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Unity ML-Agents

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Unity ML-Agents (also known as Unity Machine Learning Agents Toolkit) is a game development utility developed to enhance the functionality and capabilities of Unity Game Engine, the world’s premier cross-platform provider of game technology for PC, home console, virtual reality, and mobile devices, as well as an expansive toolset for general 3D visualization projects in architecture, film, engineering, construction, automotive and other designer fields.

  • AI/ML expertise not required
  • Easy setup with minimal coding
  • Plenty of starter environments
  • Cross-platform inference support
  • Extensible training of agents

With in-depth support for all possible art styles and game genres and streamlined editing tools for every aspect of video game productions, the Unity engine also supports newly developed services that are powered by AI and machine learning technologies. One of such packages is Unity ML-Agents, a streamlined game dev utility that can dramatically accelerate the creation of AI models for in-game characters.

Unity ML-Agents enables game developers to supercharge their ability to create animation and behavior patterns for their hero, neutral, and enemy characters in video games. Instead of manually creating animations for each individual character, they can simply create an AI training environment where their characters will be tested with the help of various AI models, which will help those models to move, act and behave in all the ways developers need them to perform.

The desktop app provides a comprehensive testing and benchmarking toolset, that includes the creation of extensive AI-generated environments. Once benchmarking and training have been completed, the created training model can be easily moved back to the Unity project and tested in real-world gaming sessions. And best yet, the entire training process can be done in the scalable cloud platform, freeing local development hardware to be utilized for many other project tasks.

The new and updated versions of the Unity Machine Learning Agents Toolkit also support dynamic and highly reactive game worlds and AI behaviors that are part of many modern gaming projects. This has led to the development of new ML-agent routines such as Asynchronous Environments, Soft Actor-Critic, and Generative Adversarial Imitation Learning.

Unity Machine Learning Agents Toolkit for Windows PC is developed in an open-source environment and can be deployed in any Unity project without complicated install procedures and with minimal need for coding knowledge. Final products created with this tool can be deployed on all supported gaming platforms.


  • Free and Open-Source
  • Supports Multiple Platforms
  • Enables Training of Machine Learning Agents
  • Easy Integration with Unity Game Engine
  • Offers Pre-Designed Learning Environments


  • Requires Programming Knowledge
  • Limited to Game Development Use Cases
  • Requires Considerable Computing Resources

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