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Total Overdose

Total Overdose

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Total Overdose is a retro-themed open-world third-person shooter game with simplistic visuals that tries to recreate the beats of popular action movies in a streamlined gaming experience.

The game follows the exploits of the action hero Ram Cruz, a former criminal and now a DEA agent, who goes over the border of the USA to Mexico to find people responsible for killing his father. Filled to the brim with Hollywood-style set pieces, gunfire, and vengeance, this open-world title provides players with an incredible amount of fun.

Total Overdose game is set in the fictional region of Los Toros, and at all times enables players to choose where they will spend their time – either by following the main campaign missions or to set their sights at the map exploration and discovery of a wide array of side-content, challenges, and sandbox-style mishaps. Of course, the most action spectacle is placed on the main campaign path and the set of missions where Ram Cruz will have to go through armies of baddies and find his father's killers and their crime bosses.

In many ways, this game represents the very competent copy of earlier Grand Theft Auto games, which is a great thing for both novices who are just discovering this title, and seasoned GTA players who are searching for a new game that can hold their attention.
  • A rich storyline taking the player through 18 different environments, from the seedy red-light district of Los Toros to the depths of the Mexican desert.
  • A free-style combat and stunt system to take down your enemy with more outrageous moves than you can shake a hot chilli at.
  • Cutting edge soundtrack featuring Molotov, Delinquent Habits, Control Machete.
  • Uber-cool characters and missions with a strong whiff of tequila.
  • Over 20 weapons: the better you get, the bigger your arsenal!
  • Use the real-time rewind system to make perfect killa combos.
The gameplay of Total Overdose follows the basic action tropes, giving players a large number of weapons (which level up as they are used!), the ability to drive vehicles, and even a very useful option to activate the “bullet-time” effect where time slows down and players have a larger window to aim their gun at all the enemies around them.

While this bullet-time technique is of course borrowed from the action hit title Max Payne, the developers of the game have managed to evolve it with the presence of special moves that can be a difference between life and death in a dangerous shootout present throughout this frenetic action title.

Total Overdose is not a groundbreaking game, but it offers a solid amount of nostalgic fun for gamers that are willing to experience this retro title.  The visuals are very simplistic (the game was originally released not only on PC, but also on PS2 and original Xbox consoles), but the entire game package is optimized to provide gamers with a lot of fun.

Total Overdose can be played for free during its initial Trial period. The game is optimized for all modern versions of Windows OS.

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