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Gammadyne Mailer is essential software for automating a business's email marketing and other types of email operations. Without automation, email marketing is slow, tedious, and ineffective. Gammadyne Mailer solves these problems by automating three key tasks: Sending Emails, Receiving Emails, and List Management.

By using desktop software like the Gammadyne Mailer app, you can save a fortune compared to email services which charge by email.  Users pay no per-email fee and no monthly fee. All you need is a mail server to relay the emails, and these can be rented for a few dollars per month. Or you can simply use the mail server that comes with your website. The Mailer program is the only practical solution for large mailing lists.

In addition, Gammadyne Mailer for Windows PC can track opens and clicks, providing a wealth of marketing information.  Understanding your customers is critical to successful marketing. With the tracking report, you'll see how interested each recipient was in the message, where they are located, and what language they prefer. This knowledge allows you to focus your marketing efforts on the best prospects, again translating to more sales.

Features and Highlights

Sending Email
Sending personalized emails will greatly improve your response rate. It would take enormous effort to manually create and personalize each individual email. But with Gammadyne Mailer, you only need to specify a message template and a mailing list. The mailing list can be located in a database, CSV file, Excel spreadsheet, or plain text file.

Receiving Email
Dealing with a flood of sign-ups, opt-outs, and bounce-backs can be a monumental chore. It can automate the processing of these and many other types of incoming emails, saving you much time and tedium.

List Management
It includes a full set of tools for manipulating the mailing list. Adding, changing, and removing addresses has never been easier. And for mailing lists located in a database, Gammadyne Mailer's database integration allows you to edit data directly (no importing/exporting necessary).

The download is a free trial with the following limitations:
  • The mailing list is limited to 100 recipients.
  • There is a limit of 50 Send Operations and 50 Incoming Operations.
  • The Tracking feature is disabled.
  • The "Send Preprepared Emails" and "Check Blacklisting" tools are disabled.
  • The "Write Email To Files" feature is disabled.
  • The "Begin With Recipient" and "Send Only To Range Of Recipients" options are disabled.
  • Third-party programs cannot use GMCOM.DLL.

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What's new in this version:

