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TrueNAS CORE 12.0-U4

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Sometimes latest versions of the software can cause issues when installed on older devices or devices running an older version of the operating system.

Software makers usually fix these issues but it can take them some time. What you can do in the meantime is to download and install an older version of TrueNAS CORE 12.0-U4.

For those interested in downloading the most recent release of TrueNAS CORE or reading our review, simply click here.

All old versions distributed on our website are completely virus-free and available for download at no cost.

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What's new in this version:

- A detailed security scan of 12.0-U4 is also available at the TrueNAS Security site
- 18 improvements and 81 bug fixes are included
- Python upgrade and several improvements to reduce memory leaks and probability of crashes of core middleware processes. This issue happens rarely, does not impact ongoing data services, and has proven to be difficult to reproduce
- OpenZFS improvements for both small and high performance systems. Performance during scrubs while under high CPU load should be more reliable
- Security updates for OpenVPN, Samba, and various other ports.Replication webUI improvements to simplify process and avoid mistakes
- Updated Minio (the S3 target) to the latest version which includes support for APIv3
- Minor webUI and reporting issues including the display of more jails per page
- New driver support for Realtek RTL8125/RTL8111 Ethernet devices (2.5GBase-T)

- Sort order of replication destination dataset list
- Screen space is not used effectively WebUI (Jails list)
- Realtek RTL8125/RTL 8111 support
- Enclosure UI should not require refresh to detect disk status changes
- Make AD join progress clearer to end-users
- make public api endpoint for retrieving unique system hash
- Install Husky and eslint
- Add dashboard and enclosure management support for TRUENAS-R20A
- Link Jira ticket in PR when it is created
- Link to Enclosure Management on Dashboard
- Add non-invasive linter rules
- remove grub2 port from MOVED file in ports root
- Make 12.0-stable branch behave similar to master
- Use absolute path for imports in VSCode
- Refactor DialogService
- Simplify translation system
- Improve type safety of ws calls
- Support URLs in setup_env.js

- Scrub causes system "catatonic", apparently due to extreme CPU starvation
- enabling lockd debugging raises CallTimeout when restarting nfsd
- Unable to generate debug file
- Transfers fail with krb5i
- repeated POLLHUP on zfsd
- Make WebUI builds reproducible
- Error while importing certificates
- disk.get_unused isn't returning a complete list
- Failed to connect to RRDCacheD
- Can't reconfigure S3 AkSk on the same dataset
- Slow (iSCSI) api
- smbd.core file found while moving files between 2 shares
- UI components should avoid redundant disk.query event subscriptions
- Scheduler preview not handling daylight savings time correctly
- Cloud Sync Task Dropbox never completes, stuck at 100%
- Interrupted full replications are silently failing to resume
- Stray question mark in "Restart SMB Service" button string
- Filtered SMB share list does no refresh after deleting a share
- HA journal EOFError pickle.load()
- Unable to delete a corrupt jail NAS-109776
- Some Text In UI (Storage > Pools > Edit ACL) don't show up in the .PO file
- SMB User/Group not showing up correctly in Windows clients after updating TrueNAS netbios name
- SNMP UCD-SNMP-MIB Counter64 wrap at 32bit values
- Middleware error on cloudsync
- Task manager shows vmware.periodic_snapshot_task_begin every 10 minutes
- Truenas 12.0 U2.1 Cant install Plugin / Jail -- DNS Error
- failover taking 6hrs to complete on 12.0-U2.1
- failover log spam
- Alert Message to submit ticket
- Wrong openapi schema on {id} endpoints
- TrueCommand Cloud cannot access added systems if they have the Listen Interface customized
- Add unique constraints
- ZFS checksum errors with PMC8003/pms(4)
- Replication failed (ZFS snap) after last upgrade
- Properly show error messages for invalid client cert
- Fix AD cache fill with alternate character sets
- Add tests for ZFS quotas through SMB proto
- Replication error inconsistent display
- zettarepl.datasets_have_encryption is always called with recursive=true
- Changes in debug generation process
- replications of zvol fails
- [EFAULT] LDAP cache already exists. Refusing to generate cache
- Fix spacing and border color on dark themes
- zfsd crash on device detach
- Replication of dataset fails after big deletion on the source
- netcli doesnt generate carp password on HA systems
- Do not show a successful status for cloud sync that was not executed …
- upgrade to python 3.9 in 12.0-U4
- s3:modules:ixnas - fix regression in base user quota
- Two dashboard widgets hanging after update to 12.0-U3
- SSH alerts even though SSH service is disabled
- clearing old core files crashes
- After upgrade to 12.0-U3, at boot no active network.
- All replication hangs until system reboot, again, after SSHException
- Not showing temps for hdd
- GET /api/v2.0/system/general/ui_restart fails with 405: Method Not Allowed
- Snapshot Lifetime help text contradicts default value
- Pools > Edit Zvol fields show incorrect data or not populated
- Missing "Force HDD standby" in SMART prevent drives to go to sleep
- net/samba - tevent_kqueue - reduce logging
- Disable sentry if middlewared code is an NFS mount
- nmbd core dump
- core dump at smb
- Fix retention shells
- mpr(4): corrupted DPM recovery
- TypeError "cannot convert 'int' object to bytes" when enabling SSSD Compatibility in AD Idmap
- xmrig plugin breaks mdns responder
- Update Minio to API v3 compatible release
- net/samba - update to Samba 4.12.15
- OpenVPN CVE-2020-15078
- Dashboard CSS bugs in Firefox 88
- Clicking on "Storage" from the side menu does nothing. Can't access Storage page
- Wrong Selection of drive
- SMART test results, spinning circle with no results
- Error when test run
- Wireguard Tunnel remains on passive node of HA system after failover.
- net/samba - handle EINTR properly in tevent_kqueue
- Fix a few python ports for new python extension format
- Update zettarepl port
- Fix (almost all) unit test failures
- fix memory allocation/leak in multipath.query()