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PingPlotter Free tests your network for high latency and packet loss, then graphs the results so you can show qualified professionals exactly when and where problems are impacting your stream, game, or service.

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PingPlotter is a network diagnostic tool designed to help users visualize network performance issues. Developed by Pingman Tools, this software provides an intuitive graphical representation of network latency and packet loss over time. It is particularly useful for troubleshooting connectivity problems, identifying bottlenecks, and monitoring the health of your network connections.

It helps you gather evidence of network problems so you can show qualified technicians and service providers exactly how to troubleshoot. It combines important diagnostic data with easy-to-understand graphs to show exactly where issues occur.

PingPlotter Desktop Free captures all types of data and makes sharing the results quick and easy. Timelines graph latency and packet loss history in 10-minute intervals. See exactly when connection problems happen. In Ping Plotter Standard, timelines cover unlimited time and can be opened for any hop.

It makes getting results quick and easy. The program exports all types of logs, screenshots, and graphs you can send directly to your service provider or other qualified technicians. PingPlotter Desktop can also create unique webpages you can post on forums or support sites for faster turnaround.

  • See the route packets follow
  • Measure latency and packet loss
  • Ten-minute history graph
  • Watch performance as it happens
  • Save and reload data
  • Insert Comments
  • ICMP packet support
  • High performance, low overhead engine
  • Uses multiple threads for increased performance
  • Save as image command
  • Send email command
  • Trace IPv6 addresses
Main Features
  • Real-time Graphs: It offers real-time data visualization, allowing users to see network performance metrics such as latency and packet loss as they occur.
  • Historical Data: Users can track network performance over extended periods, providing insights into patterns and recurring issues.
  • Multiple Targets: The software can monitor multiple network paths simultaneously, making it easier to compare performance across different connections.
  • Hop-by-Hop Analysis: It breaks down the network path into individual hops, showing where delays and losses occur.
  • Customizable Alerts: Users can set up alerts based on specific conditions, such as high latency or packet loss, to receive notifications when performance thresholds are exceeded.
User Interface

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Target Bar: This is where users input the IP address or domain name of the network target they want to monitor.

Graph Area: This section displays real-time and historical graphs of latency and packet loss.

Hop Table: Below the graph area, the hop table shows detailed information about each hop along the network path, including IP addresses, round-trip times, and packet loss percentages.

Control Panel: This panel allows users to start, stop, and configure tests, as well as manage alerts and preferences.

Installation and Setup
  • Download: Visit the official website or FileHorse and download the free version of the software.
  • Run Installer: Open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.
  • Launch: Once installed, launch the tool from the Start menu or desktop shortcut.
  • Initial Setup: The first time you run the software, you may be prompted to configure basic settings, such as default target addresses and alert preferences.
How to Use
  • Enter a Target: In the Target Bar, enter the IP address or domain name of the network device or website you want to monitor.
  • Start Monitoring: Click the green 'Start' button to begin the trace. It will start collecting data and display it in the graph area.
  • Analyze Data: Use the graphs and hop table to analyze network performance. Look for high latency, packet loss, or other anomalies.
  • Set Alerts: Configure alerts to notify you of any performance issues. Go to the 'Alerts' section and define the conditions that should trigger an alert.
  • Save and Export Data: Save your session data for later analysis or export it to share with others.
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What is PingPlotter Free used for?
The program is used for network diagnostics and troubleshooting. It helps visualize network performance issues such as latency and packet loss, making it easier to identify and resolve connectivity problems.

Can I monitor multiple network paths simultaneously?
Yes, it allows you to monitor multiple network targets at the same time, providing a comparative view of different network paths.

How do I set up alerts in PingPlotter Free?
To set up alerts, go to the 'Alerts' section in the control panel, create a new alert, and define the conditions (e.g., high latency, packet loss) that should trigger a notification.

Is there a way to save and export the data collected by PingPlotter Free?
Yes, you can save your session data for later analysis or export it as a report to share with others. This feature is useful for documenting network performance and sharing findings with technical support.

Are there any limitations to the free version of PingPlotter?
While the software offers many powerful features, it does have some limitations compared to the Pro version. These include fewer configuration options, limited historical data retention, and fewer simultaneous targets.


Paessler PRTG Network Monitor: A versatile network monitoring tool that covers bandwidth usage, network performance, and server health.

Wireshark: A comprehensive network protocol analyzer that provides detailed packet inspection and network troubleshooting capabilities.