Gammadyne Mailer 68.0
- Added the "Prompt Before Starting" option to the Incoming branch.  If checked, before an Incoming Operation starts, it will present the user with an English description of what the operation will do according to the settings under the Incoming branch.  The user will have the option to continue or abort.  Incoming Operations are versatile but formidably complicated.  This feature mitigates the complexity and builds confidence.
- Tracking: the "Export Recipients To CSV" tool is now capable of exporting the database columns specified in the "Report Extra Fields" project field
- The "Send Only To Last Recipient" option no longer requires that "Preview Emails" be enabled
- Tracking: Compare Campaigns: in the summary, the best campaign's value will be colored in green and the worst in red
- Templates: added the "Image" Section type, which has no title or text
- The Universal Domain Throttle now recognizes AOL as part of the broader Yahoo mail system, which will improve delivery to both
- Locate Mail Server: this now reports all PTR records if there is more than one
- Troubleshoot HTML: added "Verify Links", "Validate CSS", and "Validate HTML" buttons to the bottom of the window
- Preview Recipients: previously the "Send Only To Last Recipient" option was ignored.  Now Preview Recipients will only show the last recipient
- DKIM now uses the SHA-256 algorithm which is more secure than SHA-1
- Send Summary: Graph: thin faint horizontal and vertical lines are now drawn centered on the datapoint that the mouse is hovering over.  This can be disabled on the "Mouse Tracking" context submenu
- Exponential performance improvement to the Quoted-Printable encoder.  This allows large emails to be built faster
- HTML Editor: added the "Remove Surrounding Element" tool
- Tracking: Export Recipients to CSV: added the ability to exclude recipients that do not meet a specified Interest Score
- Operation History: Incoming: the number of rejected recipients is now reported
- Test Spam Score: a penalty is now reported if Delivery Status Notification is 'Never'
- The "Name" column of the Follow-Ups Table now supports unicode
- Tracking: Compare Campaigns: the Refresh tool now works as expected
- G-Merge: added the mime_attachment_filename_get() function
- G-Merge: added the incoming_bounce_string() function
- The dbe_call_proc() and dbe_call_func() G-Merge functions now support unicode connection strings
- The attach() function now has an optional fourth parameter, the character set of the attachment
- Pre-Incoming Script: added the "_testing" predefined variable
- Post-Incoming Script: added the "_excluded" predefined variable
- HTML Editor: added support for pasting a .DDS image file.  However, it will be converted to .JPG since most email clients don't support that format
- Tracking: the Bounce percent is now calculated over the number of successfully sent emails, not the total attempts
- Direct Delivery Possible: while the PBL is being tested, the operation can now be aborted
- Test Spam Score: this window now remembers its position, the width of each column in the Attachments table, and various other preferences
- Test Incoming: the Authentication parameter is now logged
- Validate HTML: <option> must be inside <optgroup> or <select> or <datalist
- Validate HTML: the "type" attribute is now validated for the various SVG elements that use it differently
- Redesigned the "Tracking and Preview Are Incompatible" window
- URL's containing an IPv6 address are now considered legal syntax even though IPv6 is not yet supported.  For example, Verify Links and Test HTML Images now produce a better error message if the link is an IPv6 address.  Example:  http://[2001:db8::34]/
- Domain Throttles: added the "gmx" keyword which will override the Universal Domain Throttle for the entire GMX system
- Templates: when loading a template into the project, the HTML syntax will now be automatically reformatted
- View Result Set: Set Entire Column: added the ability to convert the letters in the column between lower and upper case
- A bounce with the keyword "over quota and inactive" is now considered hard, not soft
- When pasting a password, if the length of the password is over the limit, an error will now appear.  Previously the password would be truncated and the user would have no idea why it wasn't working
- prompt(): added the "right" property for checkboxes, which makes the text right-justified
- The http_post() function now obeys the character set that is specified in the Content-Type header, and will fully decode to unicode
- Incoming Operation: if OAuth is used and Incoming Encryption is Disabled, an error will now appear indicating that this won't work
- Updated PCRE2 from 10.40 to 10.4
- G-Merge: when a database assignment fails, the error message will now warn if the connection string contains the "readonly" attribute
- When an Incoming Operation starts, it will reload the bounce string files into memory if they have been modified by the user
- Preview Incoming: added a "Help" button
- Tracking Report: care is now taken not to uselessly display "(0%)"
- Tracking: Compare Campaigns: Total Links Clicked: this will never display "(0.00 per open)"
- Report Extra Fields: the "Add" tool now avoids adding a column that is already present
- Logged rejection messages in the Send Log now support unicode
- HTML Editor: Reformat: runs of more than one blank line are now reduced to one
- HTML Editor: Convert Case: this now keeps the selection intact
- HTML Editor: List Properties: if the Image URL is invalid syntax, an error is now reported
- HTML Editor: Remove Format: this now replaces the formatting element with a <span>
- HTML Editor: Validate HTML: added detection of self-closing elements that are non-void elements
- HTML Editor: Validate HTML: added detection of non-lower case tag names if XHTML
- HTML Editor: Validate CSS: if a property name is illegal, the error will now suggest the most likely correct property
- HTML Editor: Validate CSS: added support for the round() function
- HTML Editor: Validate CSS: added support for the var() function as a parameter to other functions
- Added the "Cerulean" skin.  Redesigned the "Purples" skin and renamed it "Purpendicular".  Redesigned the "Blues" skin
- Custom Headers: the window now remembers its position
- Incoming: the "Out of Office" detection uses a new method that is much faster
- Zip Attachments: if there is only one attachment, and it is already zipped, it will not be zipped again
- Constructed Attachments: if the filename has no extension, the Media Type now defaults to "text/plain" rather than "application/octet-stream"
- Process Test Email: this now performs better syntax checking on the headers
- Improved the appearance of the installer
- Tracking: Compare Campaigns: there is now a proper error message if either campaign is archived
- When an error popup window is visible, the taskbar button will now be red
- Improved speed of Base64 decoding
- Send Operation: there is now an error if the same file is specified as both the Recipient File and the Exclusion File
- Embedded Files List: if there is a problem, the logged error now supports unicode in the filepath
- Criteria branch: the "Other Emails" field has been renamed "Regular Emails"

- the SMTP Password length limit was not consistent between the project field and the wizard field
- "Auto-Open Last Project" would fail if "Show Welcome Panel" was unchecked
- Tracking: Compare Campaigns: if no campaigns are selected, the popup window that allows the user to choose two campaigns was listing historical campaigns, which cannot be used in a comparison
- Validate HTML: <option> inside <datalist> was erroneously flagged
- when opening a project, if the branch controls are scrolled, the scrolling would become glitched
- HTML Editor: after changing a Linkmap, the image's appearance was not updating
- Test HTML Links: the list of specific links and errors was missing
- Test Sender Domain: the progress window was possibly closing before the test was completed
- Preview Window: any time a recipient is selected, the HTML preview would take input focus.  This prevented the user from using the arrow keys to scroll through the recipients
- Direct Delivery Possible: the Refresh tool was possibly reporting errors in a popup window, inappropriately
- when importing an old G-Merge 1.0 project, if the Follow-Up system was enabled, all of the follow-up bodies were not upgraded to G-Merge 2.0 automatically
- Preview Window: if the user clicks on the Edit tab, then clicks on a different recipient, MSHTML was popping up with a "this document has been modified" message.  Special thanks to Sidney Cockerham
- a scheduled task with tracking enabled would always report that the tracking server could not be reached
- Tracking: Report Extra Fields: if a column name doesn't exist, it will no longer cause all of the columns to fail
- possible crash when launching the "Schedule One-Time Task" tool
- the global SMTP password was not being stored correctly on some systems (since 33.1).  This was causing SMTP authentication to fail.  Special thanks to Morten Munch-Andersen and Briel Watkins

