The original and iconic puzzle game comes to life with MULTIPLE Play Modes!

Microsoft Minesweeper

Microsoft Minesweeper

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    Microsoft Minesweeper 4.5.4011 LATEST

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    Jack Taylor

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    Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    Xbox Game Studios / External Link

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    Microsoft Minesweeper Installer.exe

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Microsoft Minesweeper is a famous puzzle video game originally created by Curt Johnson IBM's OS/2, that found worldwide popularity when it was ported to Windows OS where it was offered as a pre-installed app for several versions of this operating system. However, with Windows 8 this popular puzzle app was developed from the ground up as a standalone application that can be downloaded from Microsoft Store.

This new and improved version features not only updated visuals and compatibility with touchscreen Windows devices (such as laptops and tablets) but also offers a selection of distinctive gameplay modes.

The classic gameplay mode of Minesweeper is unchanged, allowing players to carefully probe the ground for markers that signify how many hidden mines are hidden in the surrounding blocks.

The player can then mark which blocks are hiding the mine, until all blocks are marked or until one misjudged click activates the mine. All sessions are randomly generated, allowing players to always be on their guard, and develop smart tactics for locating mine. As finding mines becomes routine, players can leverage advanced tactics for making mines, such as pressing both mouse buttons on “fully allocated” mine markers to open up all surrounding blocks.

  • Five (5) Daily Challenges Each Day
  • Multiple Levels of Difficulty
  • Adventure Mode
  • ALL-NEW Themes Including RETRO
  • Earn XP & Collect Achievements
  • The Original Minesweeper you LOVE!
  • Auto-Chording for Faster Play
  • Interactive Tutorial
In addition to the legendary Classic mode, the Windows Store version of the MS Minesweeper app also features an interesting Adventure mode, where players must traverse and discover mines in a fantasy dungeon environment. This mode also features loot, weapons, monsters, and hidden hazards, making each randomly generated dungeon a true challenge.

To keep players entertained for a long time, the Minesweeper game offers players of all proficiency levels the ability to find fun in Daily Challenge mode which will offer 5 fun activities each day. Collected XP across all modes can be used to level up progress, and unlock badges and titles. The game can also be optimized for players of all ages with a built-in difficulty slider.

  • Free to play on Microsoft Store
  • Updated visuals and compatibility with touchscreen devices
  • Classic gameplay mode is unchanged
  • Adventure mode with fantasy dungeon environment
  • Daily Challenge mode and XP system for leveling up progress
  • Only available on Windows OS
  • Limited gameplay variety
All in all, Microsoft Minesweeper is an excellent FREE puzzle game that can be fully enjoyed on any modern PC that has access to Microsoft Store. It is especially attractive to laptop users since it does not put any additional strain on the battery.