide set of popular gaming tiles offered in the Prime Gaming (formerly known as Twitch Prime) catalog.

This utility serves the function of fast and reliable management of offered games, offering users of all knowledge levels a fast and easy way to discover which monthly games and add-ons are currently offered for play. Users are incentivized to visit and claim free games as often as they can, since gaming titles rotate in and out on monthly basis, but claimed games can always be accessible for download and play without restrictions even when they are removed from active promotions.

Amazon Games App is distributed online as an automated installer that can easily be deployed on any modern Windows PC with at least Windows 11/10, 8GB of RAM, and 20GB of local storage. The app is fast and optimized for function even on modern laptops, with a user interface that promotes quick discovery of newly offered titles and easy to browse through the library of claimed content. The main dashboard of the app features a simple-to-use tabbed interface with main controls found on the far left (Home, Free Games, and library section with All Games, Installed, and Ready to Install tabs).

It is important to note that promotions found in Amazon Games App are not only focused on base games that can be downloaded and played. It also includes a wide variety of free DLC content that is sometimes offered exclusively only to active Amazon Prime members. This includes various cosmetic items, DLCs with new gameplay content, new weapons, maps, characters, emotes, and more. The benefits are not only offered just to PC players but these packs can also be redeemed and used on mobile devices (such as content packs for Call of Duty: Mobile or Angry Birds).

While the monthly full-game offering is not rivaling the large libraries that are often found in competing PC digital stores, the consistent arrival of new gaming titles each month empowers Amazon Prime members to quickly build a large library of gaming content that they can return to whenever they like.


What is the Amazon Games app for PC?
It's a Windows PC game launcher that allows Prime members to claim, install, and play new and classic PC games every month at no additional cost.

What are the benefits of using the app?
Prime members can choose from a growing library of exciting new titles and classic franchises, with new games added monthly, all included as part of Prime Gaming.

What are the device requirements for using the app?
It can be downloaded and used on a Windows 11/10 PC with a multi-core processor, 8 GB RAM, integrated HD graphics, and 20 GB of storage.

Can I use controllers to play games on the app?
It supports input from any device compatible with your Windows PC, but individual games may restrict the use of certain device types.

  • Free for Amazon Prime members
  • Fast and reliable game management
  • Access to a variety of free DLC content
  • Easy-to-use tabbed interface
  • Limited monthly full-game offerings
  • Some games may restrict controller use
Amazon Games App is 100% FREE and is optimized for modern PCs running Windows 10 and Windows 11. In addition to English, its main dashboard also features localization to eleven international languages. Controller compatibility is not handled by the dashboard itself and is instead relegated to the games themselves, which may sometimes lead to restrictions in detecting gamepads in some titles.