Gammadyne Mailer 67.0
- Added the "Store Add Date In Column" option to the Database/Setup branch.  If enabled, whenever a recipient is added to the database, the current date/time is stored in a column.
- HTML Editor: Paste Image: added the ability to rotate the image
- HTML Editor: Paste Image: added the ability to crop the image
- The Universal Domain Throttle is now hard-coded to detect the entire ProtonMail system
- The Database Connection String field now supports unicode
- HTML Editor: added the "Dictate" tool
- Domain Throttles: added the "proton" keyword which will override the Universal Domain Throttle for the entire ProtonMail system
- HTML Editor: Insert Hyperlink: added the option to change the color of the hyperlink
- G-Merge: added a "break" directive that breaks out of a loop
- Tracking: Report Extra Fields: added an "Add" button that inserts a chosen database column
- Templates: added the "Three column, title/image/text/button" Section type
- When converting HTML to plain text, the conversion of tables now supports unicode
- Preview Incoming: clicking the View Log button no longer closes the window
- Preview Incoming: the window that notifies that no emails are present now has a "View Log" button
- Tracking Report: reduced the time needed to generate the report
- HTML Editor: Reformat: this now reformats the style sheet
- The files that hold the bounce and out-of-office strings now support unicode provided that a Byte Order Mark is specified
- HTML Editor: List Properties: added a "Paste" tool that allows you to paste an image file or raw pixel data to be used for custom bullets
- HTML Editor: Hyperlink Properties: added a "Remove" button which will remove the link but not the content that is linked
- HTML Editor: added support for pasting .PBM/.PGM/.PPM image files.  However, they will be converted to .jpg since most email clients don't support those formats
- HTML Editor: the "Convert Case" tool now appears on the toolbar
- Remove: the log window now has a summary banner across the top
- Added the "_from" predefined variable for Send Operations, which contains a copy of the final From: header.  This can be used in any field that supports G-Merge
- Added the str_insert() G-Merge function
- Added the attach() function.  Its advantage over the Attached Files List is that it can override the filename and/or media type
- Added the mime_attachment_get() function
- Post-Send Script: added the "_suppressed" predefined variable, which contains the total number of suppressed recipients
- Updated OpenSSL from 3.0.4 to 3.0.
- Scheduled Tasks: if "Power down after completion" is enforced, Event Viewer will show an event to that effect
- If the Removal Method requires a column but none is specified, starting a Send Operation will now report an error immediately
- The http_fetch() function now obeys the character set that is specified in the Content-Type header, and will fully decode to unicode
- Simple Send: it is now possible to delete items on the "Recent Files" submenu
- prompt(): the "incdec" property for editboxes now supports a new format, three numbers separated by commas.  The first number is the minimum, the second number is the maximum, and the third number is the increment/decrement delta
- Validate CSS: the env() function is now validated
- Validate CSS: added support for reporting errors in unicode for external style sheets that use @charset or have a Byte Order Mark
- Validate CSS: this will now validate external style sheets that are specified by a relative path if they are located in the Embedded Files Folder
- Validate CSS: this will now detect SVG selectors that have the wrong case
- Validate CSS: added validation of several rare SVG styles
- Validate HTML: an error is now reported if an ID is not unique
- Operation History: Send: the "Excluded" column now includes all suppressions
- Operation History: each column now shows balloon help when the mouse hovers over the heading
- Pseudo-Projects: added the "AppendFailuresFormat" label
- Append Failures: when Format="CSV", the email address is simplfied (name and company are removed)
- Tracking: the Recipient Table tool's "Export to CSV" tool is now identical to the "Export Recipients To CSV" tool, rather than using the generic table export tool
- Followups table: added a "Duplicate Row" tool to the context menu
- The "/he" command line switch now allows a project to be specified, in which case the HTML Body will immediately go into editing.  Previously the /he switch was limited to .htm files
- When a Suppression List does not exist, there is now an offer to create it
- Search and Replace: if a regex replacement string refers to a nonexistent substring (e.g. $1), this will now display an error
- The mime_strip_attachments() G-Merge function's second parameter can now specify multiple filename extensions, separated by commas
- When an Incoming Operation writes the log of an Add Recipients operation into the Incoming Log, this now supports unicode
- Tracking Report Settings: if there is any problem with the Banner URL syntax, it is now reported immediately
- Success/Failure Script: the _sender variable now supports the "Same As SMTP User" Sender mode.  Previously it was blank
- Improved performance of Quoted-Printable encoding, which allows emails to be built faster
- View Result Set: Set Entire Column: Perform Math: this now obeys the operating system regional numeric format settings
- The "Show Setting Search" option now appears on the tree's context menu
- The "DatabaseConnect" pseudo-project field now supports unicode and expects UTF-8
- View Result Set: Create Column: the "Size" field is now disabled if a size is not applicable to the column type
- Help file: added a chapter on mailing list segmentation
- Email Viewer: added support for showing .webp images in the HTML body
- Added the ability to delete an item from the File History at the bottom of the File menu
- Tracking: Recipient Table: the default column widths are now optimized
- "Copy" buttons now draw an animation of a checkmark to indicate that something happened
- Validate HTML: the "xmlns" attribute is now allowed to appear in any tag, and added support for DC and FOAF
- Validate HTML: can only be inside or or
- Recipient File: Find Illegal Address: this window will now remember its position and the Fixed-Pitch option
- The interface icons have been slightly desaturated
- Removed the "Forward As Raw MIME" option

