The next generation of survival game in the form of Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village

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Resident Evil Village

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Resident Evil Village also known as “Resident Evil 8” is the eighth video game in the famous survival-horror franchise developed by Capcom for home PCs and console platforms. Released in May of 2021, this horror masterpiece places a greater focus on action gameplay, enabling even users who are not well-versed in survival gameplay to experience the incredible combat set-pieces, atmospheric environments, and approachable story in style.

Building on top of the experience crafted in the previous 2017 title Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, this direct sequel continues the horrific adventure of Ethan Winters who is tasked to explore the remote Eastern European village region infested with numerous monsters. Offered in the same first-person perspective and wide array of gameplay systems for healing, crafting, and upgrading weapons and items, this incredible PC title today represents one of the best horror titles on the modern market.

The story of the game leads the main character Ethan Winters from the edges of the mysterious village that worships strange prophets and beasts, all the way to the forbidden mines, Castle, and lands beyond that hold incredible horror and crucial clues for discovering his kidnapped son. The Resident Evil 8 gameplay promotes deep exploration of environments, interactions with a few NPC characters, and tense combat encounters against supernatural enemies of many kinds. Combat promotes smart preservation of resources, often giving players a chance to run away or defeat stronger opponents by taking advantage of their environments.

One of the strongest points of this title is the variety of gameplay that player encounters upon arrival to new play zones. Also, the horror and atmospheric tension elements and are following a different curve in this title. Developers intentionally elected to not repeat the constant tension found in Resident Evil 7, and instead send players through peaks and valleys of excitement and horror, which gives this title much welcomed access to “safe zones” where players can prepare for the next round of horror experiences.

Optimized for both high-end PC configurations and dated PC hardware, Resident Evil Village can today be enjoyed not only on modern gaming desktop PCs and laptops but also legacy gaming hardware. The owners of the newly released graphic cards from Nvidia and AMD can also enhance the stunning visual presentation of the game with the raytracing effects and wide array of visual configuration options.


Stunning Graphics: It boasts impressive graphics and visual design. The game is set in a detailed and atmospheric village that adds to the overall immersion.

Engaging Story: The game continues the story of Ethan Winters, the protagonist from "Resident Evil 7," and introduces new characters and mysteries. The narrative keeps players engaged throughout.

Varied Gameplay: "RE Village" offers a mix of different gameplay styles, including exploration, combat, and puzzles. This variety keeps the game interesting and prevents it from becoming too one-dimensional.

Tense Atmosphere: The game successfully creates a tense and eerie atmosphere, keeping players on edge as they explore the village and encounter various threats.

Strong Villain: Lady Dimitrescu, one of the main antagonists, gained significant attention prior to the game's release due to her imposing stature. Her character adds an interesting dynamic to the story.

Upgrade System: The game features an upgrade system where you can enhance your weapons and abilities, allowing for a more customized gameplay experience.

Mercenaries Mode: This additional mode offers arcade-style action and replayability for those who enjoy testing their combat skills.


Short Length: Some players found "RE Village" to be relatively short compared to other games in the series, particularly if you rush through the main story.

Limited Exploration: While the village is visually impressive, some players felt that the exploration was somewhat limited compared to previous entries in the series.

Backtracking: Like many Resident Evil games, there is a fair amount of backtracking, which can be a hit or miss for some players.

Inventory Management: The inventory management system can be a bit cumbersome, especially when dealing with limited space and a variety of items.

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