Enables you to setup and configure your MikroTik router for PC


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Download WinBox 3.37

  -  1.7 MB  -  Freeware
  • Latest Version:

    WinBox 3.37 LATEST

  • Requirements:

    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

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    MikroTik / WinBox

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  • Details:

    WinBox 2023 full offline installer setup for PC 32bit/64bit

Winbox is a small utility that allows the administration of MikroTik RouterOS using a fast and simple GUI. It is a native Win32 binary but can be run on Linux and macOS (OSX) using Wine. All interface functions are as close as possible mirroring the console functions, that is why there are no sections in the manual. Some of the advanced and system critical configurations are not possible from WinBox, like MAC address change on an interface changelog.

It supports IPv6 connectivity. To connect to the routers IPv6 address, it must be placed in square braces the same as in web browsers when connecting to the IPv6 server. Winbox neighbor discovery is now capable of discovering IPv6 enabled routers. As you can see from the image below, there are two entries for each IPv6 enabled router, one entry is with IPv4 address and another one with IPv6 link-local address.

It has an MDI interface meaning that all menu configuration (child) widows are attached to the main (parent) Winbox window and is showed in work area. By default, the app shows the most commonly used parameters. However sometimes it is needed to see other parameters, for example, "BGP AS Path" or other BGP attributes to monitor if routes are selected properly. It is possible to upload and download files to/from the router using win box drag & drop functionality. You can also download files by pressing the right mouse button on it and selecting "Download".

It can be used as a tool to monitor the traffic of every interface, queue, or firewall rule in real-time. The screenshot below shows ethernet traffic monitoring graphs.

Features and Highlights

  • Winbox.exe is signed with an Extended Validation certificate, issued by SIA Mikrotīkls (MikroTik).
  • WinBox uses ECSRP for key exchange and authentication (requires a new winbox version).
  • Both sides verify that the other side knows the password (no man in the middle attack is possible).
  • Winbox in RoMON mode requires that the agent is the latest version to be able to connect to the latest version routers.
  • Winbox uses AES128-CBC-SHA as an encryption algorithm (requires winbox version 3.14 or above).


Winbox cannot connect to the router's IP address?
Make sure that Windows firewall is set to allow connections or disable windows firewall.

I get an error '(port 20561) timed out' when connecting to routers mac address
Windows (7/8) does not allow mac connection if file and print sharing is disabled.

Note: Requires MikroTik router.

Also Available: Download WinBox for Mac

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