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Bark Premium

Bark Premium

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Bark Premium (also known as Bark Parental Control) is a comprehensive online parental control and monitoring webapp and mobile app that provides parents and families with an effective way to keep their children and family members safe online.

Bark monitors your child’s online activities and sends you alerts for potential dangers. Try for FREE!

It offers a range of premium features that allow parents to monitor their children's online activities, including their social media usage, text messages, emails, and more.

Built from the ground up to actively monitor all types of online behavior, this app can provide parents and family guardians peace of mind when they are out of sight of their children or loved ones. The Bark service provides various in-depth customization options and a main dashboard where parents can easily monitor real-time notifications and activity logs of the connected children's accounts.

  • Monitoring of 30+ social media platforms.
  • Text and email monitoring.
  • Screen time management.
  • Location tracking.
  • Alerts for signs of cyberbullying, depression, and online predators.
How to Use

To use this app, users are first required to create an account and install the app on both their monitoring device and their child’s device. Once installed, parents get full access to a large selection of settings and services that aim to monitor the specific activities they are concerned about actively. This includes app usage, time spent online, social network activity, location monitoring, and much more.

All this data is relayed to the main dashboard on parents’ devices, enabling them to not only keep active track of their children’s activities but also to set up periods when access to specific apps and online platforms is allowed.

In addition to regular usage by the child, this app can also actively monitor and scan text messages and social media interactions, detecting harmful content and activities such as cyberbullying, violence, sexual content, sexual predators, suicidal ideation, self-harm, and more.

If any of these events occur, the app will immediately send a real-time notification to the parent’s device. If the most expensive Bark Phone subscription tier is used, the app will even try to prevent the deletion of text messages that prompted this alert so that parents can get full access to the questionable content that triggered the notification.

User Interface

Bark's user interface focuses on a comprehensive dashboard where you can view all the monitored activities and settings. However, many online users report that the comprehensive features that this parental control app offers are not easy to access, and parents need to spend a bit of time learning its basic layout and the exact location of tools that are hidden in various tabs and configuration screens of this app.


What is Bark?
Bark is an online parental control and monitoring app that helps parents keep their children safe online. It features a wide array of device monitoring features, including screen time, app access, location monitoring, and even content monitoring services (text, video, photos)  that can report to parents if offensive, dangerous, or mature content is detected.

Is it safe?
Yes, this app is 100% safe for use. It is protected from viruses and other malware, and it uses advanced encryption to ensure all data is kept secure and private.

What does Bark do?
Bark is a dedicated parental controls company that empowers parents to safeguard their children both online and offline, ensuring their security and well-being.

Is the installation process for the Bark app complicated?
Not at all! Installing the Bark app is a breeze. You, as a parent, or your child can easily connect their accounts and devices to Bark, and the entire setup process typically takes just a few minutes.

How secure is my child's data?
Rest assured that your child's data is treated with the utmost security at Bark. The website uses SSL encryption to protect your information, and all analyzed data is securely stored within an encrypted database. Your children's data is in safe hands.


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Bark is a premium service that does not offer a free tier of use. However, its service can be tested for 7 days via FREE TRIAL.

To better serve the needs of parents, Bark is segmented into three premium subscription offerings ranging from $5 to $49 per month that are focused on specific monitoring levels – “Bark Jr.” for monitoring of younger kids' devices, “Bark Home” for home devices, “Bark Premium” for remote monitoring, and most expensive “Bark Phone” for the most comprehensive level of oversight of mobile devices.

This premium tier even introduces options that are not available with any other tier, including App & Contacts approvals, Remote Alarms, and texts that can’t be deleted.

System Requirements

Bark is compatible with iOS, Android, Chromebooks, and Amazon devices, and can also be accessed from any modern PC via the Chrome web extension.

  • Comprehensive monitoring of various online activities.
  • Real-time alerts.
  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Compatible with multiple devices.
  • Requires a subscription.
  • Some users have reported false positives.
  • Limited customization options.

Bark Premium is a powerful parental control and monitoring app that offers a wide range of features to help parents keep their children safe online. While it does require a monthly subscription, the peace of mind it provides may be worth the cost for many parents.

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