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Folder Protect

Folder Protect

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Folder Protect is a file protection software for PC to password lock folders. Protect drives, extensions, programs, and desktop applications! Worried about your personal files getting accidentally deleted by your kids? Want your colleagues to view but not modify your business files? Folder Protect can do just that! It lets you password protect folders, drives, and extensions using 16 different types of custom password protection. Choose between view, access, modify and delete and achieve the security you want.

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Features and Highlights
  • Lock Files & Folders within seconds
  • Password protect entire file extensions
  • Lock Drives, Masks & Programs
  • Lock Desktop applications like Outlook Mail etc.
  • Stealth mode; so only you know that you have it
  • Protection works even in Windows Safe mode
  • Automatic protection after a certain period
  • Works on all latest versions of Windows
Automatic Protection
The tool activates protection after a certain period of time. If you have left your PC idle for a certain period of time, the protection is automatically activated. You can set the time period that is suitable to you and have complete peace of mind knowing the tool has got your back.

Safe Mode Protection
One way or the other, the prying eyes make numerous attempts to access your private files. One way of doing that is through the safe mode. Again, the app stays one step ahead by letting you use this feature. Even if someone boots your PC, turning ON this feature will restrict them there and then.

You can protect your executable in two ways. The files that you protect using FolderProtect can be further protected with the feature of ‘Deny Access’ and ‘Prompt Password’. The deny access feature will make the executable inaccessible and can only be accessed until this feature is deactivated. In the same way, you can use the ‘prompt password feature’ to access the particular executable.

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  • Security: It offers various security features to protect your files and folders, including password protection, stealth mode, and the ability to hide folders completely from view.
  • Versatility: It allows you to protect files and folders stored on local drives, external drives, USB drives, and even network drives, making it versatile for different storage setups.
  • Ease of Use: The software typically comes with a user-friendly interface, making it relatively easy for users to set up and manage their protected files and folders.
  • Customization: The program often provides options for customization, allowing users to choose the level of protection they want for their files and folders, such as read-only access or write-protection.
  • Multiple Protection Methods: It may offer multiple protection methods beyond just password protection, such as access control and stealth mode, providing users with various options to secure their data.
  • Cost: While the app may offer a free trial, the full version often comes at a cost, which might be a downside for users looking for free solutions.
  • Compatibility: Depending on the version of the software and the operating system you're using, there could be compatibility issues with certain systems or file formats.
  • Performance Impact: Some users may experience a slight performance impact on their system when using Folder Protect, especially if it's running continuously in the background.
  • Dependency on Software: Users may become dependent on the software for accessing their protected files and folders, which could pose an issue if they need to access them on a system where Folder Protect isn't installed.
Note: 15-uses trial version.

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What's new in this version:

- This version resolves driver starting issues on Windows 10 - 64-bit