A short 2D restaurant tycoon themed rpg horror game for PC

Dead Plate

Dead Plate

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Dead Plate is a short free 2D restaurant tycoon-themed RPG horror game with visual novel and point-and-click elements, set in 1960s France. Developed from the ground up for distribution via the itch.io gaming platform, this lightweight video game can provide several hours of entertainment to all users seeking to find fun in an atmospheric horror atmosphere inside a stylish French restaurant that hides a dark secret.

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The game follows the story of Rody, a young man hired to work at a fancy bistro by a stoic, but charismatic chef named Vince. Dead Plate for PC seamlessly blends the genres of RPG, horror, visual novel, and tycoon simulation to deliver a unique and captivating gaming experience, with an immersive and spine-tingling storyline that will surprise all gamers who want to experience a well-crafted horror tale in less than an hour.

The game was developed inside RPG Maker MV by a talented designer “racheldrawsthis” and Studio Investigrave which have also released the following short RPG games on the itch.io platform: Elevator Hitch, Cold Front, and Eloquent Countenance.

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Key Features
  • Eye-catching Visuals – Step into the idyllic French restaurant from the 1960s that features over 70 cinematics and 8 environment maps.
  • Rich Storyline – Ambitious script for a small free video game that allows users to experience branching storytelling.
  • Classic Restaurant Tycoon Gameplay – Engage in time-limited restaurant management gameplay in between gripping story unveils.
  • Visual Novel Elements – Enjoy a character-driven narrative with stylish visuals.
  • Horror Atmosphere – Discover a dark secret that will cause your skin to crawl.
  • Optimized for Lightweight Hardware – Enjoy this game on any modern Windows PC and Mac.
Installation and Setup

To get this game up and running on any legacy or modern Windows PC, the user simply must visit the game’s official itch.io page and click on the “Download Now” button. This page offers downloads of both Windows and Mac versions of the game inside compressed archives that users must manually unpack and deploy on their local storage.

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Due to the lack of an official installer, some users will be forced to grant special permissions for the OS to handle game files and download files from unknown sources to run the game files.

How to Play

This is a short RPG game that features lightweight elements of restaurant management, enabling players to engage in time-limited tasks of helping customers, setting up tables, and delivering orders. This gameplay loop is enriched with a gripping storyline between the main character Rody who has found a job offered by a charismatic restraint chef Vince.

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The game has simple controls and a large focus on narrative elements, enabling users to easily finish its main story in less than one hour. However, due to the presence of branching storylines, all four endings can be easily reached in around 2 to 3 hours of play.

User Interface

The game's user interface is designed to immerse players in the rich and atmospheric world of 1960s France, with the main player being controlled via keyboard or gamepad button presses.

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The game does not offer a point & click mouse control set, instead focusing on more direct controls that are especially needed for the restaurant management gameplay sections.


What is Dead Plate?
It is a stylish 2D tycoon-themed RPG horror game set in a 1960s France restaurant.

Is it safe?
Yes. However, since it is distributed only as a compressed archive, the safety of the game depends on the platform from which it is downloaded. It is highly recommended to download games from official and reputable sources.


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This is a FREE game. Users can elect to donate money to the game developers of this title before accessing download links.

System Requirements

This game runs great on all modern Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It does not require any specific hardware.

  • Captivating visual appeal.
  • Engaging storyline.
  • Branching script with 4 unique endings.
  • A blend of RPG, horror, visual novel, and tycoon simulation elements.
  • Strong horror atmosphere.
  • Free.
  • Not optimal installation procedure.
  • Mature themes.
  • Short story.
  • Rare bugs.

Dead Plate is a unique and captivating horror RPG gaming experience, blending the genres of RPG, horror, visual novel, and tycoon simulation into one appealing package that can be experienced on any modern computing hardware. This free game is highly recommended to users who want to immerse themselves in a short horror experience.

Also Available: Download Dead Plate for Mac

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