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My Summer Car

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    Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64 / Windows 11

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    Amistech Games / My Summer Car

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    My Summer Car 2023 full offline installer setup for PC 32bit/64bit

My Summer Car is a car simulation game developed by Amistech Games that provides PC gamers the ability not only to drive a car in a highly realistic way but also to learn how to manage, assemble and disassemble its every component.

In a way, this game is a car mechanic simulator, forcing players to learn how to take a completely disassembled car and challenge them to put it back together without any help. And as a cherry on top, the game also simulates the player itself, with in-game characters being forced to also keep track of the various other aspects of their life, such as hunger, thirst, hygiene, and sleep.

Originally released on the PC market in late 2016, My Summer Car has quickly grown into a fully featured car and life simulator that has attracted almost 50 thousand very positive reviews on the digital distribution platform Steam.

Main Features

My Summer Car is a challenging car assembly simulator that forces players to make tough choices when assembling their first car. The game features a surprisingly high level of detail in terms of car mechanics, with a realistic rendering of an incredible number of car parts and the tools that are necessary to connect them all together.

Once fully assembled, users can sit in the driving seat and enjoy driving of car that they have personally assembled. Realistic driving mechanics are in line with many other advanced car simulators, including realistic physic rendering that accurately monitors the state of tire wear, engine state, fuel consumption, and more.

But managing the state of the car is just one part of the challenge that My Summer Car offers to players. Players need to eat, drink and rest to ensure their character remains healthy and able to complete tasks. The game also includes a permadeath feature, where the player character can die from a variety of causes, such as exhaustion or driving under the influence. And players will need to drive a lot because in order to earn in-game credits, they will have to do various driving jobs that will force them to explore large in-game world map filled with treacherous roads and dangerous areas.

My Summer Car features full support for keyboard, gamepad, and wheel accessories, making the game highly attractive to players of all ages.


My Summer Car is an enjoyable and immersive simulation game that offers a unique experience for players who are interested in car mechanics and rural life. It features a wide array of detailed gameplay systems, realistic car mechanic jobs with hundreds of car parts, and life simulation systems which force players to really immerse themselves into the world of the game.

However, due to its complicated game systems and a large selection of car parts that must be assembled in the right way without any guidance, this game can also be overwhelming for new players who may find the lack of instruction and guidance as frustrating.

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