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  -  25.9 MB  -  Open Source
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  • Requirements:

    Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    Claws Mail Team / Claws Mail

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    Claws Mail 2023 full offline installer setup for PC 32bit/64bit

Claws Mail is a free email client (and newsreader), based on GTK+, featuring: Quick response, Graceful, sophisticated interface, Easy configuration, intuitive operation, Abundant features, Extensibility, Robustness, and stability. The appearance and interface are designed to be familiar to new users coming from other popular email clients, as well as experienced users. Almost all commands are accessible with the keyboard.

The messages are managed in the standard MH format, which features fast access and data security. You'll be able to import your emails from almost any other email client and export them just as easily. Lots of extra Claws Mail functionality, like an RSS aggregator, calendar, or laptop LED handling, is provided by extra plugins.

Features and Highlights

  • Multiple accounts
  • Threaded display
  • Filtering
  • Mime attachments
  • Usenet news reading and posting
  • SSL over POP3, SMTP, IMAP4rev1, and NNTP protocols
  • GnuPG support (with GPGME)
  • User-defined headers
  • Colour labels
  • Multiple MH folder support
  • Mbox import/export
  • External editor
  • Message queueing and drafting
  • Automated mail checking
  • Line-wrapping
  • Clickable URIs
  • Addressbook
  • Printing

Some of the Claws Mail plugins are available:

  • AddressKeeper: Allows automatically adding recipients' email addresses to the address book when writing or replying to emails.
  • AttRemover: Allows removing attachments from received emails.
  • AttachWarner: Warns when the user composes a message mentioning an attachment in the message body without attaching any files to the message.
  • BSFilter: A bayesian anti-spam plugin.
  • FetchInfo: Adds the information about reception time, account, etc in headers.
  • Fancy: Displays HTML emails.
  • Libravatar: Displays libravatar/gravatar profiles' images or a dynamically generated or predefined alternative. Libravatar federated user domains are also supported.
  • ManageSieve: This plugin lets you manage Sieve filters on servers that support the ManageSieve protocol.
  • Notification: Provides various ways to notify users of new and unread emails.
  • PGP and S/Mime plugins: Enables digital signature and encryption handling.
  • RSSyl: Allows you to read your favorite newsfeeds in Claws. RSS 1.0, 2.0 and Atom feeds are currently supported.
  • SpamReport: Allows you to report spam messages to various services (SpamCop,, Debian's mailing-lists spam handlers)
  • TNEF Parser: Enables reading application/ms-tnef attachments.
  • vCalendar: Enables vCalendar message handling like that produced by Evolution or Outlook, and handles webCal subscriptions. It provides a personal calendar and a public calendar for import and export.

If you are looking for Claws Mail alternatives, we recommend you to download Mailbird or Thunderbird.

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