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NordLocker is a data encryption and backup application that allows Windows users to easily safeguard their valuable files both locally and on the cloud. Built from the ground up to be both streamlined and completely reliable, It enables anyone from beginners to seasoned PC users to organize their files into storage that will be inaccessible to anyone else.

Protected end-to-end with strong unbreakable encryption, this local and cloud storage service enables users to always keep their data within reach, without any compromise on security.

The core service of NordLocker is a secure cloud, a framework that provides all of its user's access to a fully encrypted online storage space that cannot be accessed without proper authorization. By adopting this approach, developers of NordLocker have enabled users to easily manage their sensitive personal files, work projects, and any data they like without compromise, both at home, at work, and on the go. The app allows users to neatly organize data into folders, keep it synced across devices, and access it not only via standalone apps for Windows and mobile devices but also via secured webapp.
  • Access your files wherever you go
  • Access control
  • Local and cloud lockers
  • Protection on shared computers
  • Automatic backup
Local secure backup is offered without limitations. Users can store and organize as many files as they want, without limits to the number of files or their size. Cloud storage on the other hand requires a premium subscription that will manage all the file syncing, cloud backup, and other live services. Users who struggle with available cloud storage space can easily offload rarely used files from their secure cloud storage back to their local backup.

Security features are comprehensive, and they even include Zero-knowledge architecture where the developers of NordLocker don’t know users’ passwords and will never gain access to users' encrypted files. The service fully supports multi-factor authentication and is even fully resistant to ransomware attacks that can remove data from the user’s local PC storage. In 2020, the app organized a hacker bounty with a large award for anyone managing to compromise an encrypted "locker" of a test user, and after a year, not a single hacker managed to win the large monetary prize.

NordLocker can be downloaded on PC as a standalone Windows app, but mobile iOS and Android applications are also offered.

The free/demo version of NordLocker offers everyone access to 3GB of cloud storage space. The Premium subscription tier starts with a 500GB offer, which can be enhanced to 2TB of storage space for less than 8€ per month.

Also Available: Download NordLocker for Mac

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