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What's new in this version:

Curse 7.5.6345.42403
- Change log not available for this version

Curse 7.5.6325.40921
- Change log not available for this version

Curse 7.5.6317.666
- Change log not available for this version

Curse 7.5.6314.881
- Change log not available for this version

Curse 7.5.6310.747
- Change log not available for this version

Curse 7.1.6296.41462
- Change log not available for this version

Curse 7.1.6294.40746
- Fixed: Some users who ran into trouble after waking their computer from hibernation or sleep will no longer find it painted black

Curse 7.1.6288.5257
- Change log not available for this version

Curse 7.1.6283.6157
- Crack open a portal to text channels in chat messages! Just use a # followed by the destination channel name
- We're now a lot better at guessing which device you prefer to use if you have something other than a default device active

- Fixed an issue where the app wouldn't fully close on Mac, preventing the app from launching
- Fixed a rude bug that could toss you and your unsaved settings right out of the client

Curse 7.1.6272.1730
Identity Merge:
- Merge your Curse account with your existing Twitch account, or create a new Twitch account right inside the app
- Your new Curse username will be your Twitch username. You can change your Twitch username and password after the account merge
- After merging, you can log into Twitch and Curse services with your Twitch account
- Temporary Curse accounts can be merged into Twitch accounts and gain full access to all app features
- A merged identity will be required to create new content servers and use Twitch emotes
- Never run into issues with your Twitch account becoming unlinked, and keep those Kappas and sub emotes flying
- If you have two-factor authentication set up on Twitch, you will have that added security in the app after merging accounts

Curse 7.1.6263.382
- Change log not available for this version

Curse 7.1.6251.1229
- Improved: The Twitch wizards conjured up support for embedding Twitch clips and VODs in chat

Curse 7.1.6249.2188
- Change log not available for this version

Curse 7.1.6246.42969
- We crafted up compatibility with the latest Minecraft launcher

- Certain Secret World addons should now always install properly. If you had issues with an installed addon not appearing in the game, a reinstall of the addon will fix it
- Fixed a rare issue that could cause Minecraft to get stuck on the loading screen

Curse 7.1.6221.1878
- We have a new, super sweet loading animation -- check it out before it vanishes with our faster app startup! Early game movement speed FTW
- Image and file uploads are now bundled into a single button to help optimize your APM
- The registration page has received a validation information renovation
- The Curse robots have gained self-awareness and will now ask when AddonSync is first enabled if you would like to grab your previous AddonSync profile from cloud storage or replace it with what's on your machine
- Toggles have been visually tweaked

- Exiting the app through the taskbar will no longer trigger an update
- You can now search for survivors (or any contact, really) while your contact list is collapsed
- Double clicking a persistent call window will resummon the app and select the call
- People will now see when you've TL;DR GG'd their really long message instead of reading it
- Servers and groups will now delete themselves from your contact list when you decide to delete them from your life and leave them
- Tapping cancel will now actually cancel message of the day edits. Really. It does
- Modpack installation errors will now tell you why they’re having a bad time via Profile Error dialog

Curse 7.1.6192.1696
- Change log not available for this version

Curse 7.1.6189.1173
- Twitch emotes and Imgur embeds have been patched up
- Video call volume should now be at the same audio level as voice calls after an arduous level grind
- Connect button is no longer sapped on servers with high populations
- Channel settings have shaken off their stun status and can be scrolled freely again
- Giveaway roll animation now actually rolls over on command

Curse 7.1.6150.557
- Streamer mode now disables ALL sounds, including incoming call sounds
- We stopped prompting you to update your graphics driver
- We added better indication when you’re temporarily allowed into a private voice channel
- Notifications in Groups and Servers now show nicknames
- Clicking anywhere on a server channel folder will now expand and collapse channels
- We added more detail to our password checks when you change your password
- You can now copy pasta results from chat search
- When exporting a Minecraft profile, unchecking a resource pack will exclude it from the export manifest

- When you have a call muted, unmuting your mic from the overlay will now properly unmute the call
- The LoL Nexus link has reappeared in the League of Legends overlay
- Minecraft 1.4.7 and 1.5.2 profiles should now launch correctly
- Fixed Java not found errors when launching Minecraft profiles in Jar Launch Mode
- We added tech to fix Java issues stopping some users launching Minecraft profiles
- Joining a voice call in a channel will bump the server to the top of the recents list
- Fixed an issue which occasionally caused chat input to lose focus

Curse 7.1.6117.742
- The persistent call window will no longer appear when joining voice channels in a server
- Added more contextual information in error popups that are encountered while organizing channels in a server, and when installing or updating WoW addons
- Improved the experience for creating and choosing folders when creating a channel for a server
- Improved onboarding experience

- Fixed a bug that could cause addon installs to fail
- The WoWDB profiler should no longer overwrite working copies when it is automatically installed
- Muting your mic while you are transmitting will now properly update the taskbar icon
- Fixed an issue with identity counts being incorrect on profiles
- The installed banner now properly displays when installing mods into a Minecraft profile
- Fixed an issue that could cause Minecraft profiles to incorrectly indicate there was an update available

Curse 7.1.6107.42498
- Change log not available for this version

Curse 7.2.6096.41909
- Improved: Auto-complete suggestions for emoji are now sorted in a more convenient way.
- Fixed: Fixed an issue occasionally preventing the up arrow from editing your previous message.

Curse 7.1.6084.42337
- Change log not available for this version

Curse 7.1.6082.4323
- Change log not available for this version

Curse 7.2.6067.2930
- WoW Onboarding and addon detail page have been polished

Curse 7.1.6053.2266
- Fixed an issue that caused certain features to stop working for some international users

Curse 7.1.6051.28432
- Channel Folders
- Get organized! Easily group similar channels together on servers with channel folders!
- Don’t leave their junk behind when giving someone the boot! When banning a user, you can now delete their messages from specific spans of time (None, Past 24 hours, Past week, All)!

- Loads of giveaway, poll, and admin actions are now much faster!
- You can now view the profile of a non-friend in a group
- When you are muted or deafened by a server admin, you will now see an indicator for it

- Fixed an issue that was preventing some users from accessing the Minecraft area of the app
- Fixed an issue where the app could display an error when the language was set to Simplified Chinese
- Mentions now work even when there is a punctuation mark at the end
- Fixed an issue where new messages wouldn't show in chat if the hardware clock was wrong
- File attachments in the 'Files' sidebar will now properly download
- Fixed a graphics glitch caused by the overlay in Robocraft for some users

Curse 7.1.6018.41463
- Fixed an issue with Minecraft 1.10

Curse 7.1.6018.3434
- You can now rename your account once every 60 days. To rename your account go to Settings > Account and click 'Change Username'. For more information, click here.
- Emoji selector now lets you view the ones you’ve recently used.
- EZ-MODE! You can now set your preferred audio device as the system’s default device.
- Added right-click menus to the left navigation column (Connect, Settings, and Help).
- You can now disable rich embed in chat within settings.

- Fixed an issue with in-game overlay not showing up in SMITE.
- Fixed an issue where keybinds would not always work if a modifier key, such as Shift or Control, is pressed.
- Attached image links now embed properly when shared from another conversation.
- Switching voice channels no longer briefly shows yourself in both channels.
- Push-to-Talk cutoff setting is now grayed out when Toggle Mode is enabled.
- Tooltips for long names now show the full name.
- Fixed an issue with Java detection for Minecraft.
- GIFs are now crisp and clear.
- Bold text is now more consistent.
- New messages in a server no longer automagically close the image viewer.

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