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    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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With AlterCam you can add 50+ effects to your live video stream, add overlay images/text/video/webcam, and change the background. Moreover, the app will split your webcam video into as many programs as you want, so you will never see those "webcam busy" errors again. You can add text comments and logotype images to your webcam stream. Starting with v2.1 you can change your voice in real-time for the voice chats. Record your webcam video with the tool.

The program will compress the video on the fly, so it will not occupy much space on your hard drive. With AlterCam you can broadcast anything you want to the virtual web camera (and to the world). You can broadcast pre-recorded video, your desktop, images, any content.

Add effects to your video chat and have fun with your friends! Hide your face with the mosaic or add your logo to your webcam stream instantly. You can broadcast pre-recorded video, live desktop, or anything you want to the virtual web camera (like a fake webcam) and the world. Amazing Webcam Software for Windows PC! After you install the program, you'll have a new virtual web camera in your system. The video with effects from any possible source will be broadcast to this webcam. Switch your Skype and other webcam software to "AlterCam Virtual Camera" to transmit the video with effects applied!

How-to Change Voice During Video Chats
Along with helping you modify the visual look & feel of your Live Webcasts, the app lets you make changes to the way your audio sounds; in real-time! Wouldn't it be cool if you could change your voice during video chats? Now you can. With this tool, you can change the way your voice sounds during Live video chats and more. Using the sliding voice changer effect, modify your audio in a variety of fun ways. You might be wondering how such a thing is possible. This program includes a special driver that lets you tell other apps to use the software as a virtual audio device. For example, you can be chatting on Skype but choose to have the sound running through the tool. This helpful how-to guide will help you get started. For demonstration purposes, we will use the popular Skype™ service.

How to Record Webcam Stream as a Video File
Did you know that the product is now able to record your streaming webcasts? The capture option lets you select your audio/video codec and saves your streams as videos! Whether you want to record a conversation with a friend, an important business meeting, or you're looking to build a multimedia presentation Alter Cam is here to help. To learn more about how to get started using this feature, check out the How-to guide located below.

How-to-Use Chromakey with your Webcam
Without a doubt, "Chroma keying" is one of the most exciting video editing tricks available today. If you've ever heard people mention the term "green screen" it's the same thing. What the chroma key technique allows editors to do is pick a single color from the spectrum and remove it completely from their screen. Green is often the color that editors choose to isolate and remove because the subjects of most chroma key video sequences are human, and green is not a color that naturally occurs in the human complexion.

Features and Highlights
  • Record webcam video and photo
  • 50+ of live effects for the webcam
  • Add images over and under your video
  • Change voice in real-time
  • Capture webcam stream to the video file
  • Broadcast any video file to webcam
  • Add any text overlays
  • Support of HD video resolution
  • Desktop broadcasting (with or without webcam video)
  • Use GPU acceleration for less CPU usage
  • Splitting webcam video to several programs
Note: 30 days trial version. Watermark on output.

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What's new in this version:

AlterCam 6.3 Build 3391
- Added the ability to move and scale the selected layer with the keyboard cursor keys
- Added GUI translations to Chinese Simplified, Korean, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese
- Added saving the settings on the Windows shutdown event

- Existing GUI translations were updated
- Fixed "Write to us" functionality
- Now CTRL-1..CTRL-9 global key shortcuts are set only for existing scenes, so they will not interfere with other apps if you are not using Scenes
- Locking horizontal and vertical layer movement now works when you actually hold either the X or Y button pressed, not as a toggle. The same is true for layer sticking mode and the 'S' key
- Hidden options to set virtual webcam FPS, set the program startup delay, and disable overlay hints during moving or resizing. Contact us for the details.
- Better selecting the resolution of the source and virtual webcam when the source is selected for the first time
- A lot of minor issues were addressed as well

AlterCam 6.2 Build 3390
- Added the ability to change duration for transition when switching between the scenes. Check the slider on the "Scenes" tab.
- Several routines were optimized
- A lot of minor issues were fixed

AlterCam 6.1 Build 3389
- automatic reconnection for the IP cameras when the connection is lost after a timeout
- ability to drop frames for live video playback on slow computers to keep the original video duration
- audio volume control for video and IP-camera sources
- audio volume control for the internal video player
- ability to mute audio from IP camera sources

- improved ability to set video file as a background
- new background images included

- playing video files with transparency (including GIF files)
- the position of the audio driver installation button so that it is always visible
- playback of MP3 files into the virtual microphone
- many minor bug fixes and improvements

AlterCam 6.0 Build 3341
- IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR LICENSED USERS: Please note, it is a major version upgrade, and the activation details for v5.x will not work with this version
- [requires Windows 10] added Virtual Background feature. Now you can easily remove your background (and replace it with what you want!) without a green screen.
- [requires Windows 10] added feature to apply the effects only for the automatically detected background
- Added ability to scale overlays with the mouse wheel
- Added ability to scale the cropping area in the cropping window while maintaining proportions (turn off scaling with proportions holding the Shift key pressed)
- Improved display and control of the cropping area in the cropping window
- Improved scenes thumbnails informativity
- Changed background fill with "Off" option selected on Background panel (now it filled with transparent pattern)
- Fixed monitor selection on the Background tab
- Fixed selection support for some recently added effects
- Many minor fixes and improvements

