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Distant Desktop

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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Distant Desktop is a popular remote access utility for modern versions of Windows OS that allows users of all knowledge levels to easily, quickly, and safely take control of any remote computer as if they are standing right in front of it. The app is best known for its minimalism, extremely easy-to-use connection steps, and fully secure user authentication and data transfers.

With integrated tools for file sharing and text or voice communication, this tool can be used for anything from grabbing the school or work files, helping a friend or family member, all the way to troubleshooting software and hardware issues. And best yet, all of these and many other functions are available through a truly simple interface that even a complete novice can easily master in seconds.
  • Easy Access
  • File Transfer
  • Multiple Connections
  • Voice and Text Chat
  • Demonstration and Training
The user interface of Distant Desktop starts with a small window that showcases the core connectivity credentials - a randomly generated ID and Password. To access any PC, the user simply has to click on a “Connect…” button and insert the ID/Password of the remote PC. Once credentials are entered, the app will switch to the fullscreen interface with tabs that represent remote PCs. That is right, with the Distant Desktop app users can establish connections to more than one PC at a time, which is a very useful feature for more advanced users such as technicians and system managers.

Once the connection to the remote PC is established, users can simply take control of that PC and do what they want, but there are few more tools that Distant Desktop offers to everyone. In the top right corner several tools can be accessed at all times – Send File, Receive File, Send Message and Speak. The last two options are highly useful when users at both PCs want to engage in conversation, share information, and more. The File Sharing feature is fast, reliable, and most importantly secure, enabling users to share files without fear they will become damaged or corrupt during the transfer.

All in all, the Distant Desktop app represents one of the easiest ways Windows PC users can establish a remote desktop connection with just a simple sharing of ID/Password credentials via any text chat service they desire. The app is 100% FREE not only for personal but also for commercial use and is optimized for all modern versions of Windows OS including Windows 7, Vista, 8, 10, Windows Server 2000/2003/2008, 32-bit and 64-bit.

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What's new in this version:

Distant Desktop 4.0
- Compatibility with macOS version
- Fixed Distant Printer bugs
- Added Swedish language

Distant Desktop 3.9
- New interface
- Improvements in Contact Book
- Full compatibility with Windows 11

Distant Desktop 3.8
- Important fixes

Distant Desktop 3.7
- passwords in Contacts
- Remote printing
- Remote PC Wake Up

Distant Desktop 3.6
- New: contacts book
- Improved screenshot tool
- Changes in the interface

Distant Desktop 3.5
- Fixed issues with re-branding
- Fixed issues with ID generation
- Internal changes

Distant Desktop 3.4
- Customization and re-branding
- Option to show remote cursor
- Fixed text copying bug

Distant Desktop 3.3
- New file transfer engine
- Improved security
- Fixed connection bugs

Distant Desktop 3.2
- Added Zoom in demonstration mode
- Ability to work in restricted networks
- Internal changes

Distant Desktop 3.1
- Important security update
- Improved connection quality
- Minor fixes

Distant Desktop 3.0
- New connection mechanism
- Performance improved
- Minor fixes

Distant Desktop 2.9
- Fixed compatibility issues with Android app
- Audio engine has been improved
- Minor fixes

Distant Desktop 2.8
- Compatibility with Android app
- New command: send Ctrl+Alt+Del
- New language: Dutch
- Main engine has been improved

Distant Desktop 2.7
- Support multiple monitors
- Can be minimized to tray
- Security improvements
- Important bug fixes

Distant Desktop 2.6
- Improved File Transfer
- Support unlimited connections
- Minor bugs fixed

Distant Desktop 2.5
- New options for File Transfer

Distant Desktop 2.4
- New connection mechanism
- New languages: Greek, Spanish
- Ability to edit the list of contacts
- Minor bugs fixed