Wireshark Portable: Wireshark is a free and open source packet analyzer for PC!


The program is available at no cost, making it an accessible option for individuals and small businesses. For more advanced features and capabilities, users can upgrade to PingPlotter Standard or PingPlotter Professional.

The paid versions offer additional benefits such as extended historical data retention, advanced alerting, and more detailed configuration options.

PingPlotter Professional is $29/m or $349 perpetual license.
  • Monitor latency, packet loss, and jitter for 200+ routes in real-time.
  • Discover all devices connected to your network.
  • Analyze granular data to identify patterns and prove the source or problems.
System Requirements
  • Operating System: Windows 11, 10, 8 or 7
  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM minimum (4 GB recommended)
  • Hard Drive: 100 MB of free space
  • Network: Active internet connection for network monitoring
  • Easy-to-use interface with real-time data visualization
  • Effective for identifying network performance issues
  • Allows monitoring of multiple network paths
  • Customizable alerts for proactive monitoring
  • Free to use with no upfront cost
  • Limited advanced features compared to paid versions
  • Historical data retention is restricted
  • Fewer configuration options for in-depth analysis

PingPlotter Free is a powerful and user-friendly tool for network diagnostics and troubleshooting. Its real-time data visualization and hop-by-hop analysis make it easy to identify and address network performance issues. While the free version has some limitations, it offers a robust set of features that are more than sufficient for most users.

Whether you're a network administrator, IT professional, or simply someone looking to improve your internet connectivity, this tool is a valuable addition to your toolkit. For those needing more advanced capabilities, the paid versions provide additional functionality and customization options, ensuring that there's a solution to fit every need.

Note: Limited functionality in the demo version.

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What's new in this version:

PingPlotter Free 5.24.3
- Change log not available for this version

PingPlotter Free 5.24.2
- Change log not available for this version

PingPlotter Free 5.23.3
- Fix an issue with broken links in the splash screen

PingPlotter Free 5.23.2
- Change log not available for this version

PingPlotter Free 5.23.1
- Rewrite license & agent configuration Windows Installer option for embedded builds & various improvements to agent auto-update functionality

PingPlotter Free 5.23.0
- Faster startup time when a workspace has targets with a lot of comments
- Better Trace Grid statistics when viewing traces with lots of route changes (some data was being hidden from the statistics view due to a bug)
- Major performance & usability improvements to the Web Interface Grid control
- Several minor UI/UX adjustments

- Fix an issue with the web interface Trace Grid Statistics not always loading correctly
- Various PingPlotter Cloud Agent fixes (performance, missing data when syncing with the Cloud)
- Fix various null reference errors thrown in the application - specifically with the web interface running
- Export PP2 alert action "test" button now works correctly (previously would crash the application)

PingPlotter Free 5.22.3
- Change log not available for this version

PingPlotter Free 5.21.1
- Implemented loading spinners on Timeline Graphs (web)
- Implemented Discovery Targets for Free/Standard/Pro: {{GatewayIP}}, {{SourceIP}}, {{LocalNetworkTarget}}

CloudConnect End-of-Life Changes:
- CloudConnect is now PingPlotter Cloud
- CloudConnect removed in Settings screens
- CloudConnect Controller configuration disabled (existing configurations will work until service ends November 25, 2021)

- Fixed a Trace Grid data display issue with short focus periods
- Fixed an issue with some data requests failing in Web Interface
- (Windows) Fixed an intermittent issue with Windows Application not connecting correctly to running Windows Service
- (Windows) Fixed issue with ICMP.dll interop causing ICMP packet generation to halt over time
- (Windows) Fixed some UI Frozen errors
- Fixed other miscellaneous error messages (non-blocking errors)

PingPlotter Free 5.19.5
- Improved UDP packet generator reliability after a network change
- Improved PingPlotter’s ability to connect during startup when installed as a service

- Fixed “UNIQUE constraint failed: Comments.ID” error, which affected some users with persistent comments
- Fixed a critical issue that would prevent PingPlotter from shutting down and periodically cause Agents to stop collecting data
- (Windows) Fixed an issue in which the Windows Service was unable to shut down in certain scenarios (especially on Cloud Agents)
- (Windows) When updating or modifying a version 5.19.x install, PingPlotter will no longer incorrectly prompt for a reboot
- (Windows) Closing a PingPlotter Cloud Agent that also has an expired Professional trial associated with the install will no longer pester you for confirmation
- (Web UI) The Web UI will no longer display “ArgumentNullException obj can not be null” during CloudConnect Controller sessions sync

