Challenge perception, redefine reality, and reshape the world around you!



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Viewfinder is an innovative puzzle game with unique first-person perspective gameplay elements that revolutionize the way gamers interact with in-game 3D environments by enabling them to reshape the world around them while solving mind-bending puzzles.

Developed by Sad Owl Studios and published by indie label Thunderful Publishing, this perception-bending puzzler immediately on its release in the summer of 2023 managed to attract considerable attention from the worldwide gaming audience and media, who called it one of the most attractive puzzlers set in the first-person perspective.

Featuring a long single-player campaign and an incredible variety of puzzle sequences that players must solve while exploring stunning in-game environments, this game constantly manages to surprise with new innovative sequences and calming environments that invite players of all ages to discover many mysteries hidden inside this stunning world.

Key Features
  • Explore a large and stunning 3D world full of mysteries.
  • Solve puzzles by matching 2D elements with the 3D game world.
  • Expand the world with new geometry spawned from the unique point of view.
  • Focus on puzzles or hidden narrative elements.
  • Find the answers to the mysteries left behind in a beautiful empty world.
How to Play

The core Viewfinder gameplay system found in this title lies in its ability to merge the 3D environments that players can freely explore with the visuals found in flat 2D images (screenshots, paintings, postcards, and more), that players can align with the 3D world and change its properties, reshaping the environments with newly added geometry.

Players are tasked to explore the world and reshape it by simply pointing its viewpoint in such a way as to include both the 3D world and 2D picture elements in just the right way. Users can pick up in-world photos, screenshots, and paintings or align their view with the in-world visuals found painted in the world and match the view to unlock access to a brand-new reality.

Exploration can lead players through numerous hub worlds that feature a wide array of hidden secrets with an increasing number of more complex puzzles left to be solved.

User Interface

This game features a minimalistic interface that enables players to better immerse themselves into their surroundings. There are no aggressive icons or HUD elements on in-world graphics that can stand in the way between the player and the puzzles that await them.

To control the game, users are simply required to utilize their skills in navigating a 3D world with a first-person camera. The movement speed is quite slow, and there are no options for any kind of advanced movement skills (like aerobatic jumping or being part of Hollywood-esque action sequences), making the entire experience of playing quite calming and relaxed.


What is Viewfinder?
Viewfinder is a unique, mind-bending first-person puzzle adventure game that promotes a unique way of exploring stunning 3D worlds and reshaping them with the power of unique perspective shifts.

Is it safe?
This game is 100% safe to play as it features no viruses on other malware. The in-game content is crafted to be equally enjoyed by everyone from kids to elders.

Does it support multiplayer or coop?
No, this game is 100% focused on singleplayer puzzle solving.

Does the PC version of this game support VR gameplay?
No, this game only features traditional gameplay mode on monitors and TVs.


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Viewfinder is a premium video game that features no free Demo.

System Requirements

Since it features stunning 3D worlds with detailed environments, this game requires a bit stronger rendering hardware than competing puzzle titles.

OS – 64Bit versions of Windows 10 or Windows 11
CPU – modern 64-bit quad-core processor
GPU – Modern Graphics Card with at least 4GB of VRAM
RAM – 8GB of memory

  • Innovative and unique gameplay mechanics.
  • Engaging and challenging puzzles.
  • Beautiful visuals and art styles.
  • Rich single-player experience.
  • Relaxing music.
  • The game's unique mechanics may be confusing for some players at first.
  • Some players may find the later puzzles too challenging.
  • Requires 8GB of RAM.

Viewfinder is a unique and innovative game that offers a fresh take on the puzzle genre with mechanics that promotes careful exploration of stunning environments.

While the game's unique mechanics may be confusing for some players at first, the sense of accomplishment from solving the puzzles is well worth the initial learning curve, making this game one of the must-play PC titles of 2023.

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