- Tracking: Compare: the progress meter moved backwards at one point
- menus did not support fixed-pitch fonts
- Tables: Set Entire Column: Insert Prefix/Append Suffix: this was broken for 8-bit character tables
- Validate CSS: the var() function's fallback value was not validated correctly
- Validate CSS: escapes inside quoted strings were resulting in an inappropriate error
- Validate CSS/HTML: fixed validation of the "mask" property/attribute
- HTML Editor: in several situations where a color was being decoded from CSS, the hsl() function was not being interpreted correctly
- if GM was installed to a path containing unicode, it would always treat a new project as changed
- Minify HTML: older variants of were potentially being altered in a bad way
- when the HTML Embedded Files list is personalized with G-Merge and contains errors, the errors were not being properly logged
- the HTML editor, Limit HTML Line Length option, and Insert Line-Breaks tools were potentially inserting an inappropriate space into the HTML body.  Special thanks to Jennifer Allen
- possible crash in Excel ODBC driver if the file is corrupt
- Templates: the "Section Bar" section was not working
- View Result Set: changes made by the "Set Entire Column" tool using the "Perform Math" mode were not being saved to the database
- the uninstaller was removing all scheduled tasks (since 66.0).  Better to keep them than save a few kilobytes of hard disk space

Gammadyne Mailer 66.0
- Added the "Report Extra Fields" option to the Tracking branch.  This allows you to specify database columns that should appear on the tracking report for each recipient
- Tracking: added a secondary beacon method that will improve the detection of opens
- Validate CSS/HTML: all SVG elements, attributes, and styles are now validated
- Preview Incoming: added the "Recipients" column, which shows every email address that would be processed
- Tracking: improved the way GM notifies the tracking server of a tracked email.  It now combines up to 256 recipients in a single notification.  This helps prevent the "Waiting on tracking server" message, and lowers bandwidth usage
- Build Text Body From HTML, Extract Text From HTML: the conversion now has much better formatting for tables, and can maintain columns properly
- Import CSV Data: added the ability to create the database columns for you
- Scheduler: added an option to power down the computer after a task completes.  This is useful for tasks that run at night
- External HTML Editor: this now makes backups of an edited HTML file.  Choose "Restore Backup" from the File menu to recover a backup
- Append Failures: added a setting that adds a new option for including additional information about the failure, in CSV format
- Tracking Campaigns window: added the "Hide Local Reports" option to the View menu
- Added the "Quick Text" tool for all editboxes and HTML editors.  This allows you to create, and later insert, snippets of text
- Templates: added the "Text Links" Section type
- Editboxes: added the "Dictate" tool
- Editboxes: implemented "Search As You Type"
- HTML Editor: added the "Remove Format" tool, which removes all text formatting
- HTML Editor: Raw tab: added the "Make Styles Inline" tool.  Previously there was only the "Make Styles Inline" option and no way to do it manually
- HTML Editor: Insert Hyperlink: added an "Underline" option.  Previously links were always underlined
- G-Merge: the _sender variable is now widely available.  Previously it was only available to the Pre-Send, Success, and Failure scripts
- prompt(): added the "spacer" control which is invisible and simply takes up some vertical space.  All of the prompt() examples now use spacers instead of dividers
- View Result Set: Filter: Conditional mode: added support for parenthesis
- Import Settings: for all editbox fields that were imported, the Undo tool can now restore the editbox to its previous state
- View Result Set: Filter: the "Conditional" mode's == operator is now case insensitive unlike the = operator
- View Result Set: Create Index: instead of an "Add" button for choosing a column, there is now a checklist of columns
- Preview Incoming: added a "View Log" to the bottom of the window
- Preview Incoming: the log now includes the normal summary at the bottom
- Operation History: Outgoing: the number of exclusions is now reported
- Post-Incoming Script: added the "_aborted" variable
- Preview Window: added the "Confirm Send Selected" option to the Options menu.  Previously, after checking "Don't ask this question again", there was no way to turn confirmations back on
- Test SMTP: for OAuth, the user is now informed they need to enable SMTP Encryption
- Email Send Log To: the sent email now supports unicode characters in the log
- When choosing a file from the history at the bottom of the File menu, if it does not exist, the error window now contains a "Explore" button that will open File Explorer to that folder
- Mobile Preview: hovering the mouse over a hyperlink will now show the URL in a popup
- HTML Viewer: View Source: added a "Verify Links" tool
- HTML Editor: added case conversion tools
- HTML Editor: Verify Links: double clicking on a row will now launch the "Locate" tool
