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Cat Goes Fishing

Cat Goes Fishing

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Cat Goes Fishing is a lightweight but incredibly addictive indie simulation game in which players can take control over a cute cat and her fishing gear. Offering a similar gameplayer experience as the popular touchscreen title “Ridiculous Fishing” the goal of this game is to explore the world of the undersea regions and reach the deepest depths of the sea and the most elusive fishes that live there.

Even though its premise and systems are simple, the entire game offers users an incredibly addictive gameplay experience that is both surprisingly involved and incredibly charming.

The goal of the game is not only to casually catch fish deep below the sea waves but to gather more advanced and capable fishing gear, move from one location to another, and engage in more and more demanding fishing quests that will eventually ask from the player to fish in the deepest trenches where sun’s light has never shone.

To become the master fisher-cat, players will have to learn the behaviors of many types of fish and utilize their fishing rods and bait-moves in numerous ways to attract them, catch them, and successfully bring them to the surface. This strategic aspect of the game makes it highly appealing to players who seek challenge that is not too difficult and enjoyable in brief casual sessions.

Cat Goes Fishing game features two basic gameplay modes – “Classic” mode where players can engage in casual fishing, and “Realism” mode where fishes are much smarter, and the fishing line can snap if the player is not skilled enough to manage captured fish.

The players can complete various quests to earn money, which can be used for the purchase of better fishing rods that are crucial for caching more valuable fish. With enough money, players can finally afford a boat that can go to the open seas where the largest fish live. Players who invest more time in this title can also engage in a fun optional system of purchasing striking hats for their cat.

The visual style of the game is simple and appealing, featuring eye-catching 2D visuals that can easily be rendered on almost any PC today. The system requirements of this title are basically those of Windows XP, meaning that any modern desktop PC or even laptop can easily run it. For best performance, the developers from Cat5Games recommend the game to run on Windows 7 with a dual-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, and GPU with just 512 VRAM. The entire game requires just 15MB of local storage.

Cat Goes Fishing is an attractive indie game with a wide variety of quests, upgrades, and collectible items, making it perfect for casual players who seek a lot of fun in front of their PC monitor. The game is optimized for both modern and legacy versions of Windows, starting with Windows XP.

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