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Azur Lane for PC

Azur Lane for PC

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Azur Lane for PC is a side-scrolling shooter game with a large focus on RPG elements, built from the ground up to promote colorful anime art style and highly engaging action gameplay.

Developed by Yostar Limited, this engaging game with a strong naval warfare theme has managed to attract over one million players on mobile platforms and is now fully playable on home PCs with the help of modern Android emulation. Easy to install and play PC version can be played in large resolutions, with full support for keyboard, mouse, and gamepad controls, and much more!

First-time players of Azur Lane for Windows 11/10 will quickly discover that this colorful side-scrolling shooter features intuitive and fun gameplay that quickly becomes tactical and challenging. In order to beat more ambitious combat scenarios, players are tasked with assembling their own fleet of combat vessels that are showcased in the game with fun-looking anime avatars. These heroes can be organized into fleets that consist of 6 ships, which can support each other with a wide array of abilities and core stats. The game features warships collected from all around the world, including many from historic battles that raged throughout past centuries. In fact, players can collect more than 300 ships all featuring their own visual style, stats, and an eye-catching anime hero representation.

Azur Lane game can be installed on any modern Windows computer with the help of Android emulator apps such as Bluestacks or LDPlayer. These emulators pride themselves on being highly optimized to reproduce gaming content, from simple 2D games to highly attractive 3D titles. Azur Lane runs on these emulators flawlessly, enabling even users with older desktop or laptop computers to enjoy this fast-paced side-scroller on large monitors and with high framerates. As usual, users can pick which control method they most prefer, from the touchscreen on compatible displays, keyboard and mouse controls, and of course any modern gamepad that is connected to the PC.

Azur Lane is a 100% FREE action side-scroller with strong RPG elements. It can run flawlessly on any modern PC that can handle android emulation.