Free Car and Racing Simulator Game for Windows PC


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  -  406.95 MB  -  Open Source
  • Latest Version

    Racer 0.9 LATEST

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    Jack Taylor

  • Operating System

    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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  • Author / Product

    Ruud van Gaal / External Link

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Racer is a driving simulator title developed by a single developer who has managed to integrate a wide array of features, including accurate physics simulation, realistic car and track rendering, and the ability for the racing community to easily add mods that dramatically increase available in-game content.

Built over the period between 2010 and 2014, this ambitious project has managed to attract considerable attention from the sim racing community has praised its realistic physics rendering that was based on actual engineering documents, and the wide compatibility with legacy Windows OS releases.

Main features

In its basic form, the Racer gaming app includes only one track and one car (Lamborghini) that games of all ages can realistically drive with a wide array of supported input devices – keyboard, gamepad, and gaming wheel. In its current state, the game represents a starting platform on which gamers can add their own content that includes both cars (with custom physics for engine, suspension, wheels, and more) and tracks.

The game allows its community to take full control over the physics rendering pipeline, with streamlined access to ASCII-formatted INI files, independent suspension for all wheels, 6-degree of freedom movement for the chassis, a wide array of suspension customization, advanced wheel and tire processing (camber, toe, wheel hop…), and much more. Visual rendering is optimized for older models of graphic cards, ensuring perfect compatibility with any modern graphic cards that are compatible with OpenGL rendering API.


After more than a decade on the market, the talented Racer community has managed to build over 100 cars and dozens of tracks that are fully compatible with this streamlined driving sim. This includes a wide variety of street and motorsport cars from many racing disciplines. Detailed documentation on the official Dolphinity Racer website provides all the necessary resources for players to design and implement their own custom cars into the game with the help of apps such as ZModeler, 3D Studio Max, and Maya.

  • Accurate physics simulation and realistic car and track rendering
  • Ability to easily add mods for increased in-game content
  • Customization options for cars and tracks
  • Detailed documentation for designing and implementing custom cars
  • Limited base content with only one track and one car initially
  • Developed by a single developer, which may impact updates and support
  • Potential for bugs and stability issues due to ambitious project scope
  • Visual rendering optimized for older models of graphics cards, may not be optimal for modern hardware

Racer lacks the base content, but it does provide a realistic driving simulation experience on a wide array of Windows PC configurations. While it officially supports Windows XP and all the newer versions of this OS, it can even be forced to start working on even older legacy platforms such as 95/98/ME).

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