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  • Download AIM


    AOL Inc. - 17.95 MB - Freeware

    AOL instant messenger allows its users to send messages, SMS text, connect to audio or video chat, listen to online AOL radio, and use an online address book. AIM is better than...

  • Download Camfrog Video Chat 6.9.437

    Camfrog Video Chat 6.9.437

    Camshare Inc. - 10.1 MB - Freeware

    Camfrog Video Chat is a free and intuitive video chat client that enables everyone to easily connect to their friends, family, co-workers.  With over 11 years of experience...

  • Download Digsby (build 92)

    Digsby (build 92)

    dotSyntax LLC - 18.26 MB - Freeware

    Digsby is one of the most popular web-powered instant messaging clients that has managed to attract more than 3 million regular users that were intrigued with its wide selection...

  • Download Facebook Messenger 2.1.4814

    Facebook Messenger 2.1.4814

    Facebook - 489.49 KB - Freeware

    Facebook Messenger is an official desktop client application of the world’s largest social network This widely popular app was built to enable anyone of its...

  • Download ICQ 8.3 Build 7317

    ICQ 8.3 Build 7317

    ICQ Inc - 36.2 MB - Freeware

    ICQ is one of the most widely used instant messengers, which has more than 50 million registered users. It was originally developed by the Israeli company Mirabilis Ltd in 1996,...

  • Download IncrediMail 2 Build 5274

    IncrediMail 2 Build 5274

    Perion Network Ltd - 11.9 MB - Freeware

    IncrediMail is a powerful, easy to use, friendly and fun standalone email client for all versions of Windows desktop. Available for download in 10 international languages and supporting...

  • Download LINE


    LINE Corporation - 17.05 MB - Freeware

    LINE is a popular instant messenger that effortlessly unites all modern platforms – desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Using its own communication protocol, users...

  • Download MailWasher 7.4.0

    MailWasher 7.4.0

    Firetrust Ltd - 14.49 MB - Freeware

    MailWasher is a free and efficient tool that will help you fight the unwanted email messages and clear your inbox from spam that prevents to you easily reach messages that are...

  • Download ManyCam


    ManyCam LLC - 46.6 MB - Freeware

    ManyCam is a useful video tool that enables use of your one Webcam in multiple programs at the same time. This means that you can maintain video connections with programs such...

  • Download MetroTwit 1.1.0

    MetroTwit 1.1.0

    Pixel Tucker - 484.95 KB - Freeware

    MetroTwit is a fantastic Twitter desktop client that is crafted to take every advantage of Microsoft’s own metro design language. It manages to offer every functionality...

  • Download Miranda


    Miranda IM - Open Source

    Miranda IM is a small, fast, easy to use instant messenger which supports multiple protocols and many UI and service features that can enable users of all knowledge levels to easily...

  • Download mIRC 7.38

    mIRC 7.38

    mIRC Co Ltd - 2.36 MB - Commercial Trial

    mIRC is by far the most popular IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client, which has been around on the internet from almost the very beginning of its modern history.  Released in...

  • Download Mumble 1.2.8

    Mumble 1.2.8

    Thorvald Natvig - 16.21 MB - Open Source

    Mumble is a free and open source audio chat software that has a goal to offer everyone ability to chat in a group environment.  This includes setting up an audio call with...

  • Download Nimbuzz! 2.9.3

    Nimbuzz! 2.9.3

    Nimbuzz Team - 27.67 MB - Freeware

    Nimbuzz Messenger is comprehensive and very useful windows messaging application that gives you ability to chat over multiple communication protocol networks, find your old, and...

  • Download ooVoo


    ooVoo LLC - 2.3 MB - Freeware

    If you want to enjoy the miracle of two way video chat between any modern platforms, ooVoo is your perfect choice. Powered by highly efficient video transfer protocol, ooVoo can...

  • Download PalTalk 11.5 Build 581

    PalTalk 11.5 Build 581

    Paltalk Team - 1.13 MB - Freeware

    Paltalk is a voice chat client, which is a cross between an instant messenger and an Internet phone. You can use PalTalk to send voice mails, join video chat rooms, and make video...

  • Download Pidgin 2.10.11

    Pidgin 2.10.11

    Pidgin Team - 9.22 MB - Open Source

    Pidgin is a very popular multi-protocol chat client that unifies several famous chat networks into a single package that can enable both novices and professionals to fully control...

  • Download Postbox 3.0.11

    Postbox 3.0.11

    Postbox, Inc. - 16.49 MB - Commercial Trial

    Postbox is an easy to use mail client that was designed specifically to enable you to easily control multiple mail accounts from one centralized interface. With Postbox you can...

  • Download Psi


    Psi Team - Open Source

    Psi is a free instant messaging application for desktop PC computers (Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux) that enables chat connection with the services that use open XMPP network.This...

  • Download Skype


    Microsoft Corporation - 38.7 MB - Freeware

    Skype is without a doubt the most popular text, voice and video communication software today, with reach that rivals many social networks and almost every other text-based chat...

  • Download Spamihilator


    Michel Kramer - Freeware

    Spamihilator is a tool, which checks all your incoming emails and filters the spam messages. It works quietly in the background and uses very little resources.Spamihilator uses...

  • Download TeamSpeak


    TeamSpeak Systems GmbH - Freeware

    TeamSpeak is free communication software that provides high quality voice chat via the Internet. The base functionality of TeamSpeak is in its connection between PC clients and...

  • Download Thunderbird 31.4.0

    Thunderbird 31.4.0

    Mozilla Organization - 27.57 MB - Open Source

    Thunderbird’s moto “Faster, Flexible, and more Secure” perfectly encapsulates everything that this extremely popular email client strives to achieve. With more...

  • Download Trillian 5.5 Build 19

    Trillian 5.5 Build 19

    Cerulean Studios - 15.47 MB - Freeware

    Trillian is a very popular multi-protocol desktop client for Windows that enables users from all around the world to compress all of their online communication with other people...

  • Download TweetDeck 3.3.8

    TweetDeck 3.3.8

    Twitter, Inc. - 27.9 MB - Freeware

    TweetDeck is a popular media dashboard application that has powerful support for Twitter and Facebook. With the long history and incredible support from its users, TweetDeck managed...

  • Download Ventrilo


    Flagship Industries, Inc - Freeware

    Ventrillo is a freeware Voice over IP (VoIP) communication software that enables you to easily and securely establish voice communication between two distant computers. It manages...

  • Download Viber for Windows 4.4.0

    Viber for Windows 4.4.0

    Viber Media Inc - 1.24 MB - Freeware

    Viber for Windows is a brand new VoIP communication client that enables everyone to be connected with their friends, family and co-workers from all around the world. With the user...

  • Download Windows Live Messenger 2012 (16.4.3528)

    Windows Live Messenger 2012 (16.4.3528)

    Microsoft Corporation - 1.18 MB - Freeware

    Windows Live Messenger (formerly MSN Messenger) is one of the most popular communication software packages ever created, who during its long history of service between 1999 and...

  • Download XChat 2.8.9

    XChat 2.8.9

    Peter Zelezny - 975.67 KB - Open Source

    XChat  is one of the most popular Internet Relay Chat (IRC) clients that is used by people from all around the world on several supported operating systems (Windows, Mac OS...

  • Download Yahoo! Messenger

    Yahoo! Messenger

    Yahoo! Inc - 18.48 MB - Freeware

    Yahoo Messenger is a free communication service that encompasses several services offered by extensive Yahoo! network. Not only that you can easily chat with your friends, but...