PingPlotter Free 5.19.4
- Fixed a Common Language Runtime error impacting some users

PingPlotter Free 5.19.3
- Fixed a critical issue that would prevent PingPlotter from shutting down and periodically cause Agents to stop collecting data

PingPlotter Free 5.19.2
- Fixed “UNIQUE constraint failed: Comments.ID” error, which affected some users with persistent comments
- (Windows) Fixed an issue in which the Windows Service was unable to shut down in certain scenarios (especially on Cloud Agents)
- (Web UI) The Web UI will no longer display “ArgumentNullException obj can not be null” during CloudConnect Controller sessions sync

PingPlotter Free 5.19.1
- Updated packet generator - PingPlotter’s packet generator has been updated to improve its accuracy for sub-millisecond latencies over long periods of extended testing
- Comments in the web UI - Just like in the platform, you can add comments to specific points in Timeline Graphs. You can also set alerts to automatically add comments under specific conditions.
- Agent-based summaries in the web UI - PingPlotter Cloud Agents are now given unique target summaries, making it easier to manage traces on remote devices. In addition, you can now create LiveShare links for Agent summaries, allowing viewers to see the complete status of their network connection.

- Changed the Save Image alert to use a 24-hour time in file name instead of a 12-hour time Improved CloudConnect Agent install process to be less confusing when deploying to remote devices
- Special characters are now supported when naming an Agent through the web UI

(Web UI):
- Made CloudConnect Agent management easier to navigate
- The target input history dropdown is now customizable and remembers previous entries
- Timeline Graph scrolling is much more smooth and logical
- Added an All LiveShare viewer page
- Added settings for latency color scale
- Updated control panel reactivity to work better on more screen sizes
- Improved the Trace Graph dropdown menu
- Improved resource usage and performance

- Fixed bugs in the Modify Summary and Route Adjustment alerts that prevented editing and creation in some instances
- (Web UI) Fixed scrollbars showing up unnecessarily on the login page
- (Web UI) Fixed Timeline Graph sorting so you can, you know, sort Timeline Graphs

PingPlotter Free 5.18.3
- When setting up an alert for a specific target, PingPlotter will now automatically select the final hop as the default
- On summary screens, sorting preferences are now stored in the browser and won't reset automatically
- The Packet Loss % label on Timeline Graphs is now red, matching the packet loss color on the graph itself
- Updated the Timeline Graph icon indicator to something less confusing (as it was being mistaken for a WiFi indicator — definitely our B)
- The Agent details panel buttons no longer truncate text when unnecessary

- Fixed a bug that kept users from importing workspaces with history data
- Sidekick now has the correct license information displayed on your account page
- (Windows) Expired Sidekick builds now receive proper messaging about license expiration

PingPlotter Free 5.18.2
- You can now uninstall a CloudConnect Agent from a machine remotely through the CloudConnect tab in the web UI (Agent must be on version 5.10.4 or above)
- (Web UI) Improved scrolling through Timeline Graphs and graph data when using a trackpad or Apple Magic Mouse
- (Web UI) Improved alert setup to better communicate when an alert is ready to be finished versus when it needs more information
- (Web UI) Users with Summary permissions are no longer able to toggle Final Hop Only on a trace

- Fixed a bug that created a premature datastore for .PP2 files that had not been fully imported
- Fixed several bugs related to “index out of bounds” and “null reference” errors
- (Web UI) Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the Focus dropdown to stop updating
- (Web UI) Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Timeline Graphs of offline CloudConnect traces to appear blank
- (Web UI) The graph color legend on target windows now show the proper values for different settings configurations
- (Web UI) Zooming in or out on a Timeline Graph will now center on the cursor location as the 'zoom point'
- (Windows) Using the Browse button for choosing an SSL certificate now works properly

PingPlotter Free 5.18.1
- (web UI) Improved web exception ticket error reporting
- (web UI) Selecting Add to new summary from the context menu now redirects to the new summary
- (web UI) Summary screens now sort by target name by default
- (web UI) When stopping a target/trace, PingPlotter now unselects that target in the control panel & alert sidebar
- (web UI) Resizing timegraphs via the splitter now adjusts the graph sizes more quickly
- (web UI) Added “Pause” indicator on summary graphs to show targets that are paused
- (web UI) Updated “Agent Offline” icon and made it display in both the Agent column of summary screens and above timegraphs
- (web UI) Removed some superfluous scroll bars
- (web UI) Other minor tweaks and UI improvements