AlterCam 5.6 Build 2128
- new effects ASCII, Money, and Light Bulb
- Spanish localization
- hardware acceleration for video decoding
- codec information (in the status bar) of the current IP-camera stream
- IP-cameras list on Add IP-camera Overlay dialog box
- auto-sizing for Add Text overlay dialog to fit the text
a scrollbar for the Audio tab

- Fixed crashes, when opening video files without video streams
- Greatly accelerated program closing
- Fixed updating IP-camera address after editing in Manage IP-Cameras dialog
- Improved speed of loading of overlays, effects, backgrounds, and scene lists
- Fixed adding video-overlays for some formats
- Removed program slowdowns when recording video

AlterCam 5.5 Build 1933
- Change log not available for this version

AlterCam 5.4 Build 1847
- added new virtual camera source - images
- added a smooth transition between the scenes
- added vertical and square resolutions for the virtual webcam
- added the ability to set custom virtual webcam resolutions
- now, changing the resolution of the virtual camera does not cause reconnecting the video source
- improved layer selection
- much-improved support for multiple monitor systems
- improved scaling for High DPI monitors
- added RTSP over TCP switch for RTSP streams of IP-cameras
- added detailed log for IP-camera
- fixed a lot of minor bugs

AlterCam 5.3 Build 1601
- Added the ability to crop the main video layer
- Added ability to crop IP-camera, web camera, image, and video overlays
- Added special tags for timer and countdown timer in text overlays
- Enhanced Curved Mirror effect
- Fixed time tags updating for text overlays
- Fixed saving/restoring of the main camera layer position and size
- Fixed problems with scaling the main layer with active rotation
- Fixed stamps install path for paint overlay
- Fixed issues with opening some video files with embedded covers
- Improved the selection of text overlays
- Increased default font size for text overlays

AlterCam 5.2 Build 1521
- support for scaling the interface for High DPI monitors
- ability to adjust semitransparency for Transparency by Color (Chromakey) feature
- the Autodetect option for the IP-camera resolutions list
- option to select an audio output device for playing audio streams from video/IP-camera
- ability to output audio stream from video/IP-camera to virtual audio device or speakers

- waiting to stop IP-camera on program exit
- dropping webcam fps on switching video sources
- background drawing in Transparency by Color (Chromakey) dialog if "Off" selected in the background settings
- problems with video recording for some unusual resolutions
- error with recording into a nonexistent folder
- saving camera settings on exit
- some other minor bugs

AlterCam 5.1 Build 1406
- Change log not available for this version

AlterCam 5.0 Build 1214
- virtual webcam driver that should fix any cam visibility issue in Windows 10

- new effects Glitch1, Glitch2, Glitch3
- the ability to encode using h265 on Intel GPU (QSV)
- the ability to seek inside the broadcasted mp3 file
- save/restore of the mp3 file playing to the virtual microphone on start/exit program

- the plugin for AMD AMF/VCE encoding
- working of Selection for some effects

- Checked mp3 files in the list now loop in playback
- Now you can set the image displayed in the virtual webcam when AlterCam is closed, or broadcasting turned off

AlterCam 4.9 Build 933
- Added five new effects: Flame, Snow, Bleach, Edges and Neon Edges
- Added the ability to enter IP-camera addresses using separate input fields for various parts of the address
- Improved video file playback
- Improved changing IP-camera and video files settings
- Fixed cleaning of IP-camera addresses when closing the IP-cameras management list window
- Fixed problems with changing the resolution of the webcam and displaying the format when using a video file as a source
- Many other minor fixes according to user reports

AlterCam 4.8 Build 890
- Added three new effects: Brannan, Earlybird and Noise Reducer
- Added the ability to easily select overlay with transparency when clicking on a transparent point
- Fixed updating of active effects counter
- Fixed bug of adding video files to the sources list

AlterCam 4.7 Build 855
- Added the ability to mirror the virtual camera
- Added the ability to make a series of camera shots
- Added option to mute shutter sound
- Added warning about low disk space
- Fixed video files and IP-cameras list adding

AlterCam 4.6 Build 819
- Fixed several issues, better auto-bug-reporting

AlterCam 4.5 Build 725
- Fixed a bug with the background images
- Fixed checking for updates, activaton, sending messages to us (switch to https protocol)
- Several minor improvements

AlterCam 4.5 Build 724
- Added new effects: Chromatic aberration, Stained Glass, Waves
- Double click in the status bar resolution area sets preview area to 1:1 scale
- Fixed several issues

AlterCam 4.5 Build 723
- Faster program start
- Fixed exiting from fullscreen preview mode (Alt-Enter keys)
- Fixed several minor issues

AlterCam 4.5 Build 722
- Added the ability to change virtual webcam name
- Added four new effects: TV, Frozen Glass, Sketch and Rain
- Added the ability to snap layers while dragging
- Added the ability to lock moving along X or Y while dragging
- Added support of UTF-8 encoding for video description on YouTube
- Improved layers info
- Fixed layer selecting
- Fixed duplication of resolutions in the list
- Fixed error with the custom painting overlay
- Fixed the order of applying effects