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Merge Dragons! on PC

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    Zynga / Merge Dragons! on PC

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Merge Dragons! for PC is a free match object puzzler that dazzles with stylish and attractive visuals, enabling players of all ages to lose themselves in engaging puzzles across a large campaign and a wide variety of optional challenges.

Developed from the ground up to run exclusively on mobile platforms by the team at Gram Games (who were eventually purchased by the gaming behemoth Zynga), this game can today be experienced in its entirety on the Windows PC platform with the help of Android emulation apps. And due to its focus on detailed 2D visuals, this game can easily be reproduced in stunning high resolution even on PCs with weaker hardware, including legacy laptops.

Main features

Merge Dragons! is set in the fantasy land of Dragonia, where all forms of life where enhanced with bright magics and the presence of powerful dragons. However, the arrival of evil Zomblins has put the vale of Dragonia into disarray, forcing the player to gather again the magic of dragons by matching objects presented on the screen. The core gameplay loop follows the tried-and-true formula of many other 3-match puzzlers on the market, but here the entire experience is drastically enhanced with spectacular 2D visuals, bright animations, streamlined UI, and atmospheric music.

The game features over 1600 objects that can be matched in a campaign that is over 80 stages long and with more than 900 individual quests! The gameplay is enhanced with special items that can boost players' health levels, and highly sought-after special dragons (37 types of them) that can be evolved through 8 growth stages.

Due to the large amount of content present in the game, players can easily spend months and years perfecting their gameplay loop and building a stable of captured dragons that can be evolved into beings of tremendous power. The game even has a large array of hidden content that only the most patient and inquisitive players will be able to discover.

In addition to single-player content, players of Merge Dragons! can invite friends and socialize with them on distinctive online camping sites. Instead of forming guilds, all players of Merge Dragons! can become part of Den groups, which can become perfect meeting places for discussing endgame strategies.


Merge Dragons! on PC is a top-of-the-line puzzler that can provide an endless amount of entertainment to PC players of all ages. Modern Android emulation apps such as Bluestacks and LDPlayer can easily reproduce them on all modern PCs, even those without dedicated gaming hardware such as fast GPUs and CPUs.


  • Engaging puzzle gameplay
  • Cute and colorful graphics
  • Wide variety of dragons and items
  • Regular events and updates
  • Social integration


  • Time-consuming tasks
  • Limited dragon interaction
  • Pay-to-win elements
  • Redundant levels
  • High difficulty spikes

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