- Fixed CloudConnect Agent functionality on Windows 7
- (web UI) Fixed ability to add new targets to a summary if you have Target Management permissions, but not Summary Management permissions (now is allowed)
- (web UI) Fixed several control panel oddities when selecting targets in the summary (Agent, settings now follow correctly)
- (web UI) Sorting the Status column on summaries now sorts correctly (by average latency/color)
- (web UI) Latency graphs on the summary screen no longer flash when sorting by a volatile column
- (web UI) Double-clicking a timegraph will now shift focus to your double-click location instead of someplace else...
- (web UI) Fixed user search in user editor so it’s not case sensitive and searches any part of the name (not just the beginning)
- (web UI) Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the target list and Trace Graph to not appear when switching between targets/summaries

PingPlotter Free 5.18.0
- PingPlotter’s new web UI - We’ve redesigned PingPlotter’s built-in web UI, building on the massive revision we introduced in 5.15. This includes alert and setting management, CloudConnect integration, and an improved design that’s more functional and easier on the eyes

- Changed how Target and Summary permissions function to make more sense and behave more as expected
- Improved error submission from within the web UI
- Added user permissions for alerts, the session browser, and CloudConnect Agents in the web UI
- Improved proxy and reverse proxy support

- Sorting by "Status" in the web UI no longer redirects to the All Targets summary
- Downloading a PP2 from the web UI now downloads all historical data instead of 5 minutes
- Routes now update with the current Focus in the web UI
- Notes column edits now save in the web UI
- Target name edits now save in the web UI
- When installing Sidekick over a trial, web server authentication now automatically turns off

PingPlotter Free 5.17.1
- When starting a trace with an IP address, PingPlotter now automatically attempts to resolve a DNS name
- Improved some error messages in the Web Interface to give better information
- Improved the load speed of timegraphs on LiveShare pages
- (Windows) Added the ability to not use the lowest Windows default timer resolution for PingPlotter

- Fixed a number of "null reference" and "object reference" errors that occurred in a variety of situations
- Fixed sorting of Agent, Settings, and Notes column in the Web Interface
- Fixed a bug that would stop live-rendering of the Web Interface when changing root authentication preferences
- Fixed a bug in the installer where not running VBScript would cause a full install to fail
- Fixed a number of minor LiveShare bugs
- Fixed a situation where LiveShare would not live update
- Fixed a situation that would cause LiveShare page styling not to load correctly
- Fixed a "Sequence contains no elements" bug in Sidekick that would prevent it from starting traces correctly in some situations

PingPlotter Free 5.15.7
New Features:
- Quick Trace Links: Use and share links that automatically start a trace to a specific endpoint, helping you solve your own issues quickly while also making it easier to troubleshoot problems for those who might not be the most net-savvy

- Improved CloudConnect stability
- Improved .pp2 export performance
- (Windows) Windows Installer now adds firewall rules for PingPloter's web interface ports

- Fixed the cause of the "Index was outside the bounds of the array" error
- Fixed a bug that sometimes stopped PingPlotter's web interface from updating once the host machine had gone to sleep
- Fixed several timeout errors when starting CloudConnect traces
- Fixed several bugs that would cause PingPlotter's UI to freeze
- (Windows) PingPlotter now properly shows CloudConnect's sync dialog when running as a service

PingPlotter Free 5.15.1 Build 7195
New Features:
- New Web Interface - Control PingPlotter from your favorite browser. Access PingPlotter locally or remotely, allowing you to monitor networks, test connections, and view results from practically anywhere.

- Improved the Alerts setup experience.
- Updated the language surrounding MOS alerts to make setup more intuitive.
- Improved CloudConnect trace resilience and error reporting.

- Resolved an issue with Find Target (Ctrl+F) not working across summaries.
- Fixed multi-select functionality.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the import of .pp_sample files.
- Fixed a bug where the Test Action button on alerts always passed.
- Fixed a bug where the Launch an EXE alert would not always function.
- Fixed a bug that caused errors to appear when switching workspaces.
- Resolved an issue where CloudConnect traces would sometimes cause reference errors.
- Fixed various frozen UI issues.
- (Windows) The Alerts panel now functions as intended.