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NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24

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NBA 2K24 is a highly immersive and popular PC sports simulation video game that offers both basic and advanced functions to deliver an authentic basketball experience with stunning graphics, realistic gameplay mechanics, and a wide range of additional features.

Due to its excellent production values and a large breadth of content, NBA 2K24 for PC sets the bar high not only for basketball gaming enthusiasts but also welcomes novices who will first experience the digital recreation of basketball with this very title.

The 2023 version of this long-running gaming franchise is focused on the life and achievements of Kobe Bryant, with exclusive challenge mode that will recreate many of his captivating performances during his storied career from an eye-catching rookie to one of the greatest players in the history of the sport. The game features the most advanced version of in-game animations and ball physics yet, with stunning visuals that faithfully recreate not only all the modern NBA players but also their arenas and TV presentation.

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Similar to previous titles, players can immerse themselves into the basketball world with MyPLAYER mode where they can create their new in-game avatar and explore large environments of the coastal city filled with attractive basketball challenges. The full NBA season experience can of course be lived through in a revamped MyTEAM mode that introduces a new card-collecting mode, All-Stars mode, a large variety of multiplayer modes, and much more.

Key Features
  • Realistic Gameplay – Experience immersive and dynamic basketball gameplay on modern PCs like never before.
  • Stunning Visual Presentation – The most beautiful sports game franchise of all time returns with an even more spectacular presentation.
  • New MyCareer Mode – Live through an impactful basketball story with a brand new player that must rise from his high school to the top of the professional NBA world.
  • Expanded MyTeam Mod – Create an unbeatable team in an ambitious card collection mode filled with innovative challenges.
  • Updated Roster – Play with all the rookies and biggest stars on the NBA courts.
  • Streamlined Multiplayer – Take your skill online and challenge players from all around the world in various online multiplayer modes.
How to Play

To get this game up and running on modern gaming PCs, users simply have to purchase it and download it via the popular game distribution platform Steam. This app will manage not only the common aspects of downloading, installing, and managing automatic updates, but can also handle in-game communication with other players, managing friends lists, game streaming options, accessing community posts, and much more.

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Due to the intensive visual presentation and advanced rendering techniques used by this title, users are recommended to check for the latest graphics card drivers before starting this game.

It is important to note that the PC version of the game will not utilize the latest “next generation” visuals that are present in the home console versions of the game. This includes the latest “ProPLAY” animation system that enhanced player and ball movements to the most realistic levels in the entire game franchise.

User Interface

Similarly to previous games from this series, this 2023 release features a streamlined and intuitive user interface that allows players of all ages to easily navigate stylish menus and find game modes they are most interested in, customize settings, access online multiplayer, and much more.

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The on-court action is managed similarly to in previous titles, with players able to control the flow of the matches either with gamepads or keyboard. As expected all controls are fully customizable, enabling players to optimize the way they play with custom button mappings.


What is NBA 2K24?
It is a PC and console sports video game that simulates the experience of playing basketball in the world's most popular league. It offers extremely realistic visual presentation, various game modes, realistic gameplay, and updated rosters.

Is it safe?
100%. This game features a safe gameplay environment for both solo and online play, with competitive serves that scan for the presence of mods and unauthorized customizations. Since the game is distributed via Steam, it is free from any malicious software.


NBA 2K23 - Take the game to the next level and become a legend!

Basketball Classics - A retro-style basketball game title that places a large focus on capturing the essence of the classic basketball gaming experience with a top-down view 2D presentation.


This is a fully featured AAA commercial game that has entered sales on PC with a starting price of $60. Free demo is not offered.
There are also three pricier versions (“Kobe Bryant Edition”, “Black Mamba Edition”, and “25th Anniversary Edition”), all offering a wide array of digital add-ons, digital currency points, and more.

The game also features a premium NBA League Pass subscription that unlocks additional challenges and digital content.

System Requirements

Minimum recommended PC configuration – Quadcore CPU, 4GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 450, 110 GB of available storage space, 64-bit Windows 10/11 OS.

Recommended PC configuration – 3GHz+ modern quadcore CPU (Intel 4xxx generation), 8 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 2GB, 110 GB of available storage space, 64-bit Windows 10/11 OS.

  • Realistic visuals.
  • New gameplay mechanics.
  • Updated rosters.
  • Online multiplayer.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • No free demo.
  • Extensive in-game monetization.

NBA 2K24 is an extremely well realized basketball game that can deliver countless hours of entertainment with its immersive and realistic gaming experience that is powered by stunning graphics, extensive game modes, and updated rosters.

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