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    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

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Garena is an online game and social platform dedicated to primarily focusing on the South East Asian area, offering streamlined access to game launching of many popular F2P titles, integrated communication tools, and a wide array of features that are important to modern gamers. Optimized to run on a wide array of modern gaming PC hardware and to support game releases in many popular online multiplayer genres, the New Garena App represents one of the best ways you can contact your friends and join them in online matches.

It is currently offering a limited library of popular games in genres such as MOBA (Heroes of Newerth, Arena of Valor), MMORPG (Blade & Soul), MMOFPS (Point Blank), and Battle Royale (PUBG Lite, Ring of Elysium), and offers to players access to their own in-game currency called “Shells”.

Originally established in 2009, the entire Garena platform has managed to expand its reach considerably. Over the following decade, Garena extended its reach outside of southeast Asian territories, and even managing to develop its first game – an online battle royale shooter Free Fire which quickly became a sensation on mobile platforms.

The PC client for Garena functions as an easy to use game library manager and instant messaging hub. The communication capabilities of the app are perfectly tailored for modern gaming audience, enabling players to easily find and make friends, developed buddy list, chat with both text and live audio (both publicly or privately), check their game progress, and more. Each user can create their own online identity, with personalized name and avatar. More serious gamers can form groups or even large clans and take full advantage of built-in voice chat with multiple users simultaneously.

Garena desktop client is free for download on all modern versions of Windows OS. It requires very modest system resources, enabling users with slower or older PC desktop or laptop configuration to jump in into the modern arena of popular F2P games.

Note: In order to access the software, you need to create an account.

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