Share any Internet connection with any Wifi device!

Mars WiFi

Mars WiFi

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Mars WiFi is a lightweight networking application for Windows OS that can transform the Wi-Fi-equipped PC from a networking client into a fully operational router. With just one click, a normal PC can become an access point for all modern home devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, enabling them to all jump into a single home network and access networking services such as file sharing, internet connection sharing, accessing printers and more.

This app is especially useful for internet sharing because it allows PCs with a wired network connection to become a wireless beacon to all nearby devices.

Mars WiFi is fast and lightweight, but thankfully it does not ignore security. After it switches PC Wi-Fi from the client into a router mode, it activates all the necessary security features that will prevent unauthorized access to your network. This includes modern encryption and password protection.

Provide Free WiFi Access
Using Mars WiFi, Share any internet connection with any Wifi device.

WiFi Security
Provide a secure network environment, prevent other devices from rub the network.

Personalized Settings
Support Changes device name, speed limit, blacklist.

Special Network Sharing
Support special network sharing WiFi, get Free WiFi at any time.

UI of the app is very simple and is optimized to provide even novice users with all tools needed to manage their network environment. To start a wireless router service, users simply need to fire up Mars WIFi and enter data into two fields – WiFi Name and Password. With that, the wireless router will start broadcasting, enabling other clients to join in. To manage connected clients, users can click on the only other tool available in the app – the “Connected” icon in the very bottom right corner of the UI.

There, all connected devices are listed with their accompanying name, device icon, and current upload/download speeds. Right-click on any of them activates a dropdown menu that features few tools such as connection renaming, limiting speed, adding to blacklist, or terminating the connection.

All in all, the app is very simple to use and can provide a lot of benefits not only to novices who just want to expand the reach of their home network but also to more demanding users who want to take a bit of control over the devices that are accessing their PC.

Mars WiFi is a standalone app that was developed by Zhangkong Internet Technology Co., Ltd. and is not available on the official Windows Store. The app is distributed as a standalone installer that can be easily deployed on any modern PC running Windows 7 or newer OS.

What's new in this version:

- Improve the success rate of WiFi sharing
- Repair open failure bug
- Interface language optimization