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Night of the Consumers is an engaging PC indie video game published in 2020 on the PC distribution platform that puts players in the shoes of a retail worker during the busiest shopping season.

While the many games of his genre are set in a full horror environment, this game focuses on the mundane and eventful challenges that happen during nightshift in a large store where demanding customers are causing just enough chaos to always keep the player on their feet. Eventually, the game shows its full horror potential, offering users many unexpected moments.

And to make the atmosphere of the game as engaging and appealing as possible, the sole developer of this unique title has managed to infuse it with just the right amount of eerie sounds and gameplay events, to transform this simple-looking 3D game world into an engaging puzzle game that can be replayed as much time as players want.


After two years on the market, the developer of this game “germfood” has released a dramatic update that modernizes many aspects of this cult indie PC game, including updated 3D visuals, better textures, better UI, fonts, animations, game balance, and more.

Key Features
  • Unique and challenging gameplay.
  • A variety of customer types with different needs and behaviors.
  • Wide variety of time and strategy elements.
  • Time pressure caused by the needy Store manager that will often come to yell at you.
  • Immersive retail store environment set inside a simplified 3D world.
  • High replay value with randomized customer interactions.
How to Play

Night of the Consumers for Windows PC is a 3D video game with a first-person perspective that can be controlled either with a keyboard and a mouse combo or with any supported game controller. The players are tasked to restock shelves, fulfill the needs of shoppers, and avoid the wrath of the cranky store manager that will come to yell at the player if he is not perfect.


The game tasks the player to survive just one night in the store, enabling him to walk across all areas of the large store, fix shelves, and move boxes.

As the night goes on, more and more creepy atmosphere rises around the player, forcing him to be more inventive and careful as each minute ticks by.

User Interface

This simple-to-play videogame has a bare minimal user interface, leaving the majority of the game world free from any UI interference.


The players only need to keep track of the current time (which is showcased on the lower-right corner of the screen) and interact with objects, store employees, and customers. Players can quickly access their inventory, view customer requests, and monitor the store's overall status.


What is Night of the Consumers for PC?
An immersive indie first-person horror title with many comedy elements that have made it one of the most popular titles on the PC storefront.

Is this game safe?
This game is 100% safe for use, with a secure game package that is free from viruses, trojans, and any other types of software threats. Users are highly recommended to only download this game from official sources, and thus prevent any access to modified game installer files.

Does this game support mods?
While this game is made with a popular game engine Unity that boasts great modding support from its large user base, this particular title has no integrated support for mods.

Is this game fully finished or is it still in active development?
Night of the Consumers will be released in several episodes. The first released episode covers the events of “Night 1” inside the store.

How to install this game?
This game is distributed as a compressed ZIP archive. To get it up and running on their desktop and laptop PC, users simply have to download the ZIP file, unpack it to any local directory, and start the game via its main EXE file.


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Night of the Consumers is a premium game with a short single-player campaign and good replay value. It is priced very reasonably at less than $3. The game features no free demo or timed free access.

In order to download and install this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.93 USD. You will get access to the following files:
  • (Latest Version) - 44 MB
  • (Old Version) - 30 MB
Minimum PC System Requirements

This game requires a bare minimum of rendering resources and it will run great even on desktop and laptop configurations that meet the minimum requirements needed for Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating systems. A standalone 3D rendering GPU is recommended.

  • Simple and engaging gameplay
  • Challenging time management and strategy elements
  • Good replay value with two endings
  • Wide variety of customer types
  • Simple visuals
  • Too stressful for horror novices
  • No in-game tutorials

Night of the Consumers is a captivating and challenging PC video game that offers a unique horror take on the retail world. With its engaging gameplay, immersive environment, many horror scares, and some replay value, it's a recommended play for not only fans of horror entertainment but also time management and strategy games.

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