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WiFi Analyzer

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  -  9.47 MB  -  Freeware
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    WiFi Analyzer LATEST

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    Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    Matt Hafner / WiFi Analyzer

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WiFi Analyzer is a lightweight, fast and reliable network diagnostic application for Windows 10/Windows 11 that can help users of all knowledge levels to fully scan their Wi-Fi network environment, identify networking problems, find the best communication channel, and even be an invaluable tool for finding a perfect position to place your home networking gear (routers and access points) and computing devices (PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones).

Today when almost everyone can catch more than one WiFi signal when they are at home, school, or work, the importance of applications like this grows with each passing day.

WiFi Analyzer for Windows PC is especially useful for users whose home are congested with numerous overlapping WiFi signals from home and neighborhood devices (this is most true in buildings that have a high concentration of wireless traffic), and for users who are experiencing signal loss due to walls or furniture blocking the signal between the wireless emitter and the client devices.

WiFi Analyzer can quickly diagnose the current network environment and offer users important data that can help them resolve their issues.

  • Live-Tile support
  • Beeper for signal strength
  • Connect to networks
  • Use filters
  • Prevent screen timeout
  • Lock screen rotation
  • Change signal strength borders

The UI of WiFi Analyzer is clear and simple, enabling even complete novices to quickly gather a large amount of information about their wireless network environment. The main screen immediately showcases the “Spectrum Chart” tab that scans for network signals and shows their signal strength across the available channels. At the top of the app, users can gather more data in Time Chart, Network List, and Strength Meter tabs.

All of these functions are available in the FREE version of the WiFi Analyzer app (without the ads!), but the Premium tier unlocks few more perks – support for Windows 10 live tile, beeper for signal strength, screen timeout, and screen rotation toggles, customizable signal strength borders, filters, and more.

WiFi Analyzer is optimized only for Windows 10 and Windows 11, and compatible Microsoft devices such as HoloLens, Hub, and Mobile devices.

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