- HTML Editor: Image Link Map: this now draws a box around all areas, with the selected area in a different color
- Several global preference files have been moved out of the My Documents folder where security may be heightened.  Removed two tools from the Files menu for exploring the preferences folders, these were only supposed to appear in debug builds.  Now there is a single tool on the Options menu for exploring the one preferences folder
- Behavior change: the Body Criteria now operates on text extracted from the HTML body, not the raw HTML source code
- View Result Set: Table Statistics: for numeric columns, the minimum and maximum value is now reported
- Pre-Incoming Script: added the "_previewing" predefined variable
- The Log Connection Errors field now supports unicode
- The Sound Alarm On Error field now supports unicode
- The Change Reply-To Header field now supports unicode
- First-Time Greeting: added a button that opens the video tutorials page on our website
- Options Menu: there is now an option to hide the Setting Search box below the tree
- Added the str_chop_at_last() G-Merge function
- The fatal() function is now available to pseudo-projects
- The mailbox_count() function now returns -4 if authentication failed
- The file_delete() function now has an optional second parameter that offers a couple of new flags that affect the behavior
- The db_call_func(), dbe_call_func(), db_call_proc(), and dbe_call_proc() functions now support a unicode function/procedure name
- prompt(): editboxes: the "incdec" property now offers a new mode for adjusting the day of a date
- When a scheduled task fails a pre-op test, the Notify Operation Errors email will now support unicode
- Suppressions now load 48% faster
- Updated zlib from 1.2.11 to 1.2.1
- If you drop or paste files into the Embedded Files List, the Embedded Files Folder will be set to the folder that contains the files (if it is empty)
- HTML Editor: added support for pasting a .JFIF image file.  However, it will be converted to .jpg since most email clients don't support the JFIF format
- HTML Editor: the Validate CSS and Validate HTML buttons below the raw editor now support the Shift key for toggling which validator is used, just like the toolbar and context option
- HTML Editor: Attribute Editor: added more attributes, and more examples in the drop-down lists
- Validate CSS: this now validates attribute selectors, such as li[class=foo] {
- Validate CSS: the min(), max(), clamp(), and abs() functions are now validated
- Validate CSS: this now validates the @charset rule
- Validate HTML: added detection of illegal elements inside
- Validate HTML:can only contain or
- View Archive: the "Filter" toolbar icon is now highlighted when the filter is enabled
- Tracking Report Settings: the Report Title, Banner URL, and Copyright fields will now remember past inputs in a drop-down list
- HTML Editor: List Properties: this now supports list types that are specified by a "style" attribute rather than the "type" attribute
- Preview Incoming: the window position and column widths are now remembered
- Help file: Search tab: added two buttons that allow you to jump to the next/previous search occurrence
- Tables: the Alternating Rows and Row Dividers submenus now show what the "Default" option is defaulting to
- Improved support for the Tab key in various situations
- Pseudo-Projects: added the "AppendFailuresMode" label
- In numerous situations where the HTML Body's character set it used, and is not specified, this will now fall back to the default dictated by the <!doctype> tag.  The tag is also now supported, although this tag is deprecated in general- The "Compress HTML" option was renamed "Minify HTML" as this term is more accurate
- Send Log: the "SENDING" message now supports unicode in the recipient's email address
- Make Styles Inline: improved performance
- Help file: added a chapter on the View Archive tool
- Editboxes: Macros: added support for Numpad keys with Ctrl/Alt
- Removed the defunct blacklist

- Validate CSS: fixed validation of "clip-path", "font-variant", "font-stretch"
- Validate HTML: is allowed to have a "name" attribute
- HTML Editor: Style Editor: the Scope tab was not always listing all parent elements
- HTML Editor: Reformat: SVG element names were converted to lower case, however unlike other elements these are case sensitive
- Make Styles Inline: was not working properly with some SVG elements
- uninstalling will no longer cause the history of locally exported tracking campaigns to be lost
- if a popup window is created while the parent window is minimized, it could appear on the wrong monitor
- Preview Window: after discarding a recipient, the buttons below the Recipient List could be inappropriately grayed out
- Simple-Send: the Importance, Sensitvity, and Request Reading Receipt options were being ignored, and the Reply-To: was broken
- Simple-Merge: failed to properly read a CSV cell that contains tabs after the separator, followed by quoted data that contains newlines
- Send: the "Store Successful Send Date" was producing an error if the "Use Custom SELECT Statement" option was checked
- View Result Set: the "Import From CSV File" tool was crashing after choosing the CSV file

