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iMyFone EasifyAI

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    Windows 10 (64-bit) / Windows 11

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The iMyFone EasifyAI is an AI-powered tool that offers various features for enhancing photos, converting images to text with OCR, upcropping images, converting photos to anime/cartoon styles, generating unique stories from text input, rewriting articles, and more.

Enhance photos quality & resolution or colorize images with natural colors, and many more! BUY NOW!

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It is designed to make daily tasks more efficient and enjoyable with the help of the all-in-one AI tool that can solve almost any media editing or conversion task inside a single dashboard.

Due to its versatility, this EasifyAI for PC can dramatically boost the daily productivity of not only home users, but also students, teams, and businesses of all sizes who strive to optimize their daily workflows and unlock new ways of solving complex daily tasks.

Key Features
  • All-in-One solution for AI manipulation of Text, Photos, and Videos.
  • Streamlined tools for fast video generation.
  • Single-click enhancement of photo and video quality.
  • Take full control over text documents with powerful grammar and rewrite tools.
  • Bring life to old photos with an AI-animation tool.
  • Transform photos and videos into completely different visual styles.
  • Discover new details with a powerful Image un-crop tool.
  • Easily extract text from images with built-in OCR.
Installation and Setup

To get this app up and running on any modern Windows PC, users simply must download and run an installer file from either the official website or the secure FileHorse servers. The automated installation process will only ask users to follow a few simple on-screen instructions, and then unlock easy access to the main dashboard of the app.

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It is important to note that the official installer requires an internet connection because it will always attempt to scan and download the latest version of the app that is hosted on its official servers.

Users can elect to use two versions of the service provided by the iMyFone development team - EasifyAI Full Toolkit or EasifyAI Basic.

How to Use

After launching the app, users can easily manipulate any piece of media they own – a static photo, video file, or text document in a variety of commonly used formats. To save on local processing resources, all AI manipulation of user content is happening in the cloud. The app will therefore have to upload all the user-provided content to secure online servers.

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After a fast processing procedure, users will be able to review the results and pick between download or share options.

User Interface

This versatile app has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and learn upon first startup. The tools are organized clearly, and the settings and preferences are easily accessible.

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The main dashboard promotes four main tools – Story to Video, ChatGPT Rewriter, Photo Enhancer, and AI Photo Colorize tool. All the other features can be easily accessed via convenient shortcuts.


What is iMyFone EasifyAI?
It is an AI-powered tool that offers various features for enhancing photos, videos, and text with the latest AI editing technologies.

Is it safe?
Yes, this app is safe for download and use. While it processes user data in the cloud, it does not share this content with anyone.


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Free/Demo plan: Introductory toolset for managing photos and text content.

Basic plan: $7.88/Month subscription for photo and text AI processing.

Full Toolkit plan: $16.88/Month subscription with unrestricted access to all available text, photo, and video tools, including story-to-video service.

Basic Plan
  • Enhance photos quality & resolution
  • Colorize images with natural colors
  • Convert images to text with OCR
  • Uncrop images to any aspect ratio
  • Convert photos to anime/cartoon
Full Toolkit Plan
  • Enhance photos quality & resolution
  • Colorize images with natural colors
  • Convert images to text with OCR
  • Uncrop images to any aspect ratio
  • Convert photos to anime/cartoon
  • Convert stories to original videos
  • Generate unique stories with text input
  • Rewrite articles for the second creation
  • Generate and rewrite various texts
System Requirements

Since all of the AI processing this app offers happens on the cloud, the local Windows PC client requires minimal resources. The app is optimized for all modern PCs running Windows 10 and Windows 11.

  • All-in-one toolset for text, photos, and videos.
  • Unique services such as story-to-video.
  • Ability to create content for immediate online sharing.
  • No aggressive watermarks.
  • Flexible pricing with a free tier of use.
  • Not available for offline use.

iMyFone EasifyAI app is a powerful and versatile tool that can enhance daily workflows for the creation of AI-generated content. It features a wide array of services for text, photo, and video processing, as well as full access to the ChatGPT chatbot. Its streamlined approach to AI-generation tools makes it a valuable addition to any content creator's toolkit.

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