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WWE 2K19

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WWE 2K19 is a professional wrestling video game developed by Japanese developer Yuke’s and published by 2K Sports in late 2018. This game represents the last game of this long-running franchise that was developed by Yuke’s, who announced that after 18 years it will step away and leave development duties to other studios.

As the last title from this studio, creative leadership at Yuke’s decided to try to move away from the simulation-based gameplay that was found in several previous titles and bring back more fluid arcade-based move sets.

The game mode that received the most attention from developers was 2K Showcase Mode which was in this game focused on the career of famous wrestler Daniel Bryan. Here, the players have the chance to follow his rise to the top of WWE, with 11 unique models of this wrestler in 11 of his most impactful matches. In addition to this lavishly produced single-player mode, players can invest a lot of time in the expanded Tower modes (Daily, Weekly, or PPV towers) that can be played both offline and online.

Towers can also be played in two ways, “Steps Tower” which will save the player's progress if he loses matches or leaves the match, and more advanced “Gauntlet Tower” where the entire challenge has to be finished in one sitting without losing a single match. Other notable gameplay modes in WWE 2K19 include multiplayer and “Road to Glory” which allows players to join one of the eight powerful wrestling factions from WWE history.

However, even though the game is filled with a lot of content and potential for great gameplay, the launch of WWE 2K19 was not as smooth as developers wanted it.

The game was plagued with various performance issues and bugs of many types. While the vast majority of those issues were fixed with free game update patches shortly after the launch, world media and social media impressions have forever marked this game as one of the more troublesome in not only the WWE 2K franchise but also in the entire history of sports games. In the months following the release of this title, Yuke’s confirmed their departure from the franchise, seeking to develop new titles without the constant pressure of the yearly release schedule.

WWE 2K19 is a competent wrestling game, which has now after many patches finally worthy of the player’s attention. It provides many gameplay modes, a competent in-ring action, polished presentation and if nothing else, it is more stable and playable than the following release in this franchise which was developed by a new studio Visual Concepts.


Improved Graphics: It features improved graphics compared to its predecessors, with more realistic character models and animations. The game strives to make WWE superstars look and move more authentically.

Deep Roster: The game boasts a large roster of WWE superstars, including current and past wrestlers, legends, and NXT talent. This diversity allows for a wide range of match-ups and customization options.

Showcase Mode: WWE 2K19 includes a Showcase mode focused on the career of Daniel Bryan. This mode allows players to relive key moments from Bryan's wrestling journey, adding a unique narrative element to the game.

MyCareer Mode: The MyCareer mode in the game offers an engaging single-player experience where players can create their own custom wrestler and guide them through a story-driven campaign, complete with branching storylines and character development.

Towers Mode: Towers mode presents players with a variety of challenges and objectives, providing a fun and challenging single-player experience. It adds replayability to the game as you aim to complete different tower challenges.

Improved Gameplay Mechanics: The game features refined gameplay mechanics, including improvements in the striking system, grappling, and reversals, leading to a more balanced and enjoyable wrestling experience.

Creation Suite: It offers an extensive creation suite, allowing players to create custom wrestlers, arenas, championships, and more. The level of detail and customization available is a significant pro for fans who enjoy crafting their content.


Glitches and Bugs: Like many games in the WWE 2K series, the game had its share of glitches and bugs at launch. While some of these issues may have been patched post-release, they could affect the overall experience.

Frequent Loading Screens: The game has relatively long loading screens, which can be frustrating and break the immersion, particularly when transitioning between different modes and matches.

Limited Innovation: While the game made several improvements over its predecessor, it didn't introduce groundbreaking innovations to the series, leading some players to feel that it played it safe in terms of gameplay and features.

Commentary Issues: The in-game commentary, while improved over previous iterations, can still become repetitive and fail to capture the excitement of WWE broadcasts.

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