Classic 2021 versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Office Home & Student 2021

Office Home & Student 2021

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Office Home & Student 2021 is a streamlined productivity suite that provides users with access to the most essential applications for document and spreadsheet editing inside a single one-time purchase package for use on one PC or Mac. It includes the award-winning and highly popular Classic 2021 versions of productivity apps Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, with unrestricted uncommercial use both on online and offline PCs.

While there are some differences between the app and service offerings between Microsoft Office Home & Student 2021 and Microsoft 365, the core offering found in this premium package can provide an incredible amount of value and enable anyone at home or school to increase their productivity with fully-featured, stable, and simple to use apps for document, spreadsheet, and presentation editing.
  • One-time purchase for 1 PC or Mac
  • Classic 2021 versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Microsoft support included for the first 60 days at no extra cost
  • Compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, or macOS
  • For non-commercial use
  • Works with Microsoft Teams
To get Office Home & Student 2021 deployed on any home or school desktop, laptop, or tablet PC, users simply have to download the installer, follow a few simple on-screen instructions, and ensure that the PC has access to internet connectivity. This online check is only necessary for the successful verification and finish of the installation procedure, after which all the available apps can be used without restrictions both online and offline.

The installation procedure can be started at any time by simply visiting the Microsoft Account page and viewing the “Services & subscriptions” section that lists all the currently available products for use (both lifetime app licenses and those accessible through active subscriptions).

The core package only includes only local versions of the following apps:

Word – An award-winning document editor, filled to the brim with an incredible variety of modern tools and services for managing documents of all types. The app is optimized for local use and does not feature streamlined support for the web version of Word, which unlocks many advanced collaboration features.

Excel – Advanced spreadsheet editor with a wide variety of tools for fast and reliable support for datapoint editing and calculation, visualization of data, macro addons, and much more.

PowerPoint – A highly competent presentation editing app that can create slides, static and dynamic presentations, and video broadcasts.

There are no other popular Microsoft apps or services included (such as email manager Outlook, cloud-powered file backup, and hosting service OneDrive, or many others), as they are now offered exclusively to the subscribers of Microsoft 365. However, these three core apps can be used together with Microsoft Teams, a free chat and collaboration platform.

Classic apps for home and school

Users who want to expand their access to those and many other apps and services can do so via several available Microsoft 365 subscriptions, which include tiers for single users, students, and business teams. It is important to note that MS Office Home and Student 2021 offers an app activation license only for a single PC or Mac, while any Microsoft 365 tier unlocks access for use on 5 supported devices simultaneously (PC, Mac, iOS, Android) for each account holder.

Hardware requirements for Office Home & Student 2021 are very low, and they match the system specs required to run modern Windows OS. Since the apps are distributed only through Microsoft Store, they can only be accessible on PCs that are running Windows 10 and Windows 11. The older legacy versions of Windows OS are not supported.