Cent Browser is a free Internet browser based on Chromium!

Cent Browser (32-bit)

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Download Cent Browser 5.0.1002.295 (32-bit)

  -  92.5 MB  -  Freeware

What's new in this version:

Cent Browser 5.0.1002.295 (32-bit)
- Upgraded to Chromium 102.0.5005.167
- Refactored multi-login tab to support persistence
- Added blur tool to screenshot tool
- Allowed editing save path directly in download dialog
- Added feature: Reload unpacked extensions
- Added feature: Right click to delete autofill entries
- Added option: Overwrite files with the same name by default when downloading
- Added menu item: Open URL in new multi-login tab
- Added shortcut key customization such as toggling cursor browsing mode
- Multi-column bookmarks are changed to full width scrolling
- Screenshot shortcut keys are registered as global hotkeys
- The taskbar icons of the portable version and the installed version are no longer merged

- When the tab hover card is displayed, the tab cannot be closed using double click
- After the video element in the video popup window is deleted, the web page displays abnormally
- Multi-column bookmarks display wrongly under Windows 11
- Download bubble window has no rounded corners
- Tab in collapsed tab group is not selectable using tab list menu
- Video popup window may appear outside of the screen
- Possible crash when closing App windows
- Possible failure of cleaning up temporary files when the installer exits

Cent Browser (32-bit)
- Allow autofill on HTTP pages
- Increased scroll speed for multi-column bookmarks
- Restored default behavior of "Open all bookmarks"
- [Bug fixes]Mouse gesture for wheel button doesn't work on crashed page

Cent Browser (32-bit)
- High GPU usage in idle state
- Captions are not showing under web page fullscreen mode on Youtube
- Mouse gesture "Find selected text (next)" can't repeat the last Find action

Cent Browser (32-bit)
- Use new tab page priorly when restoring tabs
- Use foreground tab for the first bookmark when opening bookmarks folder
- Added some commands to the shortcut key customization list
- [Bug fixes]the bookmark name cannot be saved in time when editing the bookmark
- [Bug fixes]the badge number of the download button is covered by the icon
- [Bug fixes]SameSite Cookie policy causes errors on some websites

Cent Browser (32-bit)
- Modified translation strings
- Display DoH settings

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Stay up to date with latest software releases, news, software discounts, deals and more.