Gammadyne Mailer 65.0
Significant visual improvements:
- Improved the appearance of scrollbars
- Removed the divider bar above the buttons at the bottom of all windows
- Groupboxes now have separate colors for text and border
- Eliminated some padding around controls for a tighter layout
- Removed more 3D borders around controls (continued from 64.0)
- Send Summary: the Pie Chart is now anti-aliased
- Numerous other minor improvements

- The Send Log and Send Summary are now in unicode
- Preview Incoming: added a "Proceed" button to the bottom of the window, which will restart the Incoming Operation but with Preview disabled
- Prompt Before Sending is now a project setting on the Send branch.  Previously it was a global setting on the Options menu
- Verify Links: added a "Locate" button, which takes you to the location of the broken link in the HTML source code.  Added a "Follow" button, which opens the broken URL in your browser
- Simple Send: the File menu now contains a "Recent Files" submenu that makes it easy to reopen an email file that you have used in the past
- Process Emails Only Once: for IMAP, this will now monitor and obey the server's UIDVALIDITY property, which the server can use to invalidate GM's lists of emails that have already been processed.  Previously, if the property changed, GM might not process some new emails while re-processing some old emails
- Add Record: for columns that are variable size, the size is now reported in the Type column
- Tracking: the custom banner can now be a local filepath.  Previously it was limited to a remote URL
- Numerous error messages now support unicode.  Also many minor improvements to error messages
- Preview Incoming: this now shows if the email would be forwarded
- Preview Incoming: the number of recipients that would be processed is now shown
- Templates: added an option for the Main Title Image width.  Previously the image was always the same width as the body
- Templates: the "Main Title Background" is now a checkbox so that so that it can be made transparent
- Auto Image Dimensions: when obtaining a missing dimension from the style attribute, this now supports all CSS units.  Previously, only "px" was supported
- Process G-Merge Inside Attachments: this now supports attachments with 16-bit characters provided that a Byte Order Mark is present
- Tracking: added detection of the YandexImageResizer bot
- Internal Database: there is now a drop-down list containing all databases present
- Email Viewer: added a "Verify Links" tool to the Raw HTML tab's context menu
- Preview Window: there is now a confirmation prompt for the Send One tool.  This window has a "Do not ask this question again" checkbox
- Test menu: Spell Check: if the HTML editor is on the Edit tab, its spell checker will launch.  Previously, it would always switch to the Raw tab
- Follow-Ups table: you may now click and drag on a cell in the "Index" column to rearrange the rows
- Tracking: Export Recipients/Recipient Table: the Date Sent and Date Opened will now obey the date format specified in the Report Settings
- Tracking: Export Recipients: added an option to convert all date fields from UTC to the local time zone.  The Recipient Table will now always perform this conversion
- View Archive: when a Filter is enabled, upon selecting an email, the occurrence of the filter text will now be highlighted
- Added the /ntinc command line switch: if the tracking account has no more credits, disable tracking and send anyway
- The /nosum command line switch now works for Send Operations.  It suppresses the Summary Window
- Post-Send Script: added the _excluded variable which contains the number of recipients that were excluded
- Updated OpenSSL from 3.0.0 to 3.0.
- Updated SQLite from 3.33.0 to 3.39.
- Updated PCRE2 from 10.22 to 10.4
- View Result Set: Create Index: added the "Unique" option
- Added the extract_company() and mime_headers() G-Merge functions
- The file_archive() function now has the ability to create the file as UTF-8 or UTF-16
- The Incoming Log Filepath field now supports unicode
- The Zip Attachments Filename field now supports unicode
- The Forward Emails To field now supports unicode
- The _keyword_body, _keyword_header, and _keyword_subject predefined variables now support unicode
- The email_send() function now supports unicode attachments.  csv_append2() now supports a unicode filepath.  db2_execute() now supports unicode in the connection string and SQL parameters
- Scheduler: the "Result" column now supports unicode
- For various tools that operate on the HTML Body, if the External HTML Body has no Byte Order Mark, but the HTML Character Set setting specifies UTF-8 or UTF-16, the file will now be properly decoded
- HTML Editor: Validate HTML/CSS: this now accepts SVG inline images
- HTML Editor: Validate HTML: added detection of Non-Phrasing Content inside Phrasing Content
- HTML Editor: Validate HTML: added detection of improper elements inside a- HTML Editor: Validate CSS: this now validates the calc() function- HTML Editor: Validate CSS: this now supports hwb() colors- HTML Editor: Validate CSS: this now validates @namespace rules- The "Validate CSS" and "Validate HTML" tools can now appear on the toolbar, although they are hidden by default- Test menu: the "Validate CSS" tool will now open the external HTML editor and launch its Validate CSS tool.  Previously, the external HTML editor would not open, and the CSS was always validated with the W3C website- External HTML Editor: Options menu: added options to validate the CSS/HTML with the W3C website.  Previously these options were only available on the raw HTML editor's context menu- HTML Editor: added support for pasting a .tga image file.  