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TrueNAS CORE 12.0-U7

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Sometimes latest versions of the software can cause issues when installed on older devices or devices running an older version of the operating system.

Software makers usually fix these issues but it can take them some time. What you can do in the meantime is to download and install an older version of TrueNAS CORE 12.0-U7.

For those interested in downloading the most recent release of TrueNAS CORE or reading our review, simply click here.

All old versions distributed on our website are completely virus-free and available for download at no cost.

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What's new in this version:

Security Patches:
- FreeBSD SA 21.27
- FreeBSD SA 21.28
- FreeBSD SA 21.29

- Upgrade asigra plugin to latest version provided by asigra
- Make cloud sync error dialog text monotype and support multiline error text
- DiskStats does not scale
- enc_daemon CPU usage on large system
- kern.conf.geomxml CPU time on large system
- add bsd/disk module and get_size_in_bytes function
- use py-bsd/disk module in middlewared on CORE
- add get_ident_with_* methods to bsd/disk module
- optimize device.get_disk(s)
- optimize list_partitions and gptid_from_part_type
- pool.get_disks is very slow
- CORE: Merge zfs-2.0.6
- Enclosure UI should provide more disk details like disk model

- Crash Reboot after import pool
- Improve zvol creation error handling
- Interface allows creation of child dataset on read-only dataset
- Only the first seven custom groups appear in ACL manager
- Recently changed boot drive, network stats no longer show
- Error: "Disk 10336936891386576613 is FAULTED" - What is 10336936891386576613?
- smart.test.disk_choices returns disks that do not support smart tests
- Python script failure during Cloud Sync Task with Microsoft Onedrive, error: "InvalidAuthenticationToken: Unable to initialize RPS"
- Cloud Sync Tasks should show "Disabled" instead of a "Next Run" time if task is disabled
- __common_validation() in PoolDatasetService is broken on CORE
- SMBD Core Dump
- hook_setup_ha endless loop
- System / Support page broken in 12.0-U6
- Unlocking dataset password prompt tricking Chrome to update saved UI password, again
- AD/SMB fails after U5.1 -> U6
- webUI dashboard is calling pool.get_disks
- "Looking for help" popup screen on each login after update from 12.0-U5.1 -> U6
- NFS Service Starts Automatically on reboot when not selected to do so
- CPU temp reporting broken in Reporting UI and API
- "The reporting database is broken" message appears for irrelevant errors
- Can'load ZFS pool at boot, caught in boot loop
- idmap_rfc2307 form submits invalid payload
- Bugclerk won't close a ticket if no time is tracked
- Fix ordering of crossrename and recycle.
- Fix ixnvdimm firmware update with komodo NVDIMMs
- Fix env file on core
- Merge FreeBSD EN-21:27-29
- middlewared to core dump
- Work around flaky NIS domains
- Update rclone to workaround OneDrive issue
- widelinks = yes is broken in 12.0-U6.1
- Samba Panic after update to TrueNAS-12.0-U6.1
- Make sure SED disks are unlocked on HA systems
- WebUI allows pools with trailing space " " character but failover does not import it
- beadm parses BEs/nicknames incorrectly (confuses ".1" and "-1") and can break upgrades
- Fix beadm port build
- add R50B model to license alert
- Shift order nsswitch generation in LDAP plugin
- Manage LDAP service state during service start
- Core files found