Be the leader of red and blue wobblers from ancient lands!

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a single-player battle arena game that is available for purchase. It is a cross-platform game where players establish their own armies that challenge competing armies with weapons. The objective is to choose the best tools and armory for your army so you can defeat the opposing armies.

The Battle Simulator desktop game might have a serious premise, but its animations and humor keep it fun and entertaining. The troops are groups of ragdolls that fight each other in matches. When you win more matches, you can earn new weapons, currency and find more customization options for your team. You can use the currency to purchase weapons and additional team members.

The battle arena usually consists of a huge battlefield that is split with a line down the middle. The enemies enter the field from the left side and move toward the right side to invade. You must evaluate where the enemies move and then prepare your team members to battle them upon arrival. The Battle Simulator game takes some practice, but it gets fun once you learn how to play it.

Your evaluation of the opposing enemies should include assessing the warriors and their weapons, such as their swords, bows & arrows, and abilities to jump and run. Each offensive attack can be defended with an equal defensive method to overtake the attacker. You just have to choose the best fighters who have the skills and abilities to overtake your enemies.

When you begin the game, you have a choice between two different game modes: Campaign and Sandbox. These choices allow you to let your imagination run wild. If you select the Sandbox mode, the players control a red team and a blue team as they battle each other in matches. Sandbox is good for learning about the gameplay and how it all works.

The Campaign mode lets players experience specific scenarios, such as Adventure, Spooky, Pirate, Renaissance, Dynasty, and Challenge. The character depictions might seem silly, but the battle tactics and gameplay are more authentic. The battle physics represents humans from various periods, such as the Vikings, Medieval Kings, Farmers, and Cavemen. The historical landscapes from these different eras are authentic as well.

Overall, the game is meant to be humorous with realistic undertones. Don’t assume its title, “Totally Accurate Battle Simulator,” is intended to be taken literally because it’s not. The characters don’t even have any bones. However, the game’s realism is more aimed at the tactics and environments. The players control various avatars during a match, such as the tanks or clubmen. Each avatar has different speeds and strengths, so it gives variety to the teams on the field. The best part is how you can see the action from the characters’ perspectives.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator combines strategy, humor, and history into one fun game to play. The key to winning at the games is to figure out which weapons overtake other weapons. You can learn about these strategies by practicing in the Sandbox mode. As you get better at winning battles, you can start challenging real players in the multiplayer world.

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