However, it will be converted to .jpg since most email clients don't support the TARGA format- If a Send Op is launched from the command line with the /q switch, and the project uses tracking, and the tracking account lacks credits, the process will now obey the /q switch and abort silently- Added a "View Send Log" button to the bottom of the Logging branch- Tracking: when the custom banner is being embedded, it is now shrunk down to the specified dimensions- External HTML Editor: added a "File Information" tool to the File menu- Incoming Wizards: if the user changes the protocol, the port number is now automatically changed as appropriate- Database optimization: the apparatus that avoids SQL Server's infamous "Invalid Descriptor Index" error will only trigger if required- Store Successful Send Date: an error is now reported immediately if the column does not exist- When a scheduled task reports a G-Merge error, the notification now includes the complete tag that the error occurred in- Append Rejections: if a rejection contains newlines, it is converted to a single line so that there is always one rejection per line- Locations.ini: added the ability to disable SNMP statistics at the bottom of the Send Log- All tables: the Duplicate Row tool now has a hotkey, Ctrl+Shift+I- Preview Window: added a "Contact Us" option to the Help menu- The tree will no longer show a vertical scrollbar if it is unnecessary- prompt(): editbox: the "incdec" property now has a new mode that allows the integer at the end of the editbox contents to be adjusted- Operation History: the "Forward/Fail" and "Autorespond/Fail" columns are now hidden by default since these stats are also accumulated in the "Errors" columnFixed:- Validate HTML: the "crossorigin" attribute was not validated properly- Verify Links was incorrectly flagging all mailto: links as invalid- Verify Links was incorrectly flagging hyperlinks with an anchor (e.g. Processing Mode: Process If Follows Keyword: this was only stopping if 2 lines contained no addresses, not 1 as documented- Send Prepared + DKIM: eliminated an inappropriate error- Custom Headers: there is now an error for lines that begin with a colon- SNMP statistics were not appearing at the bottom of the Send Log- the "_emails_fail" variable was counting failed CC's and BCC's- the fatal() G-Merge function was causing a second blank popup to appear- the view_in_browser() function was producing an error when using the Preview Recipients tool- a pseudo-project with DirectDelivery=1 and DirectRetry=0 that also specifies SMTP servers was unable to send any email- Templates: the "Button x 3" content did not look right on small screens- Extend Tracking Campaign: there should have been an immediate error if the campaign had already expired- if an error occurs in a scheduled task, the progress meter in the scheduler might not disappear- Tracking: Recipient Table: the forward data could instead appear in the Interest Score column- HTML Editor: after clicking on a different branch then returning to the HTML Body branch, the editor would be blank (since 64.0)- the "Process G-Merge Inside Attachments" feature was broken- if a scheduled task has tracking enabled, and the account lacks tracking credits, the task would hang- Validate CSS: crash if @import or @charset rule has no ending semi-colon- Compress HTML: crash if it encountered an illegal CSS syntax in the form "foo:;"- Incoming: probable crash if there is an error when downloading an email (since 64.0)Gammadyne Mailer 64.0- Added the "Preview Incoming Emails" option.  This displays a list of all of the incoming emails, and a brief summary of whether or not each email qualifies to be processed.  This is highly useful for testing the project settings.- Added support for PostgreSQL databases- Added the "Track Opt-Outs" option to the Tracking branch.  If checked, after an Incoming Operation completes, the user will asked if the number of processed emails should appear as an "Opt-Outs" statistic on a tracking report.- Templates: Main Title: it is now possible to have both an image and text- Templates: added the "Text+Button on Image" Section type- View Result Set: added the "Import From CSV File" tool- Troubleshoot HTML: this now reports the total number of HTML syntax errors and warnings- Added the "Rejections" column to the Tracking Campaigns window- Recipient File: the "Verify All Addresses" tool now supports a URL to a remote recipient list- Search Settings: if no match is found, but the search text is in the help file index, the Side Help will jump to that topic- The Incoming Log now uses unicode characters for its content- HTML Editor: Validate CSS: all properties that are considered to still be in "draft" status are now validated- Search Settings: added the ability to search in the reverse direction.  Hold down the Shift key while clicking the search icon- Auto Image Dimensions: a missing "width" or "height" attribute can now be obtained from a "style" attribute- Search Settings: this now has a hotkey, Alt+F2- External HTML Body: various tools that load this file now support the presence of a Byte Order Mark- Test menu: Spell Check HTML Body: if the HTML Body is in an external file, it is now opened in an editor window, and the Spell Check tool is launched- Added the "Test: view last log" tool to the context menu of the Incoming Sources table.  This displays the log from the last use of the Test Incoming tool- Wizards for Incoming Operations will now ask for the port number- View Result Set: added an option to select all text when entering a cell- View Result Set: added the "Delete Index" tool- View Result Set: this now uses much less memory- Tracking: any open that occurs less than 25 seconds since the last open will be considered spurious and not a valid reopen/forward- Operation History: added the ability to hide columns- HTML Editor: added support for pasting a .pcx image file.  