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CarX Street

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    CarX Street LATEST

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    CarX Technologies, LLC / CarX Street

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CarX Street is a fun and engaging car racing title that can provide gamers not only with immersive and action-packed races on the streets of the beautiful city but also with a wide range of experiences around the race track.

Built as the latest in the long line of racing games from the talented team at CarX Technologies, LLC, this game takes many elements from the previous releases such as Ultimate, Midnight, Steet Tuners, and New Style, and introduces many new gameplay options that can provide gamers with hours of entertainment.

While the engaging and fast street racing represents the core of the experience that CarX Street offers, players can also immerse themselves in a wide range of activities that are accessible outside of race events. The wide selection of available cars can not only be upgraded with a large array of upgrade parts but also repaired and brought to max performance state after crucial parts of the car become degraded. Cars can be mounted with the additional aero package, new tires, Nitrous boosters, and much more.

Players who become immersed in this racing experience can expand their reach across the city by purchasing real estate. This transforms the game into a light simulation experience, but fear nor, the racing itself will always remain the main feature of this title.

CarX Street features numerous racing modes that can be played not only offline, but also online with friends. Matchmaking is provided from the built-in interface, which will connect to the official servers and find currently available players. Playing together with friends is also easily achievable.

Due to its ambitious visuals, an expansive and detailed city that ranges from busy downtown to spiraling mountain roads on its edge, and a large number of cars on the track, CarX Street requires form players a bit stronger PC configuration. Since playing with integrated GPUs that come inside Intel and AMD CPUs will not provide a good experience, developers strongly recommend playing with a standalone GPU card and at least a quad-core CPU.

CarX Street is a premium racing title that will push the long-running CarX franchise into a new generation of gameplay experience. The title is optimized for all modern versions of Windows OS (Windows 7 and newer), which includes the latest Windows 11.

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