An arcade-style video game and fast-paced underwater action!

Feeding Frenzy 2

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Feeding Frenzy 2 is a fun action game aimed to provide easy entertainment to anyone who has at least a few minutes of free time. However, due to its engaging gameplay systems and perfect balancing, it can also provide a lifelong challenge to gamers who want to master this popular 2D title.

Built on top of the success that came with Feeding Frenzy 1, its sequel managed to easily transport the players inside the colorful underwater world that will enthrall fans of movies such as Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid.

The core objective of Feeding Frenzy is to find food for small butterflyfish Boris and help him evolve into the unstoppable king of the water world. To do so, users simply have to use their mouse pointer to navigate through expansive underwater levels and catch fishes that are smaller than Boris and uncover the secret that is hidden in the depths of the ocean.

But, danger looms everywhere, since fishes that are larger than Boris are also chasing him, making each of the available levels challenging to survive. Little by little, the small protagonist fish will start to grow, and slowly become the king of the underwater food chain. In the latter parts of the main campaign, the player is tasked to stop the plans of the nefarious alien anglerfish "The Intruder" who are bent on not conquering the world, but also destroying the ocean.

During the campaign, the player has the ability to control numerous playable fish – butterflyfish Boris, queen triggerfish Layla, Angelfish Edie, pompano Peter, humphead wrasse Harry, and great white shark Goliath.

After the release of Feeding Frenzy 2 in 2006, this popular arcade-style action game was ported to several other platforms, but many players today still prefer to experience this classic on its original PC platform. Due to its age, simple but still eye-catching visual design, and resource-light rendering engine, this title can today experience on almost every PC that you can encounter around you, including older laptops.

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