However, it will be converted to .jpg since most email clients don't support the PCX format- View Archive: Filter Emails: added the ability to filter on the email contents, not just certain headers- HTML Editor: Image Link Map: it is now possible to specify the coordinates by clicking and dragging on the image- Add Record: added the "Type" column which shows which data type each column is- The "Generate Host Stats", "Append Rejections", "Append Successes", and "Append Failures" logs are now randomized when a new project is created.  This avoids the problem where two projects running simultaneously try to write to the same file- Send Prepared: if the success/failure/rejection folder doesn't exist, there is now an offer to create it- Notify Operation Errors: for G-Merge errors, the notification now reports which project field contained the error- Notify Operation Errors: this now sends a notification if an error occurs in the Post-Send Script- View Result Set: Set Entire Column: added the ability to perform a mathematical operation on each cell- Add Record: the Primary Key is no longer omitted unless it is auto-generated- HTML Editor: Style Editor: numerous improvements to the "Scope" tab- External HTML Editor: added the "Record File History" option to the Options menu- HTML Editor: Validate CSS: the mask-xxx properties are now validated- HTML Editor: Validate CSS: all extended color names are now supported- HTML Editor: Validate CSS: the var() function is now validated- HTML Editor: Validate HTML: added detection of improper elements inside an- HTML Editor: Validate HTML: added detection of numerous elements that cannot be inside- Compose: Paste Attachment: the filename now supports unicode- Simple Send: Options menu: added the "Ask for pasted image size" option.  Previously this could not be disabled- Test S/MIME: a test email is now signed in order to more thoroughly test the certificate- Tracking Report: it is now optional if the top banner is referred to as an external URL, or is downloaded and embedded- Tracking Report: Email Report: multiple recipients are now supported- Added the return() G-Merge function, which is useful for user-defined functions- The "Custom Headers" field now supports unicode- The "Write Email To Files" field now supports unicode- The "Remove From Files" field now supports unicode- The "Change 'From' Header" field now supports unicode- Tracking: campaigns now download faster- prompt(): all editboxes and comboboxes now support unicode- Improved performance and memory usage when fetching large emails with POP3- Added the "Logging" branch under the "Incoming" branch, and moved various settings there- Post-Incoming Script: added the _add_success and _add_fail variables which record stats for the adding of recipients to the mailing list- Test DKIM, S/MIME: added an "Ignore" button if the S/MIME certificate is expired but otherwise valid- Added the pow() function, which calculates an exponential- Added the extract_name() function, which extracts a recipient's name from a compound email address- The stop() function now has an optional parameter that determines if the rest of the body is truncated or not- The file_append() function now offers a flag that prevents the file from being created- The mailbox_count() function now logs an error if one occurs- The email_send() function now supports unicode in the 'headers' parameter- The dbe_add_row() function now supports unicode in the connection string- The incoming_forward() function now supports unicode in the recipient's address- Help file: there is now an alphabetical index of G­Merge functions, in addition to the original categorical list- Generate Tracking Report: if there are no active campaigns, but there are archived local copies, the local copies will now be displayed rather than reporting an error- Incoming Script: the _body variable now supports unicode- Post-Incoming Script: the _criteria_stats predefined variable now supports unicode- View Archive: JPEG images in the HTML will now obey the orientation specified in the EXIF tag.  This ensures they appear upright- Numerous minor interface improvements.  Removed many 3D borders for a cleaner look- Test SMTP: for Gmail, the log now reports that the test is doomed if SMTP Encryption is disabled- The Database Clauses table will now highlight the row when the mouse moves over the "#" column, and alter the mouse cursor, to indicate that the row can be dragged to a new position- The "Invalid variable or database column" error now alphabetizes the lists of variables/columns- Incoming: if the incoming email is rejected by both not meeting criteria and not containing recipients, now the criteria failure is reported rather than the lack of recipients.  This is important when Addresses In Body is set to "Process All After Keyword"- Test Spam Score: numerous visual improvements- The entire "DNS" branch is now hidden by the Hide Advanced Settings option- Preview Window: the "Send Emails" icon has been renamed "Send All" to help distinguish it from the individual Send button- Removed all support for MAPI.  We're not aware of any user that has used it in the last 10 yearsFixed:- various minor issues with the Validate CSS tool- HTML Editor: when pasting an image over a selected image, changes to the size were not always being applied- IMAP4: it was possible for a timeout error to instead be reported as a fetch failure- Templates: the "Three column, image/title/text/button" Section type was not collapsing properly on small screens- a bug that was causing an unnecessary usage of memory in many situations- Tracking Report: the calculation of Opt-Out percentage included failed emails, now it only includes successes- HTML Compression: attribute values ending in a slash need to be quoted- HTML Compression

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