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Last Epoch

Last Epoch

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Last Epoch is an action-packed role-playing game (A-RPG) developed by Eleventh Hour Games, designed to captivate players with its immersive gameplay and intricate mechanics set in a fantasy world full of epic dungeons and legendary weapons. This game transports users to the world of Eterra, where they embark on a thrilling journey through time, battling foes, uncovering mysteries, and shaping their destinies.

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With a focus on deep character customization, engaging combat, and a rich narrative, this Last Epoch for PC game is specially oriented to satisfy fans with extensive experience in this genre by offering them a unique blend of strategy, exploration, and adrenaline-fueled action. Whether you're a seasoned ARPG enthusiast or new to the genre, this game promises an adventure that will keep you hooked for hours on end.


Extensive Skill Customization
Tailor character's abilities with a vast array of skill trees and modifiers, to a specific build of your choice.

Time Travel Mechanics
Explore different eras of Eterra, altering the past to affect the present and future.

Engaging Storyline
Experience a rich narrative filled with lore, quests, and memorable characters.

Challenging Endgame Content
Test skills in high-level dungeons, boss encounters, and multiplayer modes.

Multiplayer Functionality
Join forces with friends or other players online to tackle difficult content together.

Installation and Setup

Installing Last Epoch on any modern Windows PC is straightforward. Simply purchase and download the game through the digital distribution platform Steam, after which this client will also make sure the game gets regularly updated with all newly available patches.

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Once fully installed, players are free to launch the game and adjust settings as needed for optimal performance.

How to Use

New players are first tasked to create a character by selecting a class and customizing their skills. Then they can start hacking and slashing, progressing through the story campaign by completing quests, exploring diverse environments, and engaging in combat with various enemies. The game promotes the use of time travel mechanics strategically to unlock new paths and discover hidden secrets within the game world.

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In addition to the traditional mode of play, the game also offers optional challenges for users who want to raise their chance of discovering special gear – “Hardcore” mode where the player’s characters have only one life, “Masochist” where the difficulty is almost unbearable even at the very start of the game, and “Solo Self-Found” where players can only use gear that they have personally found.

Fans of the Action RPG genre can immerse themselves into numerous character and gear upgrade systems, join various in-game guilds, engage in end-game content, and develop their characters into unique Mastery-level classes.

All in all, the game supports 15 mastery classes, 120+ skill trees, and endless replayability options.

User Interface

Last Epoch features an intuitive user interface that displays essential information such as health, mana, skills, and inventory in an organized manner. The interface is customizable to suit individual preferences, allowing players to focus on gameplay without distractions. Navigation menus are user-friendly, making it easy to access character stats, maps, quests, and other game features seamlessly.

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In addition to highly customizable keyboard and mouse controls, the game also fully supports modern gamepads, making it attractive to players who want to experience this action title sitting away from their primary gaming screen.


What is Last Epoch?
It is a popular action role-playing game that empowers players to fully immerse themselves into one of the best hack & slash games ever created.

Is it safe?
Yes, this is a fully-featured game that is regarded as stable and easily played online even in peak hours.


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This game is priced at $34.99 before any price drops offered by developers at Eleventh Hour Games. In addition to the base game, players can also elect to purchase the Deluxe version of the game (priced at $49.99), or the ultimate edition ($64.99) which includes all optional premium content that was released.

Additional DLC packs (Eternal Legend, Eternal Traveler, Eternal Templar, and Eternal Vanquisher) can also be purchased separately.

System Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7, 8.1, 10 or Windows 11 (64-bit only)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 2500 or AMD FX-4350
  • GPU: NVidia GTX 1060 6 GB / AMD RX 580 (RTX 3060 or RX 6600-XT are recommended)
  • RAM: 8 GB or memory (16 GB is recommended)
  • Storage: 22GB of free space (SSD is recommended)
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Deep character customization options.
  • Engaging time travel mechanics.
  • Eye-catching visuals and special effects.
  • A rich storyline with lore-rich world-building.
  • Challenging endgame content.
  • Multiplayer functionality for cooperative play.
  • The steep learning curve for newcomers to the genre.

Last Epoch is a compelling ARPG experience for all Windows PC users seeking an immersive blend of storytelling, strategic combat mechanics, and character progression depth. Featuring a unique time travel element, challenging endgame content, multiplayer features, and in-depth customization options, this game can offer hundreds of hours of entertainment to both solo adventurers and cooperative gaming enthusiasts alike. All of this makes it one of the most recommended new Action RPG titles released in 2024.

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