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Download AlterCam 5.2 Build 1521


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What's new in this version:

AlterCam 5.2 Build 1521
- support for scaling the interface for High DPI monitors
- ability to adjust semitransparency for Transparency by Color (Chromakey) feature
- the Autodetect option for the IP-camera resolutions list
- option to select an audio output device for playing audio streams from video/IP-camera
- ability to output audio stream from video/IP-camera to virtual audio device or speakers

- waiting to stop IP-camera on program exit
- dropping webcam fps on switching video sources
- background drawing in Transparency by Color (Chromakey) dialog if "Off" selected in the background settings
- problems with video recording for some unusual resolutions
- error with recording into a nonexistent folder
- saving camera settings on exit
- some other minor bugs

AlterCam 5.1 Build 1406
- Change log not available for this version

AlterCam 5.0 Build 1214
- virtual webcam driver that should fix any cam visibility issue in Windows 10

- new effects Glitch1, Glitch2, Glitch3
- the ability to encode using h265 on Intel GPU (QSV)
- the ability to seek inside the broadcasted mp3 file
- save/restore of the mp3 file playing to the virtual microphone on start/exit program

- the plugin for AMD AMF/VCE encoding
- working of Selection for some effects

- Checked mp3 files in the list now loop in playback
- Now you can set the image displayed in the virtual webcam when AlterCam is closed, or broadcasting turned off

AlterCam 4.9 Build 933
- Added five new effects: Flame, Snow, Bleach, Edges and Neon Edges
- Added the ability to enter IP-camera addresses using separate input fields for various parts of the address
- Improved video file playback
- Improved changing IP-camera and video files settings
- Fixed cleaning of IP-camera addresses when closing the IP-cameras management list window
- Fixed problems with changing the resolution of the webcam and displaying the format when using a video file as a source
- Many other minor fixes according to user reports

AlterCam 4.8 Build 890
- Added three new effects: Brannan, Earlybird and Noise Reducer
- Added the ability to easily select overlay with transparency when clicking on a transparent point
- Fixed updating of active effects counter
- Fixed bug of adding video files to the sources list

AlterCam 4.7 Build 855
- Added the ability to mirror the virtual camera
- Added the ability to make a series of camera shots
- Added option to mute shutter sound
- Added warning about low disk space
- Fixed video files and IP-cameras list adding

AlterCam 4.6 Build 819
- Fixed several issues, better auto-bug-reporting

AlterCam 4.5 Build 725
- Fixed a bug with the background images
- Fixed checking for updates, activaton, sending messages to us (switch to https protocol)
- Several minor improvements

AlterCam 4.5 Build 724
- Added new effects: Chromatic aberration, Stained Glass, Waves
- Double click in the status bar resolution area sets preview area to 1:1 scale
- Fixed several issues

AlterCam 4.5 Build 723
- Faster program start
- Fixed exiting from fullscreen preview mode (Alt-Enter keys)
- Fixed several minor issues

AlterCam 4.5 Build 722
- Added the ability to change virtual webcam name
- Added four new effects: TV, Frozen Glass, Sketch and Rain
- Added the ability to snap layers while dragging
- Added the ability to lock moving along X or Y while dragging
- Added support of UTF-8 encoding for video description on YouTube
- Improved layers info
- Fixed layer selecting
- Fixed duplication of resolutions in the list
- Fixed error with the custom painting overlay
- Fixed the order of applying effects

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