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    RLCraft 1.12.2 (Release 2.9.3) LATEST

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    RLCraft 1.12.2 - Release

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RLCraft is a comprehensive mod pack for the popular sandbox video game Minecraft from development house Mojang. While the game has integrated support for modding almost every of its gameplay and rendering aspects, users had to manually install each one and slowly build their list of most preferred add-ons.

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RLCraft changes all that by offering Minecraft gamers from all around the world one archive that houses 120 separate mods that are carefully chosen and individually tweaked to transform this influential title into a newly challenging adventure. In fact, the full name of RLCraft’s is Real Life Minecraft or Realism Minecraft!

The installation of RLCraft is managed via Minecraft Forge, a comprehensive mod manager that can automate the process of adding and removing Minecraft mods.

This mod pack changes the default version of Minecraft into a harder and realistic game, where its open fields, cities, dungeons, castles, and dragons are harder to explore, with the player having to put much more emphasis on tactical gameplay, resource gathering, item management, and a brand new craft and skill system.

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If the user is accustomed to the basic Minecraft gameplay style, they will have to readjust and learn many new skills, gameplay tactics, and upgrade plans so that they can fully immerse themselves into this realistic world that even manages to successfully simulate environment temperature and object heat, which can impact gameplay in numerous ways. For example, regular NPCs will react to the current time of day and temperature, electing not to go out from their homes during the hottest part of the summer days.

To help players to tackle new challenges that are introduced by new biomes, opponents (many new types of mobs, many of which are infused with elemental powers), and many new gameplay systems, the curator pack has included several weapon, potion, tool, and enchantment mods.

Upgrade system requires more patience and learning, and players will even have to plan for gaining access to some tools and items when they upgrade their character to the appropriate XP level.

This modpackis 100% FREE and it requires only the presence of the basic version of the game. However, due to the intensive new visuals, new rendering features, and new simulation systems (such as temperature and time of day), this mod pack requires a bit stronger PC configuration. Modders recommend a PC with at least 3-4 GB of RAM in order to reduce stuttering when all of its data is requested by the game.

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  • Challenging Gameplay: RLCraft is notoriously difficult, providing a real challenge even for experienced Minecraft players. This can make achievements feel more rewarding.
  • Realism: The mod pack aims to make the game more realistic, with features like thirst, temperature mechanics, and realistic creature behaviors, adding depth to the survival experience.
  • Variety of Mods: It includes a wide range of mods that add new content, creatures, items, and mechanics to the game, providing a fresh experience for players who may have become bored with vanilla Minecraft.
  • Exploration Incentive: The harsh environment and variety of creatures encourage exploration as players search for resources and safer locations to settle.
  • Community Support: Due to its popularity, there's a large community of players and resources like guides, forums, and videos available to help players navigate the challenges of the modpack.
  • Steep Learning Curve: It can be overwhelming for newcomers to modded Minecraft due to its difficulty and the sheer number of mods involved. Players may need to invest time in learning new mechanics and strategies.
  • Frustrating Difficulty: Some players may find the extreme difficulty of RLCraft frustrating rather than enjoyable. Constantly facing tough challenges and frequent deaths can be off-putting for some.
  • Resource Intensive: Because of the many mods and additional features, it can be quite resource-intensive, requiring a powerful computer to run smoothly, especially with higher graphical settings.
  • Bug Issues: Like many mod packs, it may have bugs or compatibility issues between the various mods, which can sometimes lead to crashes, glitches, or other technical problems.
  • Not for Casual Players: The modpack is designed for players who enjoy a hardcore survival experience. Casual players who prefer a more relaxed, creative, or cooperative gameplay style may find it too punishing.

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