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GS Auto Clicker

GS Auto Clicker

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GS Auto Clicker is a highly useful system software and automation tool for PC that can help you better organize your daily workflow by eliminating the need to manually perform monotonous and highly repeatable mouse clicks. With this app, you can set up your own mouse click routines, and then repeat them with a simple press of a button.

These routines can be as simple as few mouse clicks on a single part of a screen, all the way to the replicating complicated mouse clicks all over your active desktop area. With the help of this small app, you can finally remove monotony from your daily workflow, simplify complicated procedures that rely on frequent use of the mouse, and even set up simple routines that will, for example, prevent your computer from going to sleep. Download Auto Clicker for Windows PC today!

Installation and Use

After lightninging quick installation on any modern version of Microsoft Windows OS (98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Server 2008, 7, 8, and 10), you will be presented with the main screen of this app that features just a few intuitive tools for recording and playback of your mouse clicks. The main button for activating mouse clicks is F8.

The option area can help you better define the frequency of the clicks and record the area of your clicks. While the app supports double-clicking on a single area, it does not have the ability to precisely control the timing of all clicks. Autoclicker can either perform all the recorded click lightning fast, or you can slow down the frequency of clicks to your desired levels. This focus only on global timing customization can introduce problems if your daily workflow includes specific wait periods between clicks. Sadly, because no other alternatives are present, you will need to adapt to this limitation and find a way how to best automate mouse clicks to fit your needs.

It is important to note that pressing F8 will only run the entire set of commands ONCE. Recording and timing tools are not readily apparent in the main app interface. To access them you need to visit the Options area. Because of the limitation of its toolset, GS Auto Clicker for Gamers cannot be used to set up highly demanding patterns and timings that are often needed. There are no advanced timing controls, no presets for multiple types of click patterns, and only one shortcut to activate automation.


What is GS Auto Clicker?
GS Auto Clicker is a free software tool that helps automate mouse clicking and keypresses.

How does GS Auto Clicker work?
It works by simulating mouse and keyboard inputs to perform repetitive tasks, such as clicking, typing, or dragging.

Is GS Auto Clicker safe to use?
Yes, the app is safe to use as long as you download it from a reputable source like FileHorse and use it responsibly.

Can GS Auto Clicker be used to cheat in games?
Yes, it can be used to cheat in games by automating certain actions, but it is not recommended as it may result in getting banned.

Does GS Auto Clicker work on Mac?
No, GS Auto Clicker is a Windows-only software tool.

Can GS Auto Clicker be customized?
Yes, it can be customized by adjusting the click interval, click type, and hotkeys.

How many clicks per second can GS Auto Clicker perform?
It can perform up to 9999 clicks per second.

Can GS Auto Clicker be used to click specific coordinates?
Yes, it can be set to click specific coordinates on the screen.

Can GS Auto Clicker be used to simulate keyboard input?
Yes, it can be used to simulate keyboard input, such as typing text or pressing hotkeys.

Is GS Auto Clicker completely free?
Yes, GS Auto Clicker is completely FREE to download and use without any limitations.

Features and Highlights
  • Fast to install and not resource-intensive – With less than 1 MB in size and simplified toolset, GS Autoclicker can easily find a home even on the very old PC hardware.
  • Simple automation toolset – Automate anything from simple routines to somewhat complicated tasks.
  • Click on a single defined area or anywhere on the screen – Freely record your click pattern and activate automatic clicking by pressing F8.
  • Set global timing rate – Speed up or slow down your recorded click pattern.

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