You have to escape Granny`s house... You have five days...



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Granny is the true definition of a horror adventure game. The game takes place inside the house that belongs to your grandmother. You think she’s a nice and sweet old lady, but the reality is that she wants to murder you. It is like playing a hide-and-seek game from when you were a kid. The only difference is this version of the game has a horror element added to the mix.

The objective of the game is to escape your grandmother’s house of horrors. It might sound like a simple plot, but it is quite complex. You have to deal with puzzles, barricaded doors, and jump scares around almost every corner. The only way to escape is to find the key that will unlock the house’s front door. The grandmother offers you five nights to find your way out, or else she’ll come after you.

The game starts with the main character awakening to an empty room. Allow yourself time to learn the controls when you’re in this room. Once you’re confident to explore other rooms of the house, you can leave the room. But don’t wait too long in the starter room because your evil granny will eventually come for you if you don’t leave the room.

It is better to leave the room anyway. You can find many more places to hide in the other rooms, including underneath tables or inside cabinets. Try to stay as quiet as you can when you move around the house. Your granny has a surprisingly good hearing for an older woman. She can detect the slightest bit of sound coming from your footsteps.

The entire Granny desktop game is played in a first-person view. That way, it makes you feel like you’re really in the house while trying to escape your evil grandmother. As she gets closer, you’ll hear her voice call out to you. Once that happens, you should move to a new location to avoid getting spotted. Watch out for the creaky floorboards because they are everywhere.

The house is designed to be like a maze. It is easy to get lost if you go into the wrong rooms, mainly due to the darkness of the environment. You’ll notice some ancient-style paintings on the walls, which only adds to the creepy factor. If your grandmother doesn’t find you, she’ll attempt to catch you with the bear traps that she sets up everywhere. If you get stuck in a bear trap, you must remove it fast before your granny finds you. The game will give you instructions on how to remove it.

Overall, the Granny game is a straightforward and fun horror game to play. Its 3D graphics appear rather primitive and outdated, but that makes it creepier in a way. It is a good reminder of those old Silent Hill games for PlayStation if you remember them.

The game lets you change the difficulty level if you want it to be easier or harder. You won’t get bored because there are so many areas to explore in this great big house.

  • Horror Experience: It offers a genuinely scary and tense gaming experience, making it appealing to horror enthusiasts.
  • Simple Gameplay: The game's mechanics are straightforward, making it accessible to a wide range of players, including those new to mobile gaming.
  • Puzzle Elements: Players must solve puzzles and find hidden items to progress, adding an extra layer of challenge and engagement to the gameplay.
  • Randomized Elements: The house layout and item placement are often randomized, enhancing replayability and keeping the game fresh each time you play.
  • Free-to-Play: The game is free to download and play, with optional in-app purchases for cosmetic items or hints.
  • Frustrating Difficulty: Some players may find the game's difficulty level to be frustratingly high, leading to frequent deaths and restarts.
  • Limited Story: The game lacks a deep or compelling storyline, focusing primarily on gameplay and jump scares.
  • Short Playtime: Once you figure out the house's mechanics and puzzles, the game may become relatively short for experienced players.
  • Limited Variability: Despite randomization, the core gameplay loop of avoiding Granny can become